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  1. Thanks, Peter. My technician friend will be changing my front brake pad sensor later today and has said he will check the diagnostics again. He's fairly certain it is the EGR valves, though. He also agrees that, although additives may / not help with DPF problems, no amount of additive will solve the valve issues. The annoying thing is that I selected an "approved" used Jag specifically for some peace of mind and I've had nothing but grief with it. This will definitely be the last jag I will ever own! Cheers, anyway - Allan
  2. False Dawn?? As posted on 18 June (last Tuesday) I added some Millers diesel eco plus and the engine warning light disappeared instantly. On the Thursday (20th) I topped the tank up with diesel (about half a tank) and added another measured dose of Millers as I was driving to Bath early the following morning. Round trip to Bath (from Dagenham) plus some local driving probably put about 400 miles on the clock. I'd again topped the tank up (again, about half a tank) prior to the return journey but didn't have the Millers with me. Not a sign of the dreaded warning light, though. Hey ho, jumped into the car to drive home from the office yesterday afternoon and it's reared it's unwelcome head once again. Added another dose of Millers to the tank this morning but it wasn't to be. Amber engine warning light still there. I am at my wits end!
  3. Well, now then. Either this is an amazing coincidence or that stuff is !Removed! good! Treated the motor to a shot of Millers this morning whilst I was waiting for my number plates to be fitted.On the way to Halfords, the amber engine warning light was on as it had been for the past few days. Millers ECO Plus Diesel added and as I was pulling out of Halfords.... no warning light. Gone. Surely, it can't have worked that quickly?? But.. never look a gift horse. I'm still rather skeptical but that is probably my suspicious nature. I'll take it as a plus and keep an eye on things but if it has worked then it is all down to the amazing advice on here and a million thanks to "old" Peter, Jon et al.
  4. Ah, hence; "old" Peter. I meant no disrespect. Thanks for the replies, especially Jon and Peter. The Terraclean outlet where I made an enquiry haven't got back to me as yet, so, as I have a journey this weekend (round trip from Dagenham to Bath) I think I will give that Millers a try and keep a very close eye on the dash and see what happens. Off to Halfords in the morning for some Millers. I know they're not the cheapest place but I need to get some number plates made up as well so, hopefully my premium members' discount card will save me a couple of quid. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi all, the problems I have had with the DPF (well documented in other threads) is now largely kept under control by using Shell V power and making sure I take the car for at least one long run per week. You can probably gather from the above that Jaguar themselves did absolutely diddly about it but I am resigned to living with the issues as best I can. Well, that was until the other day when I noticed I now have an amber engine warning light on as well. Handbook says it could be engine / transmission emissions related. A technician friend of mine hooked it up to computer and said it was showing EGR fault (think that's right). Reading through some other old threads on here and I noticed that "Old Peter" had mentioned something about a Terraclean he'd had done a while back. Quick recap, I have a 2013 XF 3.0 Diesel Portfolio (with less than 46500 on the odo). Does anybody have any previous experience / knowledge whether something like a Terraclean might actually help or heaven forbid, even make matters worse? As always, all comments and replies are gratefully received. Thanks - Allan
  6. Many thanks Steve. You've covered all of the issues that were buzzing around my head whilst thinking about this. Will also try to find that other thread. Cheers!
  7. Almost a year now since I bought my XF so have just booked it's first service (in my care). I'm expecting an eye watering bill so was just wondering what other members thought of the Jaguar Service Plan route?? Cheers - Allan
  8. Well now, despite a round trip from Dagenham to Bath in excess of 300 plus local driving and switching to V Power premium grade diesel, that blasted light came on again this week. The good news is that H A fox are now talking to me again (amazing what the truth posted on social media will do), to be fair, they came up with a plausible excuse for the breakdown in communications. Upshot is that they have agreed to take the car in to investigate the DPF problem. Here's the kicker; they have said they will need the car for at least 3-4 days as investigating DPF issues can be quite problematic. I don't know whether to feel quietly confident that they are preparing for a thorough investigation or miffed that they are yanking my chain! Has anyone else ever been told such a task would require them keeping the car for such a time?? They have asked whether I would need a courtesy vehicle so may not have much choice!
  9. Just as an aside and by way of light relief; I've been reading various tips and suggestions about trying to avoid or overcome the DPF problems. These include a different driving style, longer runs and even using the paddle shifts to make the engine work that little bit harder. It occurred to me that when I had my old X Type, I used to drive everywhere in sport mode. Having consulted the manual to find out how to select sports mode on the XF (yeah, I know, what a newbie)! - I decided to give that a go. Now, I know it's less economical and far too early to say whether it might help with the DPF issue but I will say one thing - Jeeeeez - what a weapon!!! Phew!!
  10. Hi Peter, thanks for that. Would you (or anyone else) happen to know the position on using an additive in respect of the Jaguar approved warranty. I'm happy to try anything, including the use of an additive but don't want to find out later that it invalidates any warranty cover I might have. Cheers.
  11. Hi Paul, et al. Hope you don't mind a newbie chipping in here. Paul, you are not alone! I purchased my 2013 3.0L Diesel XF Portfolio just a couple of months ago from H.A Fox of Guildford. Given my experience of them I am beginning to think that they used to trade out of Peckham under the name of "Boycie"! Having had the vehicle for just a couple of months the DPF amber warning light has appeared a total of FOUR times. A longer journey as per the handbook has always cleared the warning light but I am beginning to worry whether this is simply storing up trouble for the future. HA Fox response has been to stop answering my emails!! The salesperson who sold me the vehicle even said (following the second warning light), that should it happen again to get in touch and they would "bring it in and take a look at it". That hasn't happened and, as I say they are now completely ignoring my emails. I bought an "approved" Jaguar from a main dealer purely for the "peace of mind" it was supposed to give. Nothing could be further from the truth. Surely, not all Jag main dealers can be this cavalier with their after sales? Have these people never heard of Mercedes? I need to keep chipping away at them because from what I read, future DPF problems could be extremely costly. I am planning to start using a premium grade diesel rather than the Tesco stuff I've been using and will start doing a regular longer journey more often but quite frankly, citing a particular "driving style" or driving short journeys as the cause of DPF warning light is absolute nonsense as far as I'm concerned. All the best - Allan
  12. Hi Leo, thanks for the response. The vast majority of my journeys are very short, local trips. I generally fill up at the local Tesco using their diesel. Might try switching to a premium grade as you suggest. The regeneration cycle has always worked when taken on a run as indicated in the manual but the frequency of the warning light was what worried me! I think I will also try to fit in a longer journey, at least once a week and see if that helps. Good excuse to have a run out in the car as well.
  13. Just another newbie saying Hi everyone. Recently bought a 2013 XF 3.0 Diesel Portfolio. Love the car but a few minor niggles are driving me nuts! Most worrying is the DPF amber warning light. FOUR times it has appeared and that is just within the two months I have had the car. Bought as a "Jaguar Approved" car from a main dealer, mainly for the peace of mind but it has been anything but. I've followed the handbook procedure of giving the car a run out at constant speed and the warning light has always cleared but 4 times is still rather worrying. Have just seen a thread on here about DPF which seems to have been started ages ago so I'm guessing this is nothing new and I'm not alone. Will go and have a good read of that thread and no doubt be putting my two penny worth in! All the best - Allan