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  1. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Evenin' all.

    We have sent Claude to investigate. He may not accept the excuse that a dyslexic finger resulted in "milliner" coming out of "bordello". He has suddenly come over all photogenic, after many covert expeditions. Watch this space in the next couple of days.............
  2. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Evenin' all.

    Aha, should have seen that coming..............should have gone to Specsavers. Doh. Meanwhile, just what sort of "little shop" are we talking about in the Piazza del Popolo.......tsh tsh. More tea vicar? Returning to topic (there's a first!), how did the radio code search go, Dave? Happy growling
  3. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Reduced performance

    Hi Darren MOH and I had similar issue with our '07 S-type 2.7 twin turbo just a couple of months after we bought it in 2016. It had, by then, covered just 53K miles, mostly short/shortish runs in the conurbation. One EGR valve was found to be gummed up, and so was replaced. What is significant is that, after one more instance of the amber "DPF full" warning, we regenerated/cleaned by running at around 3000 rpm or so in lower gears, using the J-shift, for about 20 minutes or so. Easier than going off down the motorway, where even at 70 mph, the engine is running at quite low revs. We then switched to premium fuel (Shell V-power or BP Ultimate) which, although more expensive, has had the result of more DPF warnings. Some may advise additives, but there are probably an equal number (like us and R2E) who dismiss them as "snake oil". We have never used an additive, and do not experience any DPF warnings now. In fact, none in 2 years and 24K miles. A one-time colleague who now works for HM C&E says that the supermarket fuels are very definitely get what you pay for. Hope this works out without the expense of the questionable expense of a DPF "clean". Good luck and happy growling
  4. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Evenin' all.

    Memo to self...must get Cubist a new dictionary. Or was that intentional.......hmmm. Goodness me, Dave, what ideas has Steve (Cubist) given you? We (MOH and I) are far more subtle than slashed tyres and paintwork modifications. We are not known as the Bridgnorth after-life ushers and body snatcher brigade for nothing; whilst our friendly family pet known as Claude is given to unexpected visits (see many previous threads, usually involving MOH and I, R2E (Ron) and Cubist (Steve) in copious exchanges of banter). Make sure you are up to speed on the Welsh for "pass the fire extinguisher". Take care out there..................we may be about.............or will we?......... Welcome to the madcap world of CSH/R2E&Cubist..............cor blimey, there's a rum-do and no mistake. Pass the millinery catalogue.
  5. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Evenin' all.

    Congratulations on your purchase; you do not need to remove the unit for purposes of obtaining the code. In the case of our XJS, a 'phone call to a local Jaguar dealer, giving the reg number and VIN number resulted in a call back within an hour or so with the code. The process does seem to vary from dealer to dealer; some will require ID, some will attempt to charge (walk away!), but some will do as we did. We made our 'phone call to Stratstone jaguar at Lye (Stourbridge)....give it a go. Enjoy, and don't forget to purchase a trilby in place of the baseball cap! Happy growling
  6. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Jaguar Breakfast Club at JLR Classic

    ****Just an afterthought, the September JBC meet is again at JLR Classic, this time an all day event to celebrate 50 years of the XJ. You need to be booked in for this rather than just turn up, so have a look at the JBC website for info. Oh, and by the way, Nico Brain's special XJ was in the workshop for attention. Also, when you purchase an admission to the Heritage Museum at Gaydon (not compulsory, although if you don't, you can't get to the cafe), volunteer Gift Aid,and you get free return visits (unlimited) for the next 12 months. We used our last ticket 6 times, and have already used our current one twice in a couple of months. Pass the anoraks. As always, happy growling
  7. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Jaguar Breakfast Club at JLR Classic

    MOH and I have enjoyed another great Jaguar Breakfast Club event at JLR Classic on Saturday July 07. The JBC meets on the first Saturday of each month, normally at Gaydon, and is open to all Jaguar owners. Just turn up, as we have done on several occasions. See the Jaguar Breakfast Club website. The most recent event was, however, at JLR Classic at Ryton where the car park was specially reserved for JBC participants, free entry to the facility, refreshments to hand (good value), and "wander-at-will" access to the entire facility......the D-type section, XK SS, E-type reborn and Series LR reborn and RR reborn, plus the XJ220 section (there were a total of 9 XJ220 on site, one of which was available to purchase), plus, of course, the JLR collection with representatives of most Jaguar products through the ages, along with other delectable items which JLR have elected to keep, after the Bicester sale earlier this year. A veritable feast for anyone with a leaning towards Jaguar/Daimler and/or LR products from time past. Various technicians were on hand to chat to, along with some senior folk present and past who have made JLR Classic what it is now. Story of the day, and somewhat priceless..........the main car park was given over to Jaguar/Daimler attendees for the JBC meeting, with suitably Jaguar orientated folk at the entrance. When a gentleman in casual dress and baseball hat turned up in a Land-Rover, he was unceremoniously denied entrance and told to park on the road. Oooooops........turned out to be none other than Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of JLR! Oops, oops and thrice oops. In fact, it was all taken in good part and Dr Speth seemed unperturbed, mingling with folk and generally being part of the event. Next event is back at Gaydon (Heritage Museum) with the opportunity to browse the Jaguar Heritage Collection etc., (check JBC website for details of admission payable for museum) and park on the grass in front of the main building and mingle with like-minded Jaguar folk. Didn't we have a luvverly day, the day we went to Ryton. Here's our XK Myfannwy at the front door, along with a few others (no photography in the workshop and collection areas), plus the penultimate photo which is of our latest purchase (oops, just woke up) and our garden which we returned to after the event (oops again, ok it's Charlecote Manor National Trust, so woke up again). Happy growling
  8. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Jaguar Mechanics in the North Shropshire Area

    Yes, you are quite right there, Paul. MOH (my other half) concurs heartily. Apologies for what you might have considered a "bum-steer" and your comments are quite alarming. There are, indeed, many of the frequent ones is that some places make a start on your vehicle, then it gets shunted off into a corner with problems (real or imagined) and you are left in limbo. Our XJS is in for some fettling at the moment, and we are keeping a very close eye on progress, to guard against this potential issue. Touch wood, our XK X150 and late model S-type don't need any fettling, outside of copious applications of Carnauba etc. Whilst looking around at Mk2s a while ago, we came across some deplorable "resto" work. Obvious good taste - a Coopercraft Mk2. We should also be happy with a Vicarage Mk2. Slobber, dream! Exactly what work are you looking at for your early S-type? This may have a bearing. Reference the £20K quote for paint, wow. There are, of course, two main ways of looking at a repaint: one, mask up and paint what can be seen without stripping and, two, full strip, repaint, and re-assemble. We wouldn't entertain the former. so there is always going to be money to be spent, but crikey, was that for 22ct gold sparkle?! Again, exactly what work are you looking for? Carole & SO (significant other)
  9. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Jaguar Mechanics in the North Shropshire Area

    Hi Paul A lot depends on your budget, but for a S-type such as yours, the original version, it may be worth a look at CMC (Classic Motor Cars) located at Bridgnorth, They are true classic Jaguar specialists and very efficient and knowledgeable. We are firm believers in the old adage "you get what you pay for"; we believe CMC currently charge around £80 per hour, which is, nevertheless, considerably cheaper than main dealer price. An added advantage is that parts supplier/remanufacturer SNG Barratt is only about a mile away from them. Although it is much further (located at Ryton, near Coventry) JLR Classic are expert in your car's era. Mind you, they price out at around £100 per hour. Horses for courses and so on, but you could do worse than investigate CMC. Good luck
  10. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    New Mk 2 Jaguar --- Ian Callum.

    Well, Ron, MOH wants to know when you met his grandmother?.........................................
  11. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Gear Knobs (Broomsticks not required!)

    MOH says "whats up me duck" is also often heard in Aylesbury...............although it does, apparently, have a somewhat different conotation. Note to moderator software...........pick the bones out of that..!
  12. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Which oil to use?

    Forgot to say...........don't forget your JOC Halfords discount card...15% off, current shelf price £35 for a 4-litre container. Happy growling
  13. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Which oil to use?

    Our indie Jaguar specialist uses, at our behest, the said Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 in our S-type 2.7D. Note, however, that an annual change is far better, irrespective of low mileage. Our S covers about 12K a year; lower, or much lower, mileage means that the oil is getting polluted more than with longer journey higher mileage use. Our '07 XK V8 X150 only covers around 1000 to 1500 miles a year, but still gets oil and filter change annually. Just saying!
  14. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Gear Knobs (Broomsticks not required!)

    MOH and I say that we couldn't possibly comment, partly on the grounds that the moderators would probably have a dicky-fit................ No rude words please, unlike the driver of the VERY valuable Lightweight E-type who mashed it at the XK70 event at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday. Wizzard prang and so on..... Meanwhile, pass the wet wipes
  15. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Hi from USA

    Hi James MOH (My other half) and I see you have a XJS.......might that be a Coupe or a Cabriolet/Convertible? How do you find the parts situation in the USA? We recently came by our '92 Phase 1 facelift 4.0 Coupe, which has joined our X150 XK and S-type. During the course of inspection and fettling, we decided to remove the front bumper to check the usual corrosion points and decided that, whilst we were there, the screw-on lower front panel would be replaced. After much searching in UK (part no longer available) we found two available elsewhere - one in Germany, and one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida....................Pauls Jaguar.......have you heard of them? Amazingly, after ordering the panel on Friday June 01, it was dispatched same day and arrived in UK at Heathrow Airport 48 hours later on Sunday June 03. It then entered the UK Customs and Parcelforce system............whereupon it is due for delivery just 130 miles from Heathrow tomorrow, 10 days later (Wednesday June 13)!!! Having said that, because the XJS does have quite a few items which are NLA, it does seem to add to the fun of the project. Do you carry out your own work, or do you, like us, have a favourite workshop to carry out the tasks where, like us, restricted mobility makes life more difficult?! Where do you normally source your parts from? As always, happy growling and "XJS-ing"