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  1. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJS meets D-type

    Just to be clear, this isn't a restored D-type from the '50s. This is one of the "continuation" run of 25 D-types newly created at JLR Classic. The original intention of Jaguar was to build 100 D-types but only 75 were completed. Thus the "new" 25 fulfil the original intention, built in either short or long-nose form. The one pictured is long-nose. This is the third "continuation" production. The first was the missing 6 Lightweight E-types built in 2014/15, followed by the 9 XK SS which, in original form, were destroyed in the Browns Lane fire of February 1957. We can but dream!!
  2. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJS meets D-type

    Thankyou Steve! The gent in the D-type is actually the engineer i-c, Kev Riches, a font of knowledge but very friendly. MOH, as always, was in the shadows.............. We are not sure about the block and tackle factory option but did witness the factory option bonnet nose protector masquerading as a kneeling pad....see additional photo. The second additional photo is of the electrics nerve centre of the D-type, from the days when things were repairable and OBD readers were subscribers to 'Otspur Beano and Dandy. Ref the Eventer, we take your point.......full payload might be one hamster, with a possible stretch to a guinea pig. Answer to question "why?"......probably because you can. But what a great experience; sadly, D-type and XJ220 are but a pipe dream, particularly when you consider that the 2 year service on a XJ220 includes new clutch and all engine belts, at a cost of circa £6K. And one for yourself, guv. Continue to enjoy your Black Bess but do consider a visit to JLR Classic if you get an opportunity; you will not be disappointed.
  3. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJS meets D-type

    Yes, that's right.......Saturday last (September 15) gave us the privilege of lining up our XJS "Purrrdy" alongside the D-type at JLR Classic at Ryton; what a day to remember! The occasion was a special day set up by the XJS Cabriolet Club whereby all various XJS club members were invited along; similar to the Jaguar Breakfast Club "XJ at 50" event two weeks previously (subject of another thread under Jaguar Lounge) when 200+ XJs lined up at JLR Classic, with a further 140+ various Jaguars across the road at SVO. There were some interesting and rare examples of the XJS, including a Lister, a Le mans Edition, and an Eventer estate. The usual selection of JLR Classic staff were on hand, as always happy to discuss the various projects underway (XK SS, D-type, E-type Reborn, XJ220, LR and RR Reborn etc). They are all a credit to their profession. As always, the JLR Collection was also available for viewing. One of the senior project engineering gents (as seen on the TV series about recreating the XK SS on C4) kindly decided to bring the D-type around to the front (accompanied by some beautiful sounds from the XK power unit fed by triple Webers) as a photo opportunity............enough said. Spot the difference in the first photo! Wanda the mascot does, of course, have to have the last word in the last photo. The mascot in our XK is named Felixstowe, on account of his name was Felix but he stowed away. Also, he likes Suffolk. As Ryton is not in Suffolk, he stayed at home for this event. Oh dear. Pass the sedatives.
  4. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XK Knee.

    Absolutely right, Graham. Our XK, and all others, don't have that function; only the S-type. MOH finds that the previously mentioned process works perfectly, also in our XJS which is just as low! Don't strain that knee by using it as a lever or support. Good luck
  5. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XK Knee.

    Well said R2E........MOH has checked the shed and garages for removed redacteds, but didn't find any. It could be the case,of course, that Jaguar, in cohorts with NHS, have superseded the part number. With regards to the "little jump" the forum redacting programme on a weekend off??!! Happy getting in and out P.S. We do find the S-type easiest, with the auto seat movement. Perhaps, as you seem quite handy, you could fit a rise and recline chair?
  6. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJ50 event at JLR Classic

    As an additional comment, there were over 200 XJs at JLR, plus 140+ other Jaguars, from early XKs through E-types etc etc to F-types, S-types and so on, on the SVO car park across the road from JLR Classic......what a gathering! Take a look on You-tube.......the "Moves Like Jaguar" site where there is also coverage of the Jags at the Castle event at Warwick Castle. Next outing is again to JLR Classic, tomorrow (Saturday September 15), which is a special XJS event, ticketed, on behalf of XJS Clubs. Purrrdy is ready to roll!
  7. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XK Knee.

