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  1. Hi Mike Thanks for your advice. Anyway I have sold it to a scape yard who may try to save it, otherwise it would be crushed for recycling. Good luck to them. It was heart wrenching for me and my wife. I am looking for a S type but not many around with low mileage.
  2. Hi Mike The second garage that I went to has advised that it is the timing chain. Repairs would be too costly. I am afraid it is the end of the road for my jag. It is heart wrenching. See photos.
  3. Hi Rodney It is impossible to do a good job if battery is not removed for accessibility. The housing assembly of the bulb have 2 clips at the side. Make sure they are in the clipped position. Chances are the wannabe mechanic did not fit the hub back and water got in when you went for your car wash. Check the clips. It happened to me when I had the bulb changed at a garage and the hub was just dangling loose. Luckily I checked upon reaching home. Regards KL
  4. Mike I was told the fuel was ok initially. I have not instructed any fuel pump replacement yet. Not paying for work on a hit and miss approach at my expense. I have another garage to review the problem. It may still be due to P0341. Fingers crossed!! Regards KL
  5. Hi Mike Thank you for your advice. Finally the mechanic found that there was no fuel into the combustion chamber and therefore could not start. All other error codes have been cleared. Fuel pump is the suspect now but replacement of new pump will cost circa £365 with labour at £160. I am getting another garage to review it. I am going bonkers now. Awaiting dianogsis. My view is that the fuel pump is a simple device like a mini submersible pump and very unlikely to cause problem. Is there some kind of enertia switch along the fuel supply? Meantime I will hold onto my horses I mean my jag before calling it a day for her. Regards KL
  6. Hi there I wonder whether someone can advise me. My X type (petrol) year 2004 automatic could not start. Sent it to a garage. The following checks were carried out:- - ignition, fuel, battery, starter, spark plugs, voltage across the camshaft position sensors (bank 1 & 2). All ok. Error codes P0341 & P0346 registered. Was advised that it is due to the mis-timing of the cam shafts and the ECU detected a range or performance problem with the cam shaft signal. It would be a major repair costing more than a thousand pounds! Please help before I decide to sell it as scrap. Current total mileage is circa 97k. I love this Jag. It will be a shame to lose it like that. Please help.