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  1. Hearing a lot about water damage to the modules under the seat, it causes fault after fault! Assistive Dynamics fault has plaqued me for nearly two years but a mechanic I have recently started using said its a speed sensor on the rear drivers side which he will replace. He reckons this will solve a lot of the issues, we will see!
  2. Got the same problem on my XF S 2011 cant seem to find a DAB module at the price you said above? Also confused as to where the module actually is? some say in the boot and others say under the seat? Any advice welcome. Cheers Roy
  3. Started the car this morning and its all working again???? Go figure! So 24 hours without anything now cleared? Will keep an eye on it.
  4. Hi my screen has stopped working, all I get is the jaguar symbol blinking on and off intermittently and now have no radio, no proximity sensors, no reversing camera and no USB power, I tried to remove the disc in the boot and when I press the eject button nothing happens, maybe no power to that as well? BTW the car is a 2011 XF-S Thinking maybe a battery disconnect and leave for twenty minutes and reconnect? I dont know how I should do this and concerned that I may lose more electrics, can anyone help? Many thanks in advance
  5. Thanks Steve, good to know. I will take a look
  6. Thank Frank, much appreciated.
  7. Hi All, recently had an amber warning light for Adaptive Dynamics Fault, had diagnosis done and was told the rear right wheel sensor was faulty?? Phoned them today for a price to replace and was told £250.00, is this right?? Any help much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, newbie here, I have a 2011 XF S Premium Luxury and my voice control does not work! I spoke to Jaguar, gave them my VIN Number and they told me it was not fitted to the model?? I asked if it could be retro fitted and was told no, so I think that is that?