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  1. Have you any photo's? And apart from the timing chain is it ok e.g. no rotten sills etc And roughly what price
  2. 20190223_162218.mp4 20190223_162218.mp4 Just pulling onto the drive and noticed a bit of smoke ,found this area Leaking coolant!!!!😮😮 No warnings at all Any advice welcome please as I'll have a look tomorrow now when it's fully cooled down
  3. Can anyone proffer any advice on the following codes please and any remedies or work required please P0128 coolant thermostat P1000 manufacture control The engine management light was on ,then after filling up with fuel it disappeared but now restarting it has come on again Thanks Gareth
  4. hi,does anyone have a sim card holder that fits this phone,rather than buy another, thanks in advance Gareth
  5. hi buckley, welcome to the club and yes I'm from Yorkshire as well York to be precise
  6. nice car ,but how come it has the "r" spec badge if only a 2.7 diesel??
  7. homemade, 😉 passed the mot level test👍
  8. try checking the battery in the key fob
  9. don't know why those numbers etc are included ??? sausage fingers 😂😂
  10. quick update after leaving overnight with the battery disconnected, went back with one of our works mechanics, connected everything up tried the key luck same issue. so tried the spare key I'd picked up on the way !Removed! thing fired up first time!!! so whilst the engine was running quickly went back to work (and safety) tried both keys again only the spare worked changed the key fob battery whilst the mechanics plugged in a code reader both keys simple as a key fob battery!!!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
  11. popped to the take away in my s type r, no problem about to leave ,key in the ignition and ...nothing!! dash reading steering column locked even though it's not "locked "????? lights etc etc work just won't turn over, now not recognising the key in the ignition and sets the alarm off any idea's thanks Gareth
  12. ok thanks I'll put it it in the post tomorrow morning thanks jojo
  13. no worries, hope everything is ok at home, if you let me know of your address I'll send £15 cash in the post with my address for first class post if okay with you