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  1. Hi Max, I had bought a NEW 3.0D which developed an annoying knocking from the vacinity of the rear nearside suspension when going over badly made roads. I took it back to Jaguar at Exeter who said that they could not find anything. I then took it to Jaguar at Taunton. A member of their staff took it out with me in the passengef seat......The rattle duly appeared when going over a bad road. They then arranged a day for me to take it in for further inspection. After taking it out on the same bad road, but this time with a member of their staff sitting in the back they detected that
  2. Hi, my Daughter runs a 59 reg X type Soveriegn with 17" wheels.......... I have a spare set of 17" wheels which have rim size 7.5J- 49. Will these 7.5 -49 fit her X type. Many Thanks for any info........Billyboy
  3. Hi Anthony, Rick has explained about the key that is attached to the "Fob". Just in case you are not sure on where it is located on the "Fob", you just slide back the Chrome strip on the Key Fob and this will expose the Emergency Key (best of luck when you relocate it back into its position) I have a 3.0 XF on a 63 plate, and there is another "Key Hole" located adjacent to the Boot Release Button on the Boot Lid. It is under a cover which you prise off, this will then "Unlock the Boot Lid". The battery on my XF is located in the boot beneath the floor. If your Battery is Fla
  4. Hi All, a very, very happy XF owner here. I was plaqued with a mysterious knocking noise comming from the rear of my XF (see my topic on the 15th March 2015). I took my XF back to my Dealer (Grange of Exeter) who reported that they could not find anything wrong. In desperation I contacted the Jaguar Dealer at Taunton. They asked me to bring my XF to them in order to investigate the problem. As soon as I arrived a Technician listened to my story about the "knocking noise" when going over badly surfaced roads. The Technician immediately drove my XF along a country road that was really
  5. Hi ALL, have just read an artical by "dervnut" (dated 01-10-12). It is the info for a Jaguar Technician to install a "Foam Baffle" inside the fuel tank of an XF. The Baffle is inserted into the tank via the Fuel Pump Assembly which appears to be located on top of the fuel tank beneath the rear seat floor covering. The artical gives instructions of how to gain access to the Fuel Pump Assembly and how to install the Foam Baffle. So this is what Jaguar does in order to quieten the Fuel Slap problem. It also answers my question of what is inserted into the XF Fuel Tank. Also I contac
  6. Hi Peter and Joe, many thanks for your reply. I have had the wheel off twice and double checked all of the suspension bushes etc. However today I managed to meet a good friend of mine who has a good knowledge of mechanics. We therefore were able to carry out a test whilst the car was in motion. I lowered the rear double seat and I drove the car with my friend almost lying inside the boot. He said the knocking noise was NOT comming from the suspension but it appeared to be comming from beneath the boot floor at the rear of the car. Having made previous tests with the spare wheel removed, and t
  7. Hi All, having changed my 18" wheels over to 17" wheels in order to overcome the dreaded teeth rattling ride when travelling over badly surfaced roads here in the Cullompton area of Devon, I now have another problem that has reared it's ugly head. For some reason I am now getting a "knocking" noise comming from the nearside rear suspension when going over badly surfaced roads. I have tried to do many tests in order to try to find out where it is comming from. Each test that I have made have been with the rear seats laid flat in order to make sure that I can hear the noise better....
  8. Hi David, welcome to the club. If you would like to prove that a full size spare wheel will definately fit into your XF without obtaining one at present, then if you can, simply remove one of your Full Size Wheels and replace it with the SpaceSaver.Then use the Full Size wheel that you have just removed and see if you can fit into your your Boot Well. Then simply remove the Space Saver from the car, refit the Full Size wheel back onto the car, put the Space Saver back into the Boot and then obtain a Full Size wheel if you find it will fit. All the Best ...........Billy
  9. Hi Ray, if you do many short trips in your X Type, look no further than the EGR valve. Unfortunately it gets "sooted up" which then gives out black smoke...especily when accelerating away from rest. I have owned 3 new X types and I have had this problem twice. The first time I had the EGR Valve replaced by a Jaguar dealer....cost £410. The second time I removed the EGR Valve from the front/top/ lefthand side of the engine,(quite an easy job) I cleaned out of most of the soot and then used a Carb spray to finish off the job and "Hey Presto"...no more smoke). Hope this is of some ass
  10. Hi Kasandrich, as Lord H states, you have to have the "Key Unit" about 3ft away from the car, otherwise the Key will/should not allow entry to your car, (Providing it has been previously Locked). I have trained myself to push the small Locking Lever (next to the Door Opening Lever) AS SOON as I get into my XF. By pushing this small lever it will lock ALL of the doors. Anyone outside the car cannot open the doors even though you have the "Key Unit" in the car and it is within 3ft of one of the Key Transmitters. Make sure that you have Locked and Armed your XF when leavi
  11. Hi Raymond, firstly, have you tried replacing the battery inside the Smart Key?.... (battery number CR2032)......Page 9 in my XF Handbook....If the battery is LOW a message should appear on the XF's Message Centre........SMART KEY BATTERY LOW..........There are 6 Sensors on the Saloon XF...page 177 in my Handbook. There may be a bad contact inside the Key where the Battery sits......Another test that you can make is when your XF fails to unlock, immediatly go to tht rear of car and try to open the Boot by pressing the Button under the Chrome Strip.(as you know, when the ca
  12. Hi, my Daughter now owns my last X Soveriegn 2.2 D/ 2009. A few days ago the 6 cd disc changer which is situated in the boot of the car stopped working. I located the fault which turned out to be one of the 6 cd trays being warped making the retraction of the disc back into its tray from the cd reading head too heavy for the internal mechanism to operate correctly. I had to remove the changer unit from the car in order to free the trapped disc.After correcting the fault, the changer was reinstalled back into its place. The ignition was then switched ON and the eject button on the changer
  13. Hi to All, just a thought, before buying a spare wheel in order to see if it will fit into your spare wheel space.....remove the Spacesaver or any items that are in the spare wheel recess....CAREFULLY jack up the car at one of the front jacking points,....make sure HANDBRAKE is ON, remove one of the FRONT wheels and see if this wheel will fit in the spare wheel recess (before I remove any wheel from my car, I mark the end of one wheel nut stud and also the wheel nut recess on the wheel in order that the wheel goes back as it came off, this is to keep it balanced this is usually
  14. Hi Dave, latest update on XF Boot Lid opening saga. I have a Son who now lives in the USA. Having seen the U-Tube video of the fully opening Boot Lid in the USA, I contacted my Son in order that he could find out if the American XF had a fully opening Boot Lid. He therefore contacted a Jaguar Dealer in the USA and this is what he was told.......The Boot Lid (Trunk) does NOT open fully...it is just like our XF. However the Dealer did say that if a person living in New York had an XF then the Boot Lid would never open fully....UNLESS the weather was very HOT, as it is a normally col
  15. Hi Dave, I have been looking at the mechanismn that opens up the boot lid on the XF. Firstly I notice that each of the PIVOT PINS has a thin black washer (rubber?) fitted each side of the metal linkages. If these washers are made of rubber then putting oil on them would not be advisable. I think that a Silicon based lubricant would be better. (There is a Red Rubber grease that is OK for rubber). I had already put a quantity of oil on mine to see if the boot lid would open fully. I found that it still failed to open fully. I then took a closer look of the linkage that was associa
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