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  1. It's always a relief when when they are on the road for another 12 months
  2. Thanks Mark, You could be right, my goal this week is to rise the mpg from 48.28 to 50, plus alot more cleaning and polishing. All the best.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, nearly had the car 2 months, wasn't sure at first, but slowly starting to like it. Not sure if its the novelty of having something new, but I'm aways cleaning it
  4. Thanks Peter, I use it for work, and in deepest Norfolk its a job to get it into top gear, in the country lanes. If you go into top below 60, it really doesn't like it, I'll try it on some longer runs and see how it goes.
  5. Yes, very quiet and very fast, l'll think we'll get on
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the add, just joined, purchaseed a few weeks ago a 2007 x type 2.2 to replace my Saab 9-5 that died at 240,000. Slowly going though the Mot advisories, new discs and pads to the rear d bushes to rear anti-roll bar to do. New oil and filter change today, removed egr last week and dug out 10mm of carbon, been keeping a fuel check, last Friday filled tank up, car retuning 48.28 mpg. Thanks Steve