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  1. I agree with MacSTR. My wife slides around on the passenger seat. I have had to place a lap tray anti slip mat on the seat for her to sit on. Other issues is the flex in the side walls of the16" tires, and the sloppy feel of the Auto gearbox.
  2. Mine has the cd changer in the glove box too. There is a space on the passenger side of the boot just forward of the light cluster for a dvd unit, but this is only for the Sat Nav option on the mk1. To make you feel better about the glove box have a look at a vauxhall corsa D. Now that is a truly stupid and pointless glove box.
  3. From what I can gather the rear lights are a different shape along with the boot lid and bumper. Front bonnet is made from alloy instead of steel. The bumper and grill are different along with the headlight and their mounts. I hope to get a later interior for mine; when I do I will let you know if there are any differences in door shape and seat mountings.
  4. Looking through the paperwork that came with my car I was able to build a history of previous owners and their respective address. Looking on google maps I decided to see what these owners houses looked like, using street view. Lo and behold I found my Jag sat on one of the previous owners drive ( the image used is from 2008). Any one else done this?
  5. 1999 S type v8 88,000 miles Main dealer service history up to 70,000 I drive a mixture of motorway and A roads. I stop /start eight times on my 21 mile journey to work. A full tank according to the mileage remaining is 330. In reality its 280. I did pull the plugs the other day and discovered only three were correctly gaped, so I intend to do a proper service along with upgrading the timing chain set up.
  6. In Derby they removed them. I wish others would follow suit.
  7. Helen Dont know why just came into my mind when I first drove her. never named a car before. Ho dont tell the wife
  8. In order of buying 1957 MGA 1500 supercharged (judson) still got 1976 opel Kadet 1986 Vauxhall Astra 1982 Fiat X19 1986 Ford Fiesta 1947 MGTC Still got 1991Toyota MR2 2001 Rover 45 v6 2005 Ariel Atom Still got 1999 Jaguar S type V8 Keeping
  9. Ok so a month or so in this is what I have spent so far on my Jag Rear parcel shelf Blind £39 Workshop manual £ 2 Blind roof switch £30 Oil Filter £18 Leather Dye £ 10.60 Leather Feed £ 4.50 Sat nav And Radio upgrade £90 Carnival red paint £11.50 Shelf speakers and amp £80 Rust stabiliser £10 Door trim clips £ 8 Injection cleaner £12 Second hand set of cats shocks. £70 The Blind and switch are easy to fit but try to get the additional 3 wire loom that plugs from the drivers side of the parcel shelf to the blind motor. There is a image on the underside of the shelf that is useful as a cut out guide. I took out the Sat Nav insides, trimmed the screen surround and fitted the insides of a Tom-tom xl I removed the centre console and ran the USB lead to the rear ash tray ,so that I can plug the computer in to it. I brought the entire centre with Sat Nav, Radio and Aircon in black as I could not get them in the right colour. I am please to say it looks right for the car. I got the code for the radio from an American site for six quid. Only issues are the short Aircon leads. The additional radio wires and one set of Sat Nav wires are taped to the wiring loom. The rear shelf speaker is easy to fit but you will need half a dozen m8 fittings. The wire for the amp is already in the boot. Externally I have removed each of the wing protectors and have derusted and painted the inner wings. I am waiting for quotes regarding shock rebuilding. I am hoping to control the shocks from inside as either a hard or soft option. Repaired the drivers side rear window lifter. took a while to do and will replace with new wires and plastic fittings later. Cleaned sparkplugs only three out of the eight properly gaped. found oil in many of the spark plug wells so I will replace the gaskets in the summer along with upgrading the timing chain set. All in all I do very much like the car. once I replace the front drivers wing which has poorly repaired damage to it I intend to get the car re lacquered. All the best Andy H
  10. Hi Lee I got my last 3 cars of eBay . The s type was 400 pounds less than book price for a privet sale and 1200 pounds less than if I had brought from a garage. Hope that’s some help. All the best Changeling.
  11. I had been looking for a small practical car, one that I could get from A to B with out costing too much in fuel. A car that I wouldn’t get attached too. I looked at cars such as smart cars or a mini or maybe even a corsa . I limited my self to a twenty mile radius so as not to struggle to pick up the car. I was in no rush after all my present cars tax and mot doesn’t run out till July so no pressure there then. So all in all sensible level headed approach to a replacement car. So why o why was I walking through the small village of Bempton over four hours and some 60 odd painfully ( courtesy of BR ) long and cold miles from where I lived to buy a V8 S type that excluding pictures, I hadn’t even seen yet? But ho boy was it worth it. A very nice Carnival Red with full leather trim 87,000 miles on a T plate so all good their. All but the last service carried out by Jaguar main dealers, so good their too. Things that I have learnt after 5 days and 600 miles in the lake district. Use a funnel to top up the oil. Use a anti slip mat designed for lap trays on the passenger seat to stop the wife from sliding around. Don’t under any circumstances allow the wife to see the instant mpg readout when driving up hills. Do ensure the wife sees the mpg readout when crusing down the other side of the hill. Ignor the mpg read out whilst your body is pressed into the seat as you leave that idiot behind you who as been up your !Removed! for the last five miles just because you can wait patiently for the cars in front to safely pull over And don’t allow your driving license to fall between the drivers seat and centre consol. As it’s a bugger to get out. All the best Andy H Changeling
  12. Welcome to the Jaguar forums Changelimg :)

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