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  1. Mine did similar a couple of weeks ago and also gave out a loud humming from speakers. After switching off engine and locking/unlocking car a few times I bit the bullet and disconnected the battery for two minutes, reconnected the battery and started the car....all back in order no problems since. Make sure you have your radio code handy if required, mine doesn’t need a radio code so I was fine. good luck.
  2. Slaphead

    Air Con

    May be a coincidence but my air con stopped working and my stop/start failed at same time, air con re-gas sorted both. My theory is the air con compressor was running constantly trying to cool the car down and made battery too low to allow stop/start to work (it senses battery voltage and if low it stops working)
  3. Funny you should post this. I collected my 2.2 diesel XF 5 days ago and like you I like the idea of a flappy paddle gear box. I tried a couple of gear changes, didn’t feel comfortable with it and gave up, to be fair though the auto box works like a dream and in sport mode was better than I imagined. Still nice to tell people you have flappy paddle things when you get asked about your car.