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  1. I recently purchased a 2008 Jaguar X type 2.2 diesel 6 speed manual gearbox, and I have a couple of questions on it: 1: It doesn't have jaguar voice fitted, and that doesn't bother me as I can answer calls via Bluetooth, which is all I need really. However, I'm having trouble transferring the phone book numbers from my phone. I've tried several methods (given in the handbook and by searching Google) but, when I try to dial a number manually using the memory buttons (the car is a 'standard' dash and not touch screen) it says 'empty' when I press a number button. 2: I had 3 keys when I bought it, one of which didn't work. I've swapped the battery, cleaned the contacts and the rubber pads. I've paired it to the car and it now locks/unlocks the car but won't start it, am I right in thinking that there's a transponder chip somewhere in the fob that enables the engine to be started? If so I'm assuming that it's missing in this fob. Any help would be much appreciated. Keith
  2. Sorry for the confusion, I haven't bought a module or a cable. I originally posted as I thought jaguar voice was a standard fitting, and wondered if I was missing something (eg a few brain cells!).
  3. Thanks for the offer, but not sure that it'd be worth the time/money involved as I wouldn't use it that much. I can receive calls OK, it's just making them that I can't do without parking up and dialling from my phone. Thanks very much anyway for the offer. Keith
  4. Thanks very much for that info.
  5. Hi everyone, please accept my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section, but it's my first post. I bought a 2008 Jaguar X type 2.2 diesel 6 speed manual a few days ago, so still getting to grips with it. Although I love the car. I have paired my phone and (hopefully) copied the phone book, I can receive a call and answer via the steering wheel control, but cannot make a call using Jaguar voice? If I press the phone/voice switch on the steering wheel, all I get on the radio screen is a 'mute on' message? Can anyone help an old 'non technical' man solve the problem please? I did read in the handbook that Jaguar voice wouldn't work without inputting the security code? But I don't have that code anywhere. Thanks, Keith