    Hi Graham As MOH would say...ditto. We have a '07 X150 XK and, last June, on our way from the Midlands to Haynes Museum, MOH, whilst alighting from the XK, suffered a desperate collapse of the left knee which resulted in me having to drive home, once, of course, we had managed to get him into the passenger seat. (Getting him out again was no mean feat). Turned out to be a bucket tear in the left knee which required surgery; all is now well, although full kneeling flexion is not advisable. MOH had commented that, on occasions, his left knee felt a little strained in the XK. The injury occurred whilst, as you put it, twisting the knee to alight from the car. Consequently, getting in and out of any of our Jaguars...the XK, the XJS, or the S-type is now a case of swivel round so as to be sitting facing the outside, thence stand upright. Getting in is a reverse of that process. We wish you well with the problem. Suffice to say, the Jaguar grin was temporarily absent, although, after surgery, we did recreate our trip to Haynes and the Jurassic Coast, and our enjoyment of various Jaguar events and ownership is undiminished, if carried out a little more carefully. Happy growling
  8. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Is it just me?

    Fortunately, Steve, Claude is having issues with his GPS and was last seen explaining why wisps of smoke were visible from the local shopping centre which once hosted Maplins, Comet, BHS, Toys R Us etc., all of which have gone up in smoke, possibly due to unauthorised marketing of Welsh memorabilia. Claude enjoyed visiting as he commented that the floor assistants usually had "dragon breath", particularly on a Monday morning. As a result of the aforesaid GPS issues, he may have by-passed your abode, although Black Bess may well appear on his dashcam footage. Meanwhile, reference the "afterlife ushers", we have recently gone quiet on the forum due, in equal measures, to spending our time spoodling Purrrdy (our XJS) and also watching our box set of "In Loving Memory" to see if we could pick up any tips. Finally, much agreement reference the classic credentials of the S-type. Our '07 run-out in Seafrost with Barley trim is an (almost) daily driver but receives as much attention from us as the XJS and X150.
  9. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJ50 event at JLR Classic

    Here are some more photos taken at the JLR Classic Works on the occasion of the 50 Years of the XJ event, put on by Jaguar Breakfast Club. Enjoy.
  10. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Towing with my XF

    Having had a chat with MOH, who for some years had a four-wheeled car trailer which carried various vintage/veteran/modern classics, always pulled by a Range Rover 3.9 V8 Vogue, we concur entirely with Leo........there is a lot more to it than towing weight and the overhang aspect is crucial. MOH never once had a tail-snake; he once was offered loan of an Opel Senator to pull the loaded trailer (Spridget on board) whilst the RR was in dock and politely declined.......he considered the set up an accident waiting to happen. Looks like you have been very wise, Graham.......too much to lose and it is never pleasant running round the motorway picking up your toothbrush and evening snacks!
  11. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJ50 event at JLR Classic

    Agreed it is well worth a visit, Joe. We have been a total of four times, once right back at the start of public access when we went on only the second ever guided tour, and three times with the JBC. However, since your visit in May the protocols have changed and, although you are allowed freedom to wander at will, there are security at the doors to the workshop and collection who place your 'phone/camera in a sealed plastic bag. You can still use the 'phone as a 'phone, but the camera won't see through the opaquish plastic. Our vote this time was the "as found" Mk V with a lovely patina and ripe for a not too difficult restoration. The pristine MkV Convertible next door to it looks grand, but alas has no engine. Next visit for us is the XJS Club do later in September when, no doubt, there will be some changes to see. As always, happy growling
  12. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJ50 event at JLR Classic

