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  1. Gareth livesley

    Centre Console Trim Replacement Rarer Than Hen's Teeth?

    have you tried asking some of the guys on eBay who break jaguars? or eurojag at Darlington might be worth a phone call
  2. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    2 new front tyres and sorted headlights = mot pass with no advisories 👍👍🤩
  3. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

  4. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    so basically it needs jaguar to program them if we can fix them before going for mot again Joe? has it happened because of the battery being disconnected?? just seems to have happened! all new to me so do appreciate the help thanks
  5. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    ok update time !! problem solved..turned out to be a bad connection on the master plug (on the fuel tank) plus battery being a bit weak. so all fixed and off for an mot .....which it now failed on 1 tyre having a cut on the inside (missed this I admit) and the lights being "too low on the aim" due to the self levelling not working 😖😖 any ideas on why they have stopped and any remedies accepted
  6. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    pumps work with direct power to them, 2nd hand module bought from eurojags , no joy, all fuses checked a couple 10amp had blown ie..dash illumination etc checked and double checked everything you mentioned Joe even checked all pug ends for voltage etc nothing!! but put direct power to the pumps and fires straight up??? ps.. yes there is fuel in😆
  7. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    so have for finally got everything back on the s type r ready for test today, battery back on but fuel pumps wouldn't work!!! any ideas we have 'hot wired' them to work ...any idea's or advice please
  8. Gareth livesley

    Whats your location ?

  9. Gareth livesley

    advice please

    been looking at this on ebay ...can anyone advise me on how big a job any other problems might arise etc etc or steer clear ??? is the gem6 easy to obtain and fit
  10. Gareth livesley

    Jaguar Technical / Maintenance Downloads

    brilliant thanks raistlin👍👍👍😃
  11. Gareth livesley

    Hi new

    hi Andy try googling jdc area11club tees valley they meet on a Tuesday night can't remember which one but it'll be on the website
  12. Gareth livesley


    how do I get rid of all the ads when looking at this site? or are they always on , or is it just on my phone that I need to change something thanks Gareth
  13. Gareth livesley

    No sound

    hi jaaaaaaaaaag ! I'm looking at doing this to mine what kit did you use and where did you get it from etc etc also how easy/hard is it to do? thanks Gareth
  14. Gareth livesley

    jaguar s type r wheel alignment

    hi guys, does the s type r or regular s types suffer from wheel mis- alignment ?? camber issues e.g. toe in/out and if so what are they .... and what rectification can be made thanks Gareth
  15. Gareth livesley

    Battery Reset Document

    I'm new to owning an s type r and am going to be doing some work on it soon which will require the battery disconnecting, is there anything I need to do prior to removing the battery?? or is it a case of just following the pdf document on reconnection thanks Gareth