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  1. Got the car back after 3 weeks with a new engine under warranty thankfully. Hope this one lasts!
  2. 2016 3.0V6 d 29k miles
  3. The jaguar remote is only on the new model with the 2.0l diesel, don’t think your one has it but might be wrong.
  4. Last week my XF Sd started juddering badly at 70mph, then the engine sounded like an old taxi. Calledjaguar assist and they couldn’t diagnose the fault but said it needed to go to the dealership for full check and not to drive it. He arranged recovery and a load car (driving a Land Rover discovery sport). Called the dealer today and they said when they got it into the workshop the engine seized and now won’t turn over so needs a new engine! Thankfully it’s still under warranty!
  5. It also states that the car has start/stop, that didn't come in til the facelift models which was post 2011/12 I believe. Definitely seems a little suspect. Have you tried putting the number plate into we buy any car. That should give the correct engine at least.
  6. Hi all Recently someone rear ended me and my car went off for repair. Part of the damage sustained resulted in the rear camera and boot switch hanging down out of its recess in the boot lid. Got the car back and the camera and switch didn’t seem secure so called the repairer who said they needed to replace the trim that has the number plate lights in it ( why this wasn’t done originally I don’t know). so that was replaced this week, got in the car today and the camera and switch are both hanging down again. Called then again and they are going to come out on Thursday next w
  7. Grattik

    Air Con

    Jaguar recharged the system and added a dye in case there was a leak so they can find it if the system seems to discharge
  8. Grattik

    Air Con

    Hi all I have a 2016 XF S and bought it in late September last year from the main dealer as an approved used car. Being late September I had no cause to use the air conditioning until two days ago when the temperature was sky high. Turned it on expecting a nice cold stream of air after a minute or so but instead got rather warm air, even with the unit set to LOW. Jaguar are taking the car in next Friday, in the meantime does anyone have any ideas? Could it be as simple as recharging or is it likely to be something more indepth. I have never used aircon in the winter and started
  9. Hi all I currently have a tyre inflation kit in my 2016 XF and wondered how easy it was to switch to having a space saver spare. I know I would need a wheel and tyre along with a jacking kit but is there anything else like new boot mat/carpet etc. cheers Dino
  10. Hi Keith My XF does something similar, I live in a 20mph zone and it fails to pick up that speed limit sign. On one occasion it misread the sign and displayed a National speed limit sign. Otherwise it’s just 3 dashes in a red circle. I don’t think it’s quite intelligent enough to use the sat nav to help it but relies on the camera. If the sign is not completely clear or has dirt or graffiti on it the. It makes a mistake. Hope that helps Dino
  11. It seems that the noise I can hear is water in one of the back doors, has anyone else had this before. I didn’t have that problem on my old 2014 car. If anyone has can they suggest a reason for it and a fix. thanks
  12. Hi all Does anyone know where in the 2015+ XF diesel models the DEF tank or AD blue tank is located, I heard a sloshing noise when driving that sounded as if it was under my seat and wondered if it was that. Can anyone shed some light for me. Thanks Dino
  13. Clearly nobody has an answer for me. I thought someone in the club would have a post 2015 XF? Anyway now I have the car it’s all done by jaguar at no additional cost.
  14. Hi all I am changing my 2.2 Premium luxury for a 2016 3.0V6 D S next week and have been reading up on the features. Does anyone here know anything about the incontrol remote premium subscription? I am finding it difficult to find any info about what you need and the cost. If anyone can shed some light for me that would be great. Thanks
  15. Hi all I wanted a car for ages that had a paddle shift and now I have one I can honestly say I never use it. The issue is that being used to a 6 speed manual in the past I have no idea what gear you should use in the Jags 8 speed box given the speed of travel. if anyone uses it regularly in manual paddle shift mode that can shed some light I would greatly appreciate it. thanks
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