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  1. Hi, Anyone interested in some Shell diesel engine oil that I have found for my 2018 xf diesel. OE oil is Castrol and can be quite pricey , I have found some shell 0w-30 5litres for £21.10 with discount code from Euro car parts. Don't forget to add the discount code. Specifications: API SL, ACEA C2 (meets the requirement of), Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5007
  2. Hi I have only just joined the forum but have some info. I have a 2018 2.0 diesel XF. The battery is in the spare wheel well, as mentioned, however I have bought a spacesave type spare wheel from ebay for £60 delivered. I have a jack and wrench so no problem there. I removed the polystyrene that shrouds the pump and gunk kit and the wheel fits in. The wheel sit proud approx. 1.5" so I have put some wood along each side of the boot channel and the boot cover not sits flush. The wheel is secured by some 6mm screwed rod and a small baton and washer. I have had punctures that will not be fixed by the reinflation kit plus most main tyre dealers will not repair a tyre that has been filled with the gunk in these kits and will insist you buy a new tyre. Some independent tyre garages will however, but not all. Sounds like a con to me That's why I want a spare wheel.
  3. chrisxf

    ad blue

    Hi, new to the forum and sorry if this has been covered before. Can I use any ad blue in my 2018 2.0 diesel XF or am I restricted to OE fluid to prevent error messages?