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  1. Many thanks for the replies! Although listed by parts suppliers it does seem that the later XK had no disc shields fitted to the front. Slightly surprising but as John pointed out, the calipers are very large castings, possibly leaving little room for the shields. I can rest assured now that my car seems to be as it left the factory. Thanks again for your help. Chris
  2. Hi. Whilst cleaning my car last week I had a closer look at the brakes in readiness for some new pads. I was surprised to see that on the