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  1. Comprehensive reply - many thanks 🙂 I'll start with a flush, oil and filter and see where that gets me. My fluid is dark, but doesn't look or smell burnt so hopefully ill have some luck !
  2. Welcome 🙂 when I replace mine, I'll be buying the best I can afford - lesson learned. I bought my S very cheaply, but with a few issues I could see and one or two I couldnt - So far it's cost me a wheel bearing, three way valve, radiator, top hose, header tank and a couple of check straps - but the smiles per mile have been very worth it. Possible gearbox troubles may cost me a few hundred, but TBH im all in for about £1500 so far; what else with this level of style and luxury could you buy ?
  3. Even with the low battery, mine never failed to start - just the restricted performance light issue. If the battery shows less than 12.2v static after standing overnight, it needs charging.
  4. Had this fault myself recently - seems there are a few common causes, the first of which is low battery condition; seems the S with its multiple electrical system doesn't like low battery voltage - mine was 11.9v static (engine off) even tho the car charged ok when running. Charged the battery for 10 hours and things are much improved ( but my car also has a naff LION battery which will be swapped for something decent in due course) I'd recommend starting here. Secondly, the fault will appear if a critical sensor reading is wrong or missing when running; my S required a new radiator, header and top hose when I bought it, and I fitted the XF 3.0 hose assembly to mine, which is near identical except for the location and type of engine temp sensor- the S has a different plug and the wiring loom is too short to reach. My heath Robinson to get over this sometimes lost connection and with no engine temp signal the eml/reduced performance combo would appear. Worth checking if all your plugs are secure and all your gauges are reading correctly.
  5. Hi all 🙂 been a few thousand happy S-Type miles since I last posted, but i've run into a few issues with the 6HP26 auto box - repeatedly getting ratio errors and 5th Gear ratio incorrect - making some nasty noises on hard kickdown too before shuddering and locking into 2nd with "Gearbox Fault" on the Info display. I've sourced the correct grade of gearbox oil (Thanks to Smith & Allen - excellent products, price and service 😄 ) and a filter set to see if a fluid change sorts the issue, but as part of planning for something more serious, I've been looking at more drastic measures. I've found a local breaker who have a 6HP26 box from another 3 litre 'S with low miles on the shelf for a quite reasonable price, so I'd like to ask of those with more knowledge - are transmission swaps a simple matter of physical exchange ? or will I run into issues with the TCU spitting it's dummy at a "foreign" gearbox wired up to it ? Any advice ? Ta
  6. Thanks for the welcome folks 🙂 As to the headliner, im a practical sort so will be having a go at it myself - I recovered the headliner in a Rover MGZS I had once, and made a decent job of it (recovered with cream diamond quilt pattern material a la Bentley ) - I have material left too in the store, so maybe it would suit; its a good colour match with the existing trim. This weekend, I've put the best part of 200 miles on her and its just been so relaxing and comfortable, im looking forwards to the drive 🙂 - that's saying something given I do another 1000 a week for my job !
  7. As im sure is customary, I'd like pop in, say Hi and introduce myself 🙂 My name is Jeff, and In the last few days, I've become the very happy owner of a 2002 S Type 3.0 Auto Sport. I've hankered after another luxury motor ever since my days back in Ford Scorpios (I loved my 24V Cossie, but she rotted out from underneath me) and long ago, my eye turned to Jags, and I knew I wanted one one day. I bounced from looking at S-Types, to X-Types and back again (but in my heart, I knew it was an S for me - to me a "proper" jag, and I couldn't afford an XJ ) and when my car came available at an amazing price, I just had to have her 🙂 - and what a car she is ! (the wife has already made me promise never to sell her 😁) Got a few things and niggles to sort (head liner, N/S front check strap) and I plan to give a full service including gearbox filter shortly - I'd best get to technical and start reading ! Thanks all 🙂