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  1. I'd be tempted to go to these guys http://www.eandeservices.biz/ Cheers Mike
  2. Personally I think the Spires exhaust looks to have a higher quality finish. Just my opinion though, let us know which one you go for and what you think of the results. Cheers, Mike
  3. I went for a Lucas alternator which was 330, they offered me one for 160 but I hadn't heard of it so I played it safe
  4. No smoke, and I managed to drive mine to the garage, it's only a few hundred yards away, I ended up paying 623 quid fitted which was painful enough
  5. Ironically, me too! Around a week after yours, must be catching!
  6. Hi Guys, I've just had a big red battery warning appear on the dash, does anyone know what that means. I.E, is it low voltage or not charging? Helpfully it doesn't appear in the owners manual. Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi Hayden, I would suggest a significant short to earth is a possible fault. Beware of re-connecting your battery, the amount of current they can deliver is VERY high. Unless you are a confident car electrician I would have your car taken to your local jaguar specialist. Sorry it's not better news. Mike
  8. Try Nene Jags, They've been doing mine for a few years and they use Jag parts as a rule, also have a courtesy car. http://www.nenejags.co.uk/index.htm Cheers, Mike
  9. My advice, for what it's worth, take it to an independent Jaguar specialist for an assessment. Yes it will cost you but at least you'll get an honest opinion. Mike
  10. Have you posted this on the e-type forum? They've probably got a better idea
  11. Hi Paul, In answer to your questions Yes Quite possibly Definitely worth checking because if that's all it is sorting it will save you a small fortune. Mike
  12. Hi Jim, It's fairly straight forward, I did it on my old S-type, you have to drill a hole in the headlamp cover to allow the cables in and out but apart from that it's just a case of plugging the supplied cables together. Cheers Mike
  13. Thanks Steve, I haven't been called a youngster in a few years!!!!
  14. XJS Carole? you lucky, lucky lady........ person....... lady, whichever you prefer. Colour me jealous, sadly my car has to be my "every day" car. One day.......
  15. Running won't help, I think big leather boots and the keys to the Aprilia are a safer bet 🏍️