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  1. rodeyorks

    DPF - how bad does it get

    Hi Peter, Just had EGR valve on my X Type 2.2 diesel replaced after issues with limp mode etc. It cost £230 for the valve and £120 labour. Seems to be running really well now and I am going to start putting cleaner in the tank. I already use premium fuel. Cheers Rod
  2. rodeyorks

    Auxilliary power supply

    Hi Peter and Steve. Yes it is. In the spare wheel well under the hinged floor panel. Cheers Rod
  3. rodeyorks

    Auxilliary power supply

    Hi Steve, I have a 2008 version of the X Type estate and it has auxiliary socket in boot but mine doesn`t work. Cheers Rod
  4. rodeyorks

    DAB Antenna fitted

    Hi Steve, I will follow this up. My handbook gives all the details of DAB but I cant get it to come up. Is it only fitted to certain models? Many thanks Rod
  5. rodeyorks

    DAB Antenna fitted

    What is it called and where can I get one ? Cheers Rod
  6. rodeyorks


    Hi, My car is 2009 2.2 diesel auto. Please can someone confirm wether timing belt or chain. If belt when to change. Thanks Cheers Rod
  7. rodeyorks

    system code?

    Hi, car just been into garage for auto gearbox oil change. noticed when home a message saying "enter system code" How do I find this? I thought this might be the radio code as they removed the battery to enable access to gearbox. I entered the radio code, pressed enter but then all greyed out and now cant do anything with it. Help Rod
  8. rodeyorks

    Whats your location ?

    east riding of yorkshire
  9. rodeyorks

    Remapping x type

    Hi Andy, I have the same but 2008 face lift. For me the power of the standard engine is perfectly ok for me and dont really see the need for extra power. Also you should probably think about what mileage your car has done and should you be putting more stress on it and how will it effect your insurance. Happy driving. Rod
  10. rodeyorks

    Well bit the bullet and gone modern.

    Hi Wayne, I have the same model and year except mine is auto. Yours is the colour I was looking for at the time but finished up with a grey one. Hope you love it as much as I do. Cheers Rod
  11. rodeyorks

    Jaguar x type diesel non start

    Hi Scott, I have the same model and a few months ago I had the same problem. Jump started it and replaced the battery. Been fine since. Cheers Rod
  12. rodeyorks

    Jaguars at RAF Cosford

    Hi Joe, Thanks for the Cosford pics. Looks a great place and its on my list but it will be later in the year. Cheers Rod
  13. rodeyorks


    good morning george, I have the same model. Hope you have lots of pleasure from it. A great car to drive, I`m sure you will enjoy it. Cheers Rod
  14. rodeyorks

    battery age

    Replaced battery with 80Ah. The battery taken off was the original dated 08 but 70Ah, so its done quite well really. Fixed label on top so I know when replaced. Cheers Rod
  15. rodeyorks

    battery age

    Good idea Peter. I will do that if I replace the battery. Cheers Rod