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  1. Hey joe, spoken with you before so appreciate your reply. Had the car remapped last was one of my last topics before I got locked out for some reason. The reason I asked about the cone conversion was that it always seems the air access on a standard car is restrictive...such a small access. It was an obvious query as many of you guys have far more experience of these cars than me. Guessing I'm just looking at options but will scrub that one and move onto the next one and will hopefully work my way up from being a newbie Thanks again joe and look forward to participating again in all things s type. Be safe. steve
  2. Hello lovely people, Been absent for a while. Couldn't login so had to re register and will have to work my way back up! Hey ho. Anyone fitted a cone filter to the 2.7 s type diesel? Any advice or pointers would be appreciated peeps......and it's good to be back in the fold. Lol look forward to some opinions. Thanks in anticipation