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  1. Looking carefully at the pictures of the old Mark 2 and the old S types from the 1960s, and comparing them (two monitors are useful here!) you can immediately see the striking resemblance in the 'lines' and the way the old and new cats sit on the road, as it were. Driving my S type reminds me of my old XJ6 series 2 that I had back in the 1980s. There is no doubt at all - S types are a classic in the making - just wish I could afford an S type R!
  2. I did send my spare key to one of the people on eBay - they checked it over (it already had a new pad etc) and sent paper with instructions to follow to get it to work. I tried, but it wouldn't work. If I am down at the Jag dealers I may ask them to program it in for me, but am managing on one key OK. I have more important matters to sort - like a bashed back bumper that some 'nice person' left me with when I was parked in a no through road not far from home..... no note so it's down to me to sort.
  3. Hi, yes - the Swiss motorway tags are tricky so and so's to unstick - we tend to use a bit of masking tape to hold them in place rather than risk the untender mercies of the glues they use. IT is going to be a warm water and soapiness job. If it seems stubborn, you could wet some tissue and tape it over the tag to get wetness and soapiness into the right place overnight. It may take a few days, but that ought to lift it without doing damage.
  4. which country toll tag is it? Might be able to work it out. Usually though warm soapy water applied with kitchen roll to soak into the glue over several applications will do it.
  5. Hi Mark, Thanks for that - worth knowing if that turns out to be the problem. I imagine I'd just live with the door problem for the time being as we hardly ever use the back seats, being two people normally using the car. Right now, I am more concerned to find someone to flush out my auto box and replace the fluid...
  6. Thanks Peter - I shall be doing that soonest. The new battery has arrived and I can get my spanners out and go look. I even have my radio code! I will post what happens when the new battery is fitted and if it does cure these niggles, that will be worth knowing. So, 5 years for a battery? That too is good information to have. Cheers, Alex.
  7. OK I only have the 3 litre V6 rather than the V8 model, but I look at the rpm when driving and it is so low that the wear and tear must be minimal. I rarely get over 2000 rpm - maybe it's the way I drive?? Mostly, to keep a good solid well working engine, change the oil and filter regularly - don't wait for 12,000 miles, do it at half that interval and you will protect your engine and give it long life.
  8. I checked the car Peter, but the doors are set to the 'child unlocked' position right now. I would be wary to turn the child lock on, as if it disables the inside handle, I shan't be able to open the door at all - right now it is only the inside handle that works to open it up, the outside one seems to be locked - on both sides rear doors only. I saw another 2001 S Type that had the same issue when I looked it over a few weeks ago, but never thought about it then. i was wondering if it might be an issue of a dying battery perhaps? Kwikfit said that the battery could do with being changed when they tested it and checked my tyres and wheels etc.
  9. Hi all, progress with my 'new' Jaguar S type - 3 L v6 SE model of 2002... just had a full service, and check over, and got a new alloy wheel as spare, put a new tyre on it... new battery to come... but - if I open the car, either with the key or the fob button, the front doors unlock, but the back ones don't seem to do so. Not from the outside handles - you have to put your hand inside and pull the handle in the car door inside to get either back door to open. It is not too convenient - especially with shopping... - any ideas how to overcome that? Cheers, Alex
  10. I do reckon that with an older car purchase a change of oils is probably a good idea unless they have been definitely done recently. I did get a Volvo secondhand with brand new fully synthetic oil in there and new filter - the seller had only just done those when his replacement car arrived... so I had about 6 months of driving before I decided to change on that occasion. With the auto boxes on the S Types having such a bad reputation, I was looking to find ways to avoid problems down the line - but additives may well be a step too far; friction reduction in a gear box may not be the best idea... - for which cheers! One assumes all friction is 'bad' but actually....
  11. The problems with the auto transmission I have heard of make me think it a wise move to get the trans fluid and filter changed as soon as I get the car, as well as an oil filter and oil change - that I always perform on a new/old car. Question is - I have in the past used friction reducing additives in the engine. There are similar products for the transmission available. Would they make a difference to how well the trans will run and its longevity? Some additives claim improved mpg too... that I am a bit skeptical about. Cheers, Alex.
  12. Thanks Steve! This is sounding like good sense to me. I have seen the one S type, and was not too keen on that one, but Tuesday I hope to go see another which is a 2002 car, and an auto, so I shall see what that is like. I did like the general idea of the S type though - went out in it, the first I've been in, and loved the whole experience. So all being well when I do get that car, I will definitely get that fluid and filter done. Cheers! Alex.
  13. Well, I saw the car today and it was an automatic - I didn't go for it, as it had a gearbox fault; wouldn't work in D position, you had to put it into 4 further along. I wonder whether with these auto box faults, would a change in transmission fluid help?
  14. Hi, thanks Russ! I thought I wasn't going senile... :-)) The odd thing is, I am looking at S types on Auto trader, and quite a few that are listed as manual have the J gate, and in some pics you can even see the 2 - not 3 - pedals on the floor; ergo... auto not manual. The one that is doing my head in, is the one I may end up purchasing soon (with a following wind and some kind of transport back in action) has that J gate, can't see the pedals in a pics., but it listed as a manual. Now when I fed the registration number into the insurance system, it came back with S Type V6 3 litre.... manual...! I should be able to solve the mystery, all being well, when I get to see the car, hopefully tomorrow or day after. I am waiting for my 'other car' to have its clutch replaced (blew it spectacularly weekend before last). One thing I have discovered - no Haynes Manuals that I have located so far for it - even a secondhand one would do, just to get me familiarised with the car. Thanks again for confirming what I was pretty sure was true. Alex.
  15. I am in the process of (possibly) buying a S type which is listed as 3 Litre V6 manual. The pics of the interior show a u-gate shape with a stick with wooden pommel. That made me wonder as when I check the automatics, they seem to have those. I have seen one other manual that had what I would term a 'normal' gear stick with the typical gear positions on the pommel. But also others which are said to me manuals, but have the u-gate arrangement too. The Reg number when given to my insurers comes back that the car is indeed a manual, not automatic. I've yet to see the car in the flesh - hopefully in a couple of days' time - but can anyone enlighten me on this? I am not too worried whether it is manual or auto, in fact - but it just looks odd... Cheers, Alex