    Saturday September 01 saw a special event, organised by Jaguar Breakfast Club, take place at JLR Classic Works at celebrate 50 years of the Jaguar XJ. And what an excellent event it was. The entire JLR Classic car park was given over to XJs of all sorts, split into sections for Series 1 and 2, XJ40, X300 thro' X308, the current XJ, a small number of XJS, and even a number of XJ220. One lucky couple came armed with their XJ220 and a XJ13 "Copycat" which sounded delightful with its very rorty V12 burbling away.....lucky for some!! The entire JLR wokshop plus the Collection was open for wandering around (no photos in the workshop.....naughty, naughty if you did!) and the event lasted some 7 odd hours. There were entertaining talks from Nigel Thorley (well known Jaguar historian & author), Callum Mckechnie from Jaguar Classic Parts, and Norman Dewys, Jaguar's Chief development Engineer and Tester during the 1950s/60s and into the 70s. Anybody who had a Jaguar which wasn't a XJ (even the Mk2s etc) was relegated to the SVO car park which provided another show all on its own! We were delighted to take our newly acquired XJS "Purrrdy" along to take part, and a good time was had by all. Great, also, to be able to mingle and chat with some of the JLR technicians, many of whom were remembered from the TV programme about the XK SS reborn and similar. Here are some photos, including our Purrrdy at the main doorway, and a very delectable pink XJ Series Two.....believe it or not, a standard colour back in the day. The last photo shows that when we got home the butler had closed the gates (never mind, Cubist and R2E, Claude came to the rescue with the spare key which is always artfully concealed about his person. Isn't it. Weren't we. Don't you).
  13. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Rusty chrome wire wheels!

    Hi Nigel (and fellow XJS owner!) Solvol Autosol is, indeed, good for medium to heavy tarnish, although the bottom line is that to do any good with rust you have to be able to make contact with the affected area, clearly not easy on wires. We don't know of any spray solutions that will do the job without contact. Another method is to rub aluminium foil over the affected area, believe it or not. The aluminium part of the foil is harder than the ferric oxide, although, again, you need to be able to make contact with the affected area. We take it that the wires you have are of the hub bolted type rather than centre spinner, in which case you could consider going back to the original lattice alloys which look rather smart and are far easier to maintain. All a matter of personal choice really. The lattice are no longer available new, but there are several places that will supply refurbished at a reasonable price. Good luck and happy growling
  14. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    Purrrdy XJS

    Seems a while since Purrrdy, our 92MY XJS Phase One Facelift 4.0 litre, was first introduced to the JOC Forum, having come to us from the auction sale at the Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC in early April. At last, hoorah, we have pretty much got to where we want to be with her, just in time for the Jaguar Breakfast Club XJ50 "do" at JLR Classic. We have learnt a lot about the XJS over the past 5 months, not least the fun to be had sourcing parts......such as lower front panel from Florida, for example, not to mention understanding the idiosyncrasies of Jaguar part number supercession, and how small items changed over different VIN ranges........pass the headache pills! We decided not to go down the XJS Reborn road of nut and bolt resto; firstly, she didn't need it, and secondly, the wallet didn't need it either. We confined ourselves to those jobs that needed doing, a great deal of elbow grease and time with the Autoglym products etc., with originality being the order of the day. The only variation from the latter was fitting of a quad headlight conversion, partly because one of our reflectors was a little dull, and partly because the original "insect eye" units are not known for great illumination. So it was that one rear quarter bumper was removed for rechroming (great fun removing the rubber finisher and rebonding it afterwards); replacement of lower front panel behind the bumper....this panel is invariably in fair degrading to rubbish condition on any XJS; new windscreen due to milkiness on one corner (fortunately, we found an ex-Jaguar rectification fellow who had "removed and replaced more XJS windscreens during the production years than enough"........handy when you consider that the aluminium brightwork is no longer available and doesn't take kindly to anything other than very careful treatment); new shock absorber top bushes and mounts.....usual XJS problem; and a myriad of small but time consuming items which included making sense of the Jaguar wiring diagrams (repeat thanks to for coming up with the link to some accurate diagrams). Purrrdy lives in the garage but, for the moment, without her own Carcoon whilst Myfannwy (our X150 XK) who does live in a Carcoon says "yah boo sucks , I'm very cosy, thankyou". Acknowledgements are due to SNG Barratt for patience whilst we sourced our parts, Worcester Classic Cars who carried out the items which we couldn't manage, leaving us with time to tackle the many jobs which we did accomplish, KWE XJS Reborn for some helpful advice, and the good 'ole British weather which actually stayed dry each time we had a "work day", meaning Purrdy hasn't got wet with us yet. Any interchange of XJS views more than welcome........happy growling!
  15. Carole Simpson-Hadley

    XJS circuit board

    Good morning Nigel We have had much fun sourcing parts for our 92MY Phase One facelift. If you are happy to consider a used item from the US....... We have used Paul's Jaguar in Florida several times but don't have experience of Motorcars Ltd. You could also try Andy at Just XJS (located at Tutbury, Near Burton-on-Trent). Good luck