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  1. Good morning, Can enyone tell me how to keep the rubber bellows between the intake trumpets and the air box in place.? They will not stay in place and make quite a noise. Noticed this problem after car had been in garage for repair. Thanks Rod
  2. Hi Jon, Nice part of yorkshire is Ryedale. Not been down to Littlehampton in the Jag yet but lovely car to drive when its not being repaired !!! Cheers Rod
  3. Hi Jon, I`m in East Yorkshire. My daughter lives in Littlehampton. Cheers Rod
  4. Thanks for your advice, I will double check !! Cheers Rod
  5. Hi jerry, Car passed MOT including headlights. Just got advisory on 2 tyres that were worn on inside edge. I think the headlight will dry out eventually. Cheers Rod
  6. Thanjs Jerry, I will find out more tomorrow when it goes for mot. No visible cracks. This stems from me going into a well known motor and cycle dealer to have the bulbs upgraded. Despite me saying that it would be best to remove battery he struggled on and eventually abandoned the job without changing bulb. I thought no problem I will do it myself when I get home. I then called at car wash on the way home. At home I looked at the car and LH head light unit had water inside. Went back to the shop for them to have a look but they said the rear cover had been replaced correctly so it wasnt their fault. Now got fingers crossed for tomorrow and if necessary will look for replacement unit on ebay. Cheers Rod
  7. I have just been to the car wash and both my left headlights are now wet inside the lens. How can I cure this? Cheers Rod
  8. Hi Jerry, Regarding your gearbox, I had the fluid changed about 5k ago. They had a few goes at getting it right. After the first change it wouldnt select gears properly so took it back and got talking to one of the mechanics and he said that what they needed to do was to change the fluid at least four times. They did this and it changes gear perfectly now. When I first bought this car with 90k on the clock I`d only had it about 2 weeks when it went into limp mode etc, took it back to dealer and they asked me to take it to a Jaguar specialist, they diagnosed a faulty turbo and replaced the turbo. As I only had the car for a couple of weeks the dealer picked up the bill. Until the recent egr valve replacement it has no more problems in the power department but has had a new belt tensioner £300 and brake vac pump £400. I only use premium fuel and Millers additive. As I live out in the countryside I dont do many short runs. I`m sure that makes a difference. Its a great car to drive and tow my 15 foot caravan with ease. Hope you get yours sorted.Cheers Rod
  9. Hi jerry, I have the estate diesel auto version and had the same problem. Holding low gear seems to be part of the Limp mode to protect the engine. I had the same problem. No fault codes showing. Garage changed EGR valve and it now drives better than ever. It cost me £450. The car has now done 134K and hoping it will last a bit longer. Cheers Rod
  10. Hi Viv, I have exactly the same model and had the same fault a few weeks ago and was cured by replacing the egr valve. Now running a lot better but I am £400 worse off. Cheers Rod
  11. Hi I`m in East Yorkshire between Hornsea and Withernsea. Cheers Rod
  12. Hi Peter, Just had EGR valve on my X Type 2.2 diesel replaced after issues with limp mode etc. It cost £230 for the valve and £120 labour. Seems to be running really well now and I am going to start putting cleaner in the tank. I already use premium fuel. Cheers Rod
  13. Hi Peter and Steve. Yes it is. In the spare wheel well under the hinged floor panel. Cheers Rod
  14. Hi Steve, I have a 2008 version of the X Type estate and it has auxiliary socket in boot but mine doesn`t work. Cheers Rod
  15. Hi Steve, I will follow this up. My handbook gives all the details of DAB but I cant get it to come up. Is it only fitted to certain models? Many thanks Rod