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  1. Dom, do you have a link or website for M&K? The only Jaguar specialists in Milton Keynes (where I am) I can find are E&E http://www.eandeservices.biz/. I presume you don't mean them. Thanks, John
  2. Good Day All. I'm a new (to me) Jaguar owner. I have an XF sportsbrake 2012 which I am still getting used to. I wasn't sure about getting a diesel with the current witch hunt from the government they are suffering from but as Jaguar didn't do any petrol versions I was stuck. I have to admit I'm an Alfa aficionado and have had a good few but as they haven't made a decent estate since the 159 it was time to look elsewhere. So I have the more powerful 2.2 in portfolio trim with a few extras - lots of toys 😎 Hopefully I won't have to ask too many questions but as the handbook I got with it looks like it has been eaten by moths, I might have a few! John