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  1. Hi Deirdre, I would have thought the battery should be about 14 volts so probably time to think about a replacement Cheers Rod
  2. Hi Mark, Seems strange to say engine starts but then cuts out. Not sure if it could do this if the timing chain has snapped, I would seek a second opinion. Someone with more knowlege than me should be able to make sense of this. Good luck. Cheers Rod
  3. Hi David, If you can, you are better off replacing, as it will fail somewhere else on the box. Cheers Rod
  4. Hi Stephen, I was brought up in Hull and I remember Earles cement and Earles ship builders. I think Earles had a ship yard in Selby, to the west of Hull. No Idea if they are related or anything to do with either of these companies, but I will keep lookling. There was also a Johm Earle, surveyor who worked for a local contractor. Cheers Rod
  5. Reluctant sale due medical condition. Jaguar X-Type SE 2.2d Auto, Estate, metalic Grey, excellent condition, MOT toFeb. 22, 140K miles. Tow bar, black leather, heated electric seats, Cruise control, Folding heated mirrors, heated front & rear screens, Air Con, Sat Nav, electric windows, Bluetooth, CD multiplayer. 2 keys. Ideal towing car. REGULARLY Serviced, 40+/gall. Price £2000 ONO.......interested...then phone Rod on 07796410538. Location Cottingham near Hull.
  6. Hi Brian. I realise you want a petrol one but to give you a guide, I have a 2008 estate but its the 2.2 diesel and has done 148k. Its auto with sport and manual modesI black leather. I`m looking for £2500 I`m having to give up driving due to a medical problem. Its going for mot on friday. Hope this is helpful, Cheers Rod
  7. Hi Karl, I`m in the East of England about 4 miles North of Hull. I hope you enjoy your Jag. I have a x type but its coming up for sale as I`m not able to drive anymore due to ill health. Cheers Rod
  8. Hi John, If its 2009 I assume it will be 2.2 Litre, same as mine. Great car, love it but its coming up fpr sale as I`ve had to surrender my driving licence due to a medical condition. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have done. Lots of help on here from club members. Cheers, Rod.
  9. Hi Dave, If you have a look on the club forums I`m sure there is something on there. Mine is a 2.2 diesel 2009. I had mine done at garage. I think it depends on the make of gearbox. Some are sealed for life. Cheers Rod
  10. Good morning Krsto, It sounds a bit like glow plug problem ? Cheers Rod
  11. Good morning Brian, I`m in Cottingham East Yorkshire, reputedly the largest village in England but I dont know if that is true. I drive a 2009 x type estate that I love but I`m off the road for a while due to a medical problem.. Cheers Rod
  12. Hi Stuart, I`m sure you will enjoy it. There is lots of help on here for club members. I have a 2009 estate and I love it. Cheers Rod
  13. Hi Chris, I`m about 5 miles north of Hull. Cheers Rod
  14. Hi Fraser again, Just been looking on the internet and I would have a look at GAP Turbo`s in Birmingham, they seem to know what they are talking about and do reco turbos for about £250. Cheers Rod
  15. Hi Fraser, I have the same model and did have the same problem of showing the gearbox fault and going into limp mode. I only had the car for a couple of weeks so took it back to garage where I bought it from and they tried all sorts of cures including replacing EGR valve. It was ok for a few days but then started with the problem again. After agreeing with the garage that they would be paying for repairs I took it to Jagutech in Hull and they replaced the turbo actuator, although they did say that there was quite a lot of carbon in the turbo vanes. I dont know how much everything cost as the g
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