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  1. Hi All, been searching for a very annoying rattle on rear suspension for quite a while. Local garage checked it out again and still couldnt find anything. Went in for mot and all passed ok with no advisories. In desperation we changed the rear anti roll bar and drop link bushes and just to be sure we did the front as well. Now ok and back to being quiet and no rattles and not expensive, Less than £200. Cheers Rod
  2. Hi Ian, Yes thats a good point. I will do that if I change battery again. Cheers Rod
  3. Hi Ian, Thats what my local garage does except he uses another battery in lieu of a charger and never had a problem. Cheers Rod
  4. Hi Phil, I would think it will void your mot for a start but others will give you more info. Cheers Rod
  5. Hi We are moving house and need to find a new home for my collection of Motor Sport magazines. There are approx 200 copies covering about 20 years. These are free to anyone who can make use of them otherwise they will be going in the skip. Seems a shame if this happens.They would have to be collected from East Yorkshire. Cheers Rod
  6. Hi Steve, I have the same model. Now done 145k. Due for mot next week so hoping all will be ok. Not had a problem up till now but I always use premium fuel and additive. Cheers Rod
  7. Hi Roger according to my haynes manual, your gearbox holds 1.75 lires but I`m not sure of the type of oil. my car is automatic. maybe halfords will be able to tell you. Cheers Rod
  8. Hi, Is it possible to buy the chrome x type lettering on the tail gate. Mine was damaged at car wash the other day. It could be a trip to the scrap yards. Cheers Rod
  9. Hi Kevin, I think I have the same problem on my 2009 x type estate. I`ve done all the checks that you mention including taking everything out of the boot. What sort of job is it to change the shocks and was it the mounting bushes that had failed? Did you replace with same type or did you upgrade them? My car has done 145k but runs really well apart from this annoying problem. Thanks Rod
  10. Hi, I can confirm that I have recently had a lift in the back of a XE. It was not only very cramped but took me some time to get in and out without marking the trim with my muddy boots. I`m only 5ft 6" tall and slim build and wouldn`t want to travel very far in it. Great performance car though. Cheers Rod
  11. Hi Trevor, I will give the boot polish a try, thanks. Cheers Rod
  12. hi all, my xtype passenger seat, black leather has had liquid spilt on it and has left it patchy. what is the best way to make it better? cheers rod
  13. HHi Ray, I`m near Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. Cheers Rod