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  1. Ah not bad then. I got a 3 yr warranty on mine so didn’t think it was too bad. Just needed my car on the road ASAP
  2. Ouch!!! I got a few quotes highest was £448! Do I bought the parts my self and got a local garage to fit them Alternator £162 Battery £96 fitting £80 recovery £30 Because the alternator pushed AC current back through the battery it fried it so I needed a new one!
  3. Same symptoms? Mine was smoking when I connected a new battery!! Was scary! Did it cost you much to get fixed??
  4. @Carpo it’s all sorted now it was what I thought. Turned out to be the Alternator.
  5. Hi Mike, I had this last week but mine said "Battery Not Charging" then the whole car shut down. I think mine is the alternator packing up. I find out on Tuesday.. what year is your car? I wouldn't go far in it... if anything like mine it will happen so quick and grind to a halt. thanks Haydn
  6. Hi Guys, I have 61 Plate XFs 3.0L V6. All has been okay until today when I had the message "Battery Not Charging" message, Shortly after (2 Mins) all the faults popped up (ABS, ESP ect) the wipers turned on and the car went sluggish, the screen turned off along with the audio. Following this the instrument panel turned off aswell as the revs and speedo. At this point the engine is still running and Im held up at a red light. once I tried to set off i moved a meter and the engine just cut out. I managed to get it to a car to a Car park. We tried to get jump leads to get it going a the car was dead dead!! no power at all. with the jump leads the car turned twice and died again. but this resulted in the jump leads burning and melting (they were heavy duty. I have replaced the battery and everything has come to life but once the new battery is connected there was some smoke coming from next to the fuse box in the engine compartment so I rushed to disconnect it!. Does anyone have any Idea what the problem could be?? Thanks in advanced
  7. Hi again sorry for not replying on here sooner. I have now taken delivery of my Xfs and wow! I love it!! so glad I went for one over a Merc, BMW or Audi! As promised I have attached some pictures of it. Thanks
  8. Hi Peter, I agree they are completely different to any other car I have looked at.. I did not know that about the design of the jaguars. I went for the 3.0 V6 275bhp Haydn
  9. Hi everyone. As the title suggests I am new to Jaguar! Currently owning a Clio 197 RS, buying a Jag is completely opposite to what I'm use to! I collect my new XFs Portfolio next Monday. Hoping I have made the right choice in model and spec.