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  1. Great! I am thoroughly enjoying my drive to work with the new voice utility, and people are greatly perplexed when they realize I have an invisible speaking manservant in the car adjusting the cabin temperature at my command. Thanks again for great help:)
  2. Yes, that would be very nice, but could it be I already have it? It says Alpine on my front door speakers, is that an indication of premium sound?
  3. Yes, you were of great help! I do have the training and vocabulary documents, thanks. And this retrofit was fun to do, so what next—any recommendations?
  4. This is fantastic, I actually made it! Thank you very much Paul, I have searched around the web for how to install it many times earlier, but have never found clear instructions anywhere. I would never have made it without your excellent instructions, especially on how to find the connector and how to splice the D2B-loom. It was brilliant, thanks! Best regards, Håvard
  5. Ok, learning by doing: I realized I can just unplug the cartridge with the wires, and that the connector fits the voice module. Brilliant. Then it is just the question of where to place the module, behind the Kaiser panel or on top of the stack? And then I'll have to sort out the D2B-loom properly. This is exciting. Håvard
  6. Hi Paul, I have now unbolted the stack and removed the Kaiser panel, and I did indeed find the phone module and a grey loose connector there, which seems to fit the voice module. However, there were some wires stuck in front of the connector, in a kind of a loop (see photo). Should I remove these wires, and if so, how? Is this the voice connector? Also, should I try to mount the voice module here behind the stack along with the phone module, or on top of the stack? Or can the voice module replace the existing phone module (which would make the connecting process much easier)?
  7. Thank you very much, Paul, this is excellent! It is all much clearer to me now, and I can see why you suggest to just splice on the existing loop, it looks fairly easy to do after looking at the PDF. I will try to explore the boot over the weekend, and will let you know how it goes. Again, many thanks for your help. By the way, it looks like we have the same car and the same colour—indigo blue? Looks great:) Håvard
  8. Hi again Paul, A quick quesiton about the D2B-wire: the one I bought has a link to the phone module, the voice module, the DVD/Sat nav and the CD-stack, as well as to the main connector. But would I need one more connection to "close the circuit"? Do I need a sixth connection-point (because I thought the D2B should go in a circuit), or have I misunderstood something here? And if I do need a sixth point, is it possible to splice on another connection from another cable (e.g. the existing one)? Best, Håvard
  9. Hi Paul, many thanks for this! I have not checked behind the Kaiser-panel, so I will certainly have a go at that. This will be very exciting. I do have the microphone fitted, and here is the D2B-cable: I will keep you updated, Håvard
  10. Paul, I have a Jaguar S-type 2008-model, and would very much like info on how to have the voice module fitted. I have bought a module as well as a D2B-cable, but I don't know how to find the wiring loom in the car, and am unsure whether it has got a plug for the voice module or not. Any info would be much appreciated! Best, Håvard