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  1. david moore

    Glow plug light flashing when starting.

    try a code reader on it, if you have one ! if not try a multi meter, and find if volts are reaching each glow plug in turn. but then you can go deeper and check for resistance, plus check to see if a bad earth is breaking down. also check for any breaks in the wiring loom ? if not confident with this, then find a good auto electrician if the problem gets worse, as in not starting at all...
  2. david moore

    x type windscreen scuttle

    sure will ……. im now working on the scuttle which I taken off, that was broken.
  3. david moore

    x type windscreen scuttle

    went and got me a second hand windscreen scuttle today as mine had got its plastic insert broke which clips into a grove in the windscreen. I found this out when hoovering out the passenger footwell. as it was damp and wet in places. before fitting the scuttle I gave it a bit of a freshen up by using black liquid shoe polish, (see pic) but I shall not through the old one away as I intend to try and repair it.
  4. david moore

    Legal Cheek!

    me ..I would get in touch with bbc watchdog program ! then in touch with trading standards. before signing anything... seems very dodgy to me, as you say best get more legal advice. plus its down to what terms and conditions was signed at time of purchase ? get all your facts right before moving forward with this issue... good luck.
  5. david moore

    Engine issue on my 2004 d

    well back off me holidays....and straight onto checking me intercooler/rad, boost pipe, map sensor and pipe to intercooler, well the hardest job was to take the front bumper undercover off, 19 screws to undo but they where nearly all rusted up, so had to angle grind them off. (cover off) which then reveled the problem straight away.....a jubilee clip had rusted and blown the boost pipe off. so down to me shed and put a new clip on the pipe...job done, test to make sure....now I need my as my joints ache.
  6. david moore

    Engine issue on my 2004 d

    stuart, you will never guess whats happened ? ! but Saturday out in the jag and the exact same thing has now happened to me. up till now I have checked and cleaned the EGR valve, plus checked the plunger in the EGR for movement when under vacuum....works ok. checked turbo actuator arm for movement also when under vacuum...seems ok ? checked booster pipe from EGR valve down to map sensor... no splits. also checked the vacuum actuation supply unit which sits under the car ( needs engine cover off ) this also works ok. next to check when I get time is the pre-charge pipe from map sensor to air cooler/radiator.. but at the moment we are getting ready to go on are holidays, so its all on hold this moment.... so if you get yours fixed before me ? ! please let us all know your outcome as to what your problem was.. because it will be great help for all us other jag owners... regards dave.
  7. david moore

    Engine issue on my 2004 d

    if its not revving correctly ? it maybe your turbo actuator ? but there are two types, you need to check which you have ? if you have time look through recent posts in (x type topic) as it will help you find what to look for. or it maybe a split hose? good luck with your search, and hope you sort out the problem..
  8. david moore

    S Type Brake Bleed

    hi martyn, when ever I do my brakes I do it the old way.... someone sits in the car and pushs the pedal down while the other person turns the bleed nipple with a pipe attached into a glass jar with brake fluid in. until all corners are done. then its test the pedal for how hard its gone ? if the pedal is still spongey and it goes down slow when pushed, it maybe the rubber seals in the master cylinder are worn and need replacing. but most of the time it nearly always works first time when we have bleed the brakes as ive said doing it the old way. good luck as they can become a nightmare..... dave.
  9. david moore

    new MOT law

    apparently they are going to change the rules on MOT testing, which is to come in around may ? if this does happen make sure that your DPF does not emit any smoke ! for more info search on the internet.
  10. david moore

    2.0d x type runs great...

    well I'm not putting a post on about moaning of a complaint on the car, as its running like a healthy cat/jaguar. the old girl had a new battery on a few weeks ago, so today it had a good clean/wash then a run out to blow the cobwebs off, it just puts a smile on my old face of mine each time she goes out. now looking forward to summer to put me new rear calipers on and new discs, and a full inspection of the underneath of the whole car. happy motoring all you cat/jaguar owners- hope you all get that big smile on your face when driving your motor.
  11. david moore


    I cant comment on the xf jaguar, as I drive the x type....but I do have to look after the old girl, ! lucky for me I can do some repairs myself. my friend had the xf when it first came out ? but after a while he started to pick comments on it, and now drives audi ......
  12. david moore

    Brake got rusted

    this is what I did with my front calipers.. plus renewing discs. I have posted this in the X TYPE FORUM, some time back. it taken me all weekend to do just one side, but the finish result at the end does pay off.
  13. david moore

    XType won't start

    The camshaft position (CMP) sensor is located on the front of the cylinder head and it is a hall effect type sensor. The CMP sensor takes its signal from the inlet camshaft lobe. The signal is used to identify cylinder number three and thus allowing the individual cylinders to be identified. Should the CMP sensor fail the engine will not start. this is the worse case if this does happen, but first try fuel pump is working, check power at the heat/glow plugs, The crankshaft position (CKP) sensor is located at the rear of the engine mounted to the cylinder block. It is used to detect the engine position and speed of the crankshaft. It is a permanent inductive type sensor. Should the CKP sensor fail, the engine will not start. just a few things to try on a 2.0d
  14. david moore

    fitted new varta battery

    fitted a new varta battery, blue dynamic, f17.....12volts-80amps hr, with a cold cranking amps of 740. so I started with my very long extension lead and placed it on my little cars battery first, then clamped the + and - leads on the jag. making sure that I closed the alarm switch on the bonnet so it did not leave a open circuit. this was done by a piece of wood and a adjustable clamp to close the switch. so with that all done I removed the battery and done a test with my multimeter that 12v power was still running through the jag ? "yes all was good" then fit in place the new varta battery, connect up with the leads back onto the new battery terminals with the extension leads still attached. ( remove extension leads ) put key in jag and just check everything still works and still lights up ok....yes....turn key and the old girl bursts into life. so I do not have to reprogram a single thing ! got my OBD reader and done a final check....and again all was good saying NO CODES. so went for a drive, yes the baby 2,0d jag ran fantastic.
  15. david moore

    X Type servicing

    now that sounds a good idea, will take off the old cables and free them off, will hang them up and spray wd 40 down them. plus silicone spray grease, cheers jan for that will now look forward to doing this come summer, will post photos when I start job.