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  1. X-Type 2.1 Engine Number

    Have you looked at your V5 registration document?..........both the VIN number and engine number will appear on there. Often the simplest solution comes out on top! Good luck
  2. Another MOT Pass!

    Congratulations R2E! Always a good feeling. The advisory you mention is quite common on S-types; usually the metal end where it is exposed, but hidden away (if that makes sense!). Our ex-Jaguar technician always sprays some WD40 on them, on our S, whilst carrying out the MOT. Get at it with that power wash and buckets (don't forget the rinse bucket for the wash mitten!). Enjoy
  3. XJS tyres

    Morning all (or afternoon or evening, or "what are you doing up at this time of night?!") Reference an earlier query which we raised about XJS tyres.........our newly acquired XJS sits on OE Pirelli P600 tyres, sized at 235/60 R15. These were the tyre originally specified by Jaguar and went on to end of production. They are now not always easily available, no longer produced, and run out at silly prices.......anything from £214 to almost £500 per tyre. We were advised by XJS Reborn that Falken ZE914 225/60 R15 were a far superior alternative, being a more modern assymetric tread pattern which actually puts more rubber on the road. We were a little concerned at the variation in rolling diameter (as the Falkens have a sidewall depth of 60% of 225mm (hence 225/60) whilst the Pirellis have 60% of 235); effect on speedo accuracy, auto change speeds and the cosmetic aspect of how they fill the wheel arches. **The formula for calculating rolling diameter variation puts the resulting figure (Falken ZE914 v Pirelli P600) at minus 1.9%.....this is within the acceptable variation of +/-2% and so all is well. The variation used to be +/-3% but that altered a while ago. Glad to report that the Falkens (having viewed them on a similar XJS) actually look better than the Pirellis, and at a unit price of around £95-100 (depending on where you buy) are far kinder to the little man who lives in the cupboard (aka the bank manager). With reference to the 225/60, these are also available in Continental. 235/60, as per the OE Pirellis, ARE available in budget ranges such as Saferich and the like, but they are not for us. Beware, also, of a tyre supplier who says there are other alternatives, as these are usually van tyres, which would fit, but would not have the correct speed rating and, therefore, could void any insurance claim. Reference our XJS, all the Pirelli OE tyres have plenty of tread and no visible cracking etc; however, examination of the date codes revealed that three of the tyres had 3 digit date codes which puts them at pre-2000. The O/S/R was, in fact, showing 242 which means week 24 1992 i.e. sometime in June 1992; our XJS left the line in September 1992 so that suggests that that tyre may have been the original spare which found its way onto the road possibly during the recommissioning, after 8 years in controlled storage, in 2017. We are not about to run around on 18+ year old rubber, so a set of 5 Falkens it is. Hopefully, this may help anyone who, similarly, finds that their older style tyres, whilst inferior old-style products, are also now about to break the bank. We should like to say "back to the Carnauba", but the weather is, well, wet wet and wet again....again! Never mind, happy growling
  4. XJS tyres

    Manythanks, Dominic Our wheels are 15" running on 235/60R15 98W.....our XJS is a part facelift '92 (just prior to the plastic bumpers). We couldn't agree more with regard to the "only point of contact" principle, and we never skimp on tyres. There are some cheapo budget tyres out there but we wouldn't go anywhere near even with someone elses tyre lever! We shall have a look at the link and see what we come up with; the OE are, of course, the Pirelli P600 but they are no longer in production.....there are stocks around here and there, but always at a premium price of anything from £220 to £476 a throw! Again, many thanks and, as always, happy growling
  5. XJS tyres

    Whilst we are enjoying fettling our newly acquired '92 XJS 4.0 facelift, we note that she sits on original type Pirelli P600 235/60 boots...........all XJS owners will know that these OE tyres are not easily available and come at a definite premium price. In the event that we eventually may need some new boots, it is noted that certain Jaguar specialists indicate that a suitable alternative (without going down the budget "visit the scenery" route) is the Falken ZE914 but in 225/60 size rather than original 235/60. Anybody had experience of fitting these and is there any discernible difference in appearance? More importantly, we might be a little concerned that the effective overall diameter (rim + tyre) would be reduced by 4.25%...outside of the normal allowable parameters and, potentially, resulting in an over-reading speedo and varied auto-change speeds. Info on any "hands-on" experiences would be welcome; naturally, if we went down this route we should have to change the complete car set. P.S. Don't fret, Ron.....we haven't forgotten to post a photo or three and will get round to that shortly! As always, happy growling
  6. V8 Expansion Tank - None Available!

    Hi Graham Our Jaguar tech says definitely DON'T try repairing...recipe for disaster! However, we live not far away from SNG Barratt (Bridgnorth) and use them for our XK, S-type & XJS............they are very helpful and very knowledgeable; also have a user friendly website. They are showing expansion tank at £102.34 inc VAT for VIN number up to 45254, and at £81 inc VAT for VIN number 45255 onwards. Suggest a call with your VIN number to hand! Good luck and, as always, happy growling
  7. Motorways in Bad Weather.

