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  1. Three days since this occurred, and, touch wood, no further problems. Keeping 'em crossed!
  2. This happened to me today, hazards came on several times whilst driving. Only short-term remedy was pulling over & switching ignition off. Also, Eco stop-start has stopped working simultaneous to the hazard problem. I assume they are related faults.
  3. Hi, lovely looking car. I'm 5 weeks into ownership of my Portfolio, I still find myself gazing at it like a love-struck teenager!
  4. MattG32

    2.2D mpg

    Thanks everyone. Well, it looks like I’m getting the same average returns as most. Still, compared to the 16mpg my dad was getting from his XJ6’s in the ‘70’s, it’s not too shabby.
  5. MattG32

    2.2D mpg

    Hi everyone, I’ve had my 2012 Portfolio 2.2D for a few weeks now. Now, I’m well aware that official figures, and, real world numbers rarely compare. But, I’m getting pretty poor returns so far. I’ve just done a 500 mile trip, mainly motorway, not driving “enthusiastically”, and averaged 42.3 mpg. On the stop-start daily commute, I’m only getting 30 mpg. Is this the norm?
  6. 12 plate 2.2 Portfolio in Caviar. Small world!
  7. Hi, I'm Matt from Glasgow. Just taken ownership of a 2012 XF Portfolio. It's good to be here!