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  1. with the reverse sensors, i had a problem on my 2004 x type .. i found out that it was my reverse switch that sits on top of the gear box. new one fitted and works perfect. work done by myself.
  2. try auto reserve in derbyshire .... i use them for parts on my 2004 x type. very helpful too.
  3. well i also have booked for this event at the gaydon motor museum too. i use to attend these meets on a monthly basis, but due to our current situation!!... its been nice that we can now start to meet again with the restrictions in place. looking forward to seeing a good few x types...
  4. i can now say that we found why the drivers door lock was not working when you use your key fob... its a micro switch that fails in the lock mechanism. the photos here show the switch itself on its own.
  5. well i just had to spilt it apart to see how it works ? now its a case of what has gone wrong ? why does it not work when pressing button on key fob ? i hope a friend of mine can find out through testing the electric components on this lock, lets hope we get a result back !!
  6. update on my drivers door lock.. i had my lock delivered from auto reserve, i had to make sure that this did work !! so connect up the two electric connectors to the lock, then connect up me battery terminals. with the door left open i then got my key fob and test lock mechanism making sure it locks and unlocks. test checked and working ok , its then disconnect the connectors, and fit door handle rod and locking rod to the lock mechanism. door handle rod had to have an adjustment so it would open and close. test and checking all the time so it locates.. this does take some time so be patient, but when set up correct it works perfect. so all ive got left to do is install the security shield then the window regulator replace cover, replace door card but connect up the cable to the handle and jobs done.
  7. well its been a while since ive done a post, but ive now going to attack my drivers door lock. the only thing that does not work ? .... is when when using key fob. otherwise it works fine. with the key. plus when using key fob all three doors unlock fine with key fob. so ive ordered from auto reserve a secound hand drivers door lock £75, they say if it does not work i have a 30 day return on the lock. plus ive ordered new door card studs. the only hardest job was getting off and out the security shied from inside the door. well with the lock out i spent time checking it out. all mechanical levers work when i test them manually , so it must be the solenoid inside not working ? but to check this out i would have to damage the lock to check it out, but i dont want to do that as this still works as a lock manually.
  8. hi peter, yes its very similar to t cut. try t cut with the wd 40 and see how it goes? all the best dave.
  9. well ive had my car 2.0d x type for 8yrs ...with no problems with the radio/cd player and the six stack cd player in the boot. until Saturday !!! my six stack cd player came up on my display CD ERROR so sunday I taken out the cd player from out the boot, I must say that the cassette that holds the six cds was jammed in and took some ejecting !! but it did finally eject.... taken off plastic corner covers and slide the front cover across, this I could then see inside the player ? but could not see anything wrong ! so I got my compressor out and gently blew air through the whole of the unit, loads of little fine bits blew out along with something I have not got a clue flew out of the unit?? but what it was I don't know. so I placed the unit back in the boot and connected it up for a test run to see if and how it would play. and to my amazement it played fantastic , with all six cds playing each in turn when selected, plus the cassette ejected no problem, and just to make sure i done this a good few times before fitting back in boot .. so jobs a good un..
  10. I have a 2.0d x type, on a 54 plate ...and I found that my headlamp glass was dull at the top and had a tide mark half way across each lamp, both sides. ! so I set too with a can of wd 40 and my farecla g3 liquid compound. mixed to a paste on the glass then plenty of elbow grease/rubbing into the glass. done this twice on each headlamp . and this was my finish... pretty good I think, so i shall do this each year on the old girl.
  11. just to mention ….my x type 2,0d failed on emissions first time round on its MOT.. but there was a sticker under the bonnet showing a square box with a figure showing 1.27 ….now I found out that this is the emission test of the engine when first tested. so I was told to peel the sticker off !!!! as when I take it back for the MOT they then have to run the car at a default figure of 3.0 ….. and sure enough my jag passed the MOT.
  12. can I just say …. make sure the fuel filter is full ? then make sure by taking off the fuel pipe that feeds the diesel injectors, and see if diesel pumps out, (with good pressure) if you have any air leaks it will not start ! good luck dave.
  13. ahi Thomas, sounds like you've had a good go at this but not much luck by the outcome ? things I would try is check all intercooler pipes, intercooler itself, splits and cracks, then throttle pedal sensor if one is fitted, may need to check resistance across pedal sensor ? earth contacts too in case short is happening. just a little something to try if your able too, good luck dave.
  14. just to update, the actuator was delivered and was the correct part number. so sunday as the weather was dry ! I fitted the actuator on? it fitted straight in no problem so next was to make sure it worked.... yes yes yes I now have heat back in my little baby 2.0d x type, November meet here I come at gaydon motor museum, happy days....
  15. cheers joe .. I will check this before fitting back into place so it works correct when calling for temperature in the car.
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