    MOH and I say "heavens germergatroyd, what a reputation to have!!". Actually, reference I might consider retiring in 5 or 6 years time, I'm not really shy, but I can behave like a lady............not to mention, Ron, I appear to have mislaid my Concise Book of Epithets. Meanwhile... ...just to obtain maximum annoyance....we have now added a '92 XJS (named Purrrdy) to the stable, so there are 3 options to translate into not very long at all. Man (or should I say "person") the barricades. More about the XJS shortly, but the Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Show has a lot to answer for.!! Never mind, Ron, we promise not to epithet at you in Welsh...........there's lovely, isn't it, don't you, aren't we. As always, happy growling
  8. Motorways in Bad Weather.

    Aha, Peter, perhaps we could find you some work on our horse-drawn hearse? Sure you would look splendid with your top-hat and tails bowling along at 10 mph!
  9. Snow!

    Good morning Knut Are Now that's what should be called snow...proper job! We had a fraction of that last weekend and many places came to a halt (or didn't get going in the first place). With regard to the F-Pace (or E-Pace, or I-Pace) , we don't either, so we won't either. A Jaguar is a Jaguar, not a shopping/school run tool. Oops, bound to have upset somebody there. Look out for the !Removed! script. Hope all ends up well with the S; we are just about to put our '07 in for the sill covers to be removed for inspection, treatment etc. Prevention being better than cure. Better let you get back to the digging/vrooming, as always happy growling
  10. New member intro - Derbyshire

    Hello Hartley, any further info on the Mk2? Is it a runner? When you say you are looking for a XK, is that XK8 X100, XK X150 or an early XK120/140/150? We looked at a "restored" Mk2 at the last Jaguar Parts Day at Stoneleigh (October 2017) but it wasn't up to much. Our current stable is a '07 low miles XK X150, an S-type and we just sold an X308 XJ8. Happy growling
  11. All is well with Myfannwy

    Thank you Trevor; we might take in the Nurburgring and/or Spa as a visit but definitely won't be trying out our XK on the track. MOH did plenty of circuit racing in the day (Rover SD1) and we have no wish to subject our XK to the various flying (literally) BMWs etc!! The Schlumpf Museum looks excellent so our trip might find itself getting extended! As always, happy growling
  12. All is well with Myfannwy

    Good morning Ron, MHO says "watch out, you might get expelled, with all the current shenannigans going on". That is certainly a humungus price for a '99 S; perhaps a brace of Ladas from the upcoming Bicester JLR Collection sale might be considered as a fair swap?! With reference to Myfannwy (the Welsh origin name for our XK) we hadn't even thought of that!!!! Gadzooks, we might have to visit the deed poll site again. With regard to the little boy and his finger story, perhaps it is a myth; much like the little girl sat on the beach in the sand who, when she saw the Vikings approaching, said "I'm Thor too". Claude says he is definitely not a myth and has gone out to stoke the barbecue to prove it. Yes, we are very happy with the reports etc on our XK and this underlines the issue of too many Jaguars maybe diluting the effort. Das vitannia (no doubt spelling is rubbish) as Arnie used to say As a postscript, we have now noticed that the male lead in Mary Poppins mentioned earlier now reads !Removed! van Long Wall or Embankment. Presumably, this means that anybody going by the name of Richard can't be mentioned on the Forum? Where this leaves John Cleland's notorious Woman of Pleasure (second name Hill) is uncertain. Perhaps his novel should be rewritten with the main character as none other than "!Removed! !Deleted! !Removed". And Mr Craddock would definitely be consigned to the hot pot. Now where is my jar of Robinson's jam. Happy growling
  13. All is well with Myfannwy

    What do you reckon R2E??
  14. All is well with Myfannwy

    Well well, here we go again. Herewith the Oxford Dictionary definition of the !Removed!? word .... A long wall or embankment built to prevent flooding from the sea. We are located not too far away from Offa's long wall or embankment built to prevent flooding from the sea. Good job the little boy didn't exist in these ridiculous times.......Holland would now be a latter day Atlantis, and the male lead in Mary Poppins would have to be renamed !Removed! van Long Wall or Embankment. For goodness sake, somebody, get a life..........this is getting very silly
  15. All is well with Myfannwy

    Buoyed by everything being fine with our "girl", the X150 XK, we have turned our thoughts to braving her across the waters and taking a trip to the Netherlands (with maybe a detour onto the German Autobahn.....brum brum!, but before you ask, definitely NOT the Nurburgring). We should particularly like to visit the large motor museum near Amsterdam......anybody been there and have any comments? Naturally, we shall take in the delights of such as Maastricht etc., and maybe we might even be lucky enough to find the location where the little boy stuck his finger in the !Removed!? As always, happy growling