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  1. M50RSR

    Interior lighting XF

    Thanks Billyboy, mine was the same and after reading this post I went out to the car and followed your instructions and it worked :) Cheers
  2. M50RSR

    Hello Everyone

    Hi All I have just bought a 2011 XF Premium Luxury S last weekend. My first Jag as I fancied a change after 12 years and 3 models of 530D BMW's. When I got home tonight I thought I'd check the net to find out why my interior lights wouldn't come on when I open the doors and hey ho a result from BillyBoy telling us how to change from Manual to Auto. So I did as he said and bingo... it works!. But one question, why don't Jaguar tell us that in the manual???. Anyway, thanks BillyBoy. Cheers Richard