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  1. My pride and joy (2012 XF 3.0D Lux) is pampered on a fortnightly routine of being meticulasly hand washed, dried and buffed. Including a full wheel clean and polish. However, I am noticing more and more paint damage on the front of the bonnet and even the front door posts. This is being caused by the obvious small stones chipping the paintwork. My disappointment comes at the amount this has happened in the 6 months I have had the car, somewhat more damage showing than on my previous modeo after 3 years! This was explained by the dealer as the paint being much softer now as it is water based
  2. Hi Folks, I am looking for the space saver wheel details for the new XF. need the wheel and tyre size (part numbers if possible) My XF has no spare wheel, and feel Jag being silly on cost! Any help appreciated. cheers John
  3. Hi folks! Newley opted out from the company car and have had a couple of months testing cars! Merc E- class, Audi A6 (one I have previously owned), BMW 535, then purley to fill in time while the missus was getting hair cut, went in past the Jag dealership! Nice look round the dealership, followed by sales man chat, then before I know it I am away on a test drive.. The starting dramatics with vents apearing and the master controller from the starship enterprise filled my left hand, I was sold! a further play with the paddle gears and final walk round to admire the Austin Martin style tail light
  4. Welcome to the Jaguar forums jsinger :)

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