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  1. I have a 2005 S Type. It's has the touch screen sat nav with the CD multi changer. I want to put a Aux point in and am guessing the only possible way may be through losing the CD player. I've looked into this and my local car audio shop has told me that apparently the entertainment system is done through fibre optic cables and cannot be done as may cause the Car hassle electronically or something. Does anyone know this to be true or a way round it. I found an adaptor online that you disconnect the CD player and connect the aux but this is for 1998 models. Can someone please give me some good n
  2. Hi Gazbo, So I've owned both cars. I had a 2.5 X type and am on my 2nd S type. Both cars are fantastic but for me hands down the S type wins by miles. So you've test drove the S type i would now go and test drive the X type. Personally I think the no it's you sit in the X after driving the S you would feel the same. The S is way superior but it depends what you want/need from a car. My favourite thing about the X type was the permanent 4 wheel drive which in the winter is extremely useful. This I believe is only on the 2.5 or 3 litre engines. The X was built on a Mondeo chassis when
  3. Hi so I've just ordered the mesh grill insert my for my 2005 S Type Sport. It apparently comes with pretty good instructions and photos etc so going to do myself. Tried searching YouTube but can't seem to find any videos showing how to do this. Maybe I'm searching wrong does anyone have any tips or links to any videos. Also different subject thinking of changing standard air panel filter to a K&N panel filter. Does anyone currently use one and is it worth It? Any advice grateful. Matt
  4. Yer kinda see your points. The money side doesn't bother me too much I have a good " powerflow " near me I've used in the past. But no point in wasting money when the original system is good still. Think if it goes wrong at any point it will give me the excuse to do it then. Think I'll stick to window tints and front mesh grill + bumper. Will post pics once done. Thanks for the advice best to be sensible. Matt
  5. Just got a 2005 3.0 V6 S type. Do I get s quiet subtle stainless steel system all the way through or keep original?
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