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  1. Congratulations, are hereby awarded a pebble signed by Claude, freshly picked from the causeway at Sully island, near to where our photo was taken. Reference the Austin K2/Y, well, we have, in the past, enjoyed re-runs of "Ice Cold in Alex" featuring the aforementioned John Mills (oops.....Sir Mills J), Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle and Harry Andrews. Filmed where it was hot and there was lots of sand, so not Penarth! Ditto opinion on the Quatermass film/s; even in MOH's boyhood years he realised how bad it was. The pits, you could say. Doh. Sad to learn of the unchivalrous behaviour; the opposite was true of (Sir) Stanley Baker, who MOH came across several times whilst, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, teaching and coaching swimming, when a relative of Sir Stanley was one of the group. Relevant, we suppose, to the forum because he was driving a Mk2 Jaguar at the time! At quite an early age, MOH also came across Mary Ure (later to become wife of the late Robert Shaw) on a Cardiff trolleybus. MOH's father asked the said Mme Ure (clearly not realising who she was) what the time was. The theatrical response which came...."time, time, what is time; time doesn't worry about you, so why should you worry about time". There was, actually, a very good reason....they were en-route to Tiger Bay to catch the White Funnel Fleet steamer to Weston-Super-Mare. Oh, and by the way, Mme Ure was later seen getting into a chauffeur driven Mk9 Jaguar at the Cardiff New Theatre......just in case somebody thinks the story isn't relevant! Happy growling, mind how you go
  2. Whilst on the Tiger Bay topic, this (first photo) is the dock area, with the Custom House behind, as it is now............the wooden jetty supports are visible in the film, as is the Custom House. Dr Who and Torchwood fans will doubtless recognise! Photo two, with the XK, is the esplanade at Penarth, which featured in Gavin and Stacey, as did Penarth Pier (photo three) which is where the intrepid "gang" went to bingo..........."alright, leaper, how ya doin', alright".......which will mean nothing to folk who didn't watch Gavin and Stacey! The XK was great fun along the coast roads; we would have liked to travel down the M5, M50 and onwards to South Wales in the XJS but that is in with the JLR Classic recommended indie having the front suspension bushes/rack mounts, anti-roll bar links and bushes, track rod ends etc etc replaced with new, plus the front beam mount bushes, so that she is as new in that area. No polybushes, just the standard Jaguar as Mr Jaguar intended. Note : this was brought on after a Hunter's alignment check showed that instead of 3 degrees of toe-in on the front, we had 15 degrees of toe-out, hence a slightly odd feel and a bit of tyre squeal! All will be well once complete........the JLR recommended place we use is run by three ex-Jaguar Development and Testing Engineers from the E-type/XJ/XJS era, so they know what they are at. Happy growling and/or leaping
  3. Ah well, MOH says perhaps we set the bar too high......... Picture One is at the end of the coastal lane east of Penarth (Glamorganshire) which runs to overlook Sully Island at the end of the 1959 film "Tiger Bay" the police car carrying John Mills and his very young daughter, Hayley Mills, is seen rushing along here, keeping in sight the ship which has just left Cardiff Docks carrying the fugitive. The islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm, visible in this photo, can be seen in the film of 60 years ago. Picture Two is of the church in Tiger Bay where Hayley Mills' character, Gilly, is a choir member and where she flees from the fugitive (Horst Bucholz) who later becomes a "friend".....the door behind our XK is clearly seen in the film, although in 1959 it was an old wooden door with metal straps. Apparently, much sought out by fans of the film. The film was set in the Tiger Bay part of Cardiff, much changed now since the opening of the Cardiff Bay area, although quite a number of the set locations remain. MOH clearly remembers, as a young lad, walking the tunnel beneath the bay (seen in the film), and seeing some of the filming taking place. One oddity is that the fugitive leaves his ship on arrival at Cardiff Docks, and is seen minutes later crossing a suspension bridge, whuch is actually at Newport, some 12 miles away........must have a rapid walking speed (or borrowed a Jaguar?!)
  4. Here's one for the film buffs...... Yesterday (Wednesday October 24) we visited South Wales in Myfannwy, our X150 XK; the location of picture 1 is the end of a coastal lane which featured towards the end of a well known film, east of Penarth; picture 2 is of a location from the same film which has been,over the years, much sought out and photographed. But exactly where, and in what film. Clue : it wasn't Gavin and Stacey! Answers, on a Jaguar service book, to this thread. Don't stay awake all night wondering.
  5. Following on from last thread about the Grand Prix Collection Jaguars at Donnington (closing November 05), entitled "Rather special bonnet badge".......Jaguar travels continue, and here are the Jaguar/Daimler offerings at this week's Bicester Heritage sale which we went to view today......yum yum, although there was another marque which also caught our eye. 1. Here's a quite nice ex-Met Police Mk2, somewhat changed in appearance from its Met days and with the addition of PAS and a VMC engine, not to mention the Coombs arches and Webasto sunroof (in place of the blue bottle and zippy headlining! 2. How about a MkV convertible to swan about, although some panelwork required, plus where to find the complete contents of a MkV boot mounted tool kit?! 3. A lovely C-type which, although billed as a replica, is, in fact, built using a genuine C-type body 4. One of only 108 TWR XJS V12 Le mans built, although we prefer the XJS (as our Phase One facelift) with the non-plastic bumpers 5 and 6. A very original one-owner-from-new Series 1 XJ6 4.2 manual.....tempting! 7 and 8. The non-Jaguar marque which was also tempting......a late 1940s Austin 16 as used several times in Foyle's War. MOH's first car was the similar but smaller version, the Austin 10......nostalgia rules OK! 9. A V8 Daimler in need of some TLC 10 and 11. A brace of Mk2s, red/black 3.4 not a standard colour scheme; BRG car very nicely presented and at a reasonable estimate, although probably because it has a non-standard 4.2 engine mated to the Moss box 12. A nice, reasonably estimated 3.8 E-type, although again, not as it left the started life as a coupe but during restoration became a drophead...nicely done, though. 13. Daimler Dart SP250 V8 showing none of the usual fibreglass issues (which is more than could be said for the nearby Lotus Elan +2 , which had more cracks than the Acropolis. 14. Hands off, not for sale........that's our Purrrdy! Viewing day at the sales is often more relaxed than the actual sale day; less folk about and the cars are unlocked. Anyway, at Bicester they do a mean toastie and hot chocolate, so yum yum again Happy growling but keep your hands in your pockets and, whatever you do, don't wink at the auctioneer ducky..................
  6. Forgot to say.....there isn't a reduction on the £12.50 entrance fee; still worthwhile, though, to savour some good F1 history Enjoy
  7. Now if you happen to sport a "bonnet" badge of this type then you are, indeed, a lucky person.................only to be found on the Formula One racers carrying the Jaguar name in the days of Eddie Irvine etc; long before Formula E etc! Photo taken at the Donnington Circuit Grand Prix Collection on Wednesday October 17 and, sadly, for those of you who haven't been.....time is running out as the entire Grand Prix Collection (including the Military Vehicle side) is closing down on November 05. The cafe and shop are already gone, and, on the day we attended, the display cabinets were either empty or in the process of being emptied. Most of the cars are still there, including the Vanwall Collection, many McLarens and Force India, and, of course, the Jaguar F1 cars........two in team colours and one painted to show the high and low pressure air areas - green for low and red for high, and everything in between. Feast your eyes, but remember there's not long to go! Meanwhile, our Jaguars will continue to sport the correct bonnet badges........drat the CCTV!!
  8. Just to be clear, this isn't a restored D-type from the '50s. This is one of the "continuation" run of 25 D-types newly created at JLR Classic. The original intention of Jaguar was to build 100 D-types but only 75 were completed. Thus the "new" 25 fulfil the original intention, built in either short or long-nose form. The one pictured is long-nose. This is the third "continuation" production. The first was the missing 6 Lightweight E-types built in 2014/15, followed by the 9 XK SS which, in original form, were destroyed in the Browns Lane fire of February 1957. We can but dream!!
  9. Thankyou Steve! The gent in the D-type is actually the engineer i-c, Kev Riches, a font of knowledge but very friendly. MOH, as always, was in the shadows.............. We are not sure about the block and tackle factory option but did witness the factory option bonnet nose protector masquerading as a kneeling pad....see additional photo. The second additional photo is of the electrics nerve centre of the D-type, from the days when things were repairable and OBD readers were subscribers to 'Otspur Beano and Dandy. Ref the Eventer, we take your point.......full payload might be one hamster, with a possible stretch to a guinea pig. Answer to question "why?"......probably because you can. But what a great experience; sadly, D-type and XJ220 are but a pipe dream, particularly when you consider that the 2 year service on a XJ220 includes new clutch and all engine belts, at a cost of circa £6K. And one for yourself, guv. Continue to enjoy your Black Bess but do consider a visit to JLR Classic if you get an opportunity; you will not be disappointed.
  10. Yes, that's right.......Saturday last (September 15) gave us the privilege of lining up our XJS "Purrrdy" alongside the D-type at JLR Classic at Ryton; what a day to remember! The occasion was a special day set up by the XJS Cabriolet Club whereby all various XJS club members were invited along; similar to the Jaguar Breakfast Club "XJ at 50" event two weeks previously (subject of another thread under Jaguar Lounge) when 200+ XJs lined up at JLR Classic, with a further 140+ various Jaguars across the road at SVO. There were some interesting and rare examples of the XJS, including a Lister, a Le mans Edition, and an Eventer estate. The usual selection of JLR Classic staff were on hand, as always happy to discuss the various projects underway (XK SS, D-type, E-type Reborn, XJ220, LR and RR Reborn etc). They are all a credit to their profession. As always, the JLR Collection was also available for viewing. One of the senior project engineering gents (as seen on the TV series about recreating the XK SS on C4) kindly decided to bring the D-type around to the front (accompanied by some beautiful sounds from the XK power unit fed by triple Webers) as a photo opportunity............enough said. Spot the difference in the first photo! Wanda the mascot does, of course, have to have the last word in the last photo. The mascot in our XK is named Felixstowe, on account of his name was Felix but he stowed away. Also, he likes Suffolk. As Ryton is not in Suffolk, he stayed at home for this event. Oh dear. Pass the sedatives.
  11. Absolutely right, Graham. Our XK, and all others, don't have that function; only the S-type. MOH finds that the previously mentioned process works perfectly, also in our XJS which is just as low! Don't strain that knee by using it as a lever or support. Good luck
  12. Well said R2E........MOH has checked the shed and garages for removed redacteds, but didn't find any. It could be the case,of course, that Jaguar, in cohorts with NHS, have superseded the part number. With regards to the "little jump" the forum redacting programme on a weekend off??!! Happy getting in and out P.S. We do find the S-type easiest, with the auto seat movement. Perhaps, as you seem quite handy, you could fit a rise and recline chair?
  13. As an additional comment, there were over 200 XJs at JLR, plus 140+ other Jaguars, from early XKs through E-types etc etc to F-types, S-types and so on, on the SVO car park across the road from JLR Classic......what a gathering! Take a look on You-tube.......the "Moves Like Jaguar" site where there is also coverage of the Jags at the Castle event at Warwick Castle. Next outing is again to JLR Classic, tomorrow (Saturday September 15), which is a special XJS event, ticketed, on behalf of XJS Clubs. Purrrdy is ready to roll!
  14. Hi Graham As MOH would say...ditto. We have a '07 X150 XK and, last June, on our way from the Midlands to Haynes Museum, MOH, whilst alighting from the XK, suffered a desperate collapse of the left knee which resulted in me having to drive home, once, of course, we had managed to get him into the passenger seat. (Getting him out again was no mean feat). Turned out to be a bucket tear in the left knee which required surgery; all is now well, although full kneeling flexion is not advisable. MOH had commented that, on occasions, his left knee felt a little strained in the XK. The injury occurred whilst, as you put it, twisting the knee to alight from the car. Consequently, getting in and out of any of our Jaguars...the XK, the XJS, or the S-type is now a case of swivel round so as to be sitting facing the outside, thence stand upright. Getting in is a reverse of that process. We wish you well with the problem. Suffice to say, the Jaguar grin was temporarily absent, although, after surgery, we did recreate our trip to Haynes and the Jurassic Coast, and our enjoyment of various Jaguar events and ownership is undiminished, if carried out a little more carefully. Happy growling
  15. Fortunately, Steve, Claude is having issues with his GPS and was last seen explaining why wisps of smoke were visible from the local shopping centre which once hosted Maplins, Comet, BHS, Toys R Us etc., all of which have gone up in smoke, possibly due to unauthorised marketing of Welsh memorabilia. Claude enjoyed visiting as he commented that the floor assistants usually had "dragon breath", particularly on a Monday morning. As a result of the aforesaid GPS issues, he may have by-passed your abode, although Black Bess may well appear on his dashcam footage. Meanwhile, reference the "afterlife ushers", we have recently gone quiet on the forum due, in equal measures, to spending our time spoodling Purrrdy (our XJS) and also watching our box set of "In Loving Memory" to see if we could pick up any tips. Finally, much agreement reference the classic credentials of the S-type. Our '07 run-out in Seafrost with Barley trim is an (almost) daily driver but receives as much attention from us as the XJS and X150.