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  1. My 2010 Xf premium luxury frequently shows Gearbox/handbrake/ dsc faults and until recently if I stopped and switched off they dissapeared after restarting, but now my gears fail to change up and I have to use the paddles to manually change up. I understand this could be a failure of a sensor on the brake? please advise thank you.
  2. The dipped beam on my Xf is very dim almost like sidelights rather than headlights and I was wondering whether the bulbs were twin filament (Side and dipped head) Could you please advise as I would not have thought the normally brighter headlamp would also be used as sidelights?
  3. I thought there must be something wrong with my XF. The ride is horrible and more like an old banger than a so called luxury car. I was lucky enough to own a Mk 11 1960s Jag and two XJs in the 70s and theses were like floating on air even over rough unmade roads the suspensions were so good. My recently purchase XF gives a very hard ride and jolts even over minor indentations and manhole covers. It is such a shame that this good looking car is produced with sub standard suspension. Is it possible to fit normal depth tyres rather than low profile tyres to the standard wheels on the car? I am sure this is part of the problem.
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