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  1. Hi Dave, If you have a look on the club forums I`m sure there is something on there. Mine is a 2.2 diesel 2009. I had mine done at garage. I think it depends on the make of gearbox. Some are sealed for life. Cheers Rod
  2. Good morning Krsto, It sounds a bit like glow plug problem ? Cheers Rod
  3. Good morning Brian, I`m in Cottingham East Yorkshire, reputedly the largest village in England but I dont know if that is true. I drive a 2009 x type estate that I love but I`m off the road for a while due to a medical problem.. Cheers Rod
  4. Hi Stuart, I`m sure you will enjoy it. There is lots of help on here for club members. I have a 2009 estate and I love it. Cheers Rod
  5. Hi Chris, I`m about 5 miles north of Hull. Cheers Rod
  6. Hi Fraser again, Just been looking on the internet and I would have a look at GAP Turbo`s in Birmingham, they seem to know what they are talking about and do reco turbos for about £250. Cheers Rod
  7. Hi Fraser, I have the same model and did have the same problem of showing the gearbox fault and going into limp mode. I only had the car for a couple of weeks so took it back to garage where I bought it from and they tried all sorts of cures including replacing EGR valve. It was ok for a few days but then started with the problem again. After agreeing with the garage that they would be paying for repairs I took it to Jagutech in Hull and they replaced the turbo actuator, although they did say that there was quite a lot of carbon in the turbo vanes. I dont know how much everything cost as the garage I bought it from paid for it. It has been ok since and that was 50k ago !! I`m fairly sure that you can get a recon turbo for about £500 but dont know how easy it is to swap them over. Hope this helps. Cheers Rod
  8. Hi Steve, If you look at the workshop manual it says that the 6 speed transmission is by Aisin AW in Japan and is the AWF 21 and it gives all the info on how it works. hope this is useful Cheers Rod
  9. Hi Steve, I have the same model. The selector lever operates in 3 modes. 1) with lever positioned nearest to you its in full auto mode, just select D or R and away you go. 2) If you move the selector over to the left it selects sport mode. This holds lower gears and then goes into auto mode. 3) With the selector still over to the left you can move it forward or backwards to select manual mode with display showing the gear you are in. 4) To go back into auto move selector to position nearest to you. Hope this helps. Cheers Rod
  10. Thanks everyone. I will buy a C-Tek and leave battery in the car. Cheers Rod
  11. Hi Jim, Thanks for that. II will check my charger. Its a Gunson but not sure if same as C-tek. If it wont do I will buy a C-Tek Cheers Rod
  12. Hi everyone, I have a 2008 2.2 lit diesel auto that is going to be laid up for a while due to illness. Can I charge the battery without removing it from the car ? The handbook says to remove but I am bothered about the stories I hear about electronic issues if you disconnect the battery. HELP. Cheers Rod
  13. Hi Paul, Mine ends in BG. Many thanks , I will follow this up. Cheers Rod
  14. Hi Martin, Just looked at numbers on my car. 4x43-15K866 BG A 12068572 VALEO-601.841-GERMANY HW 02 SW 04 CODE 01 30/11/07F/3/11/56 0733411786 Not sure but maybe the last number is a part number. I will try following this and see where I get to. Cheers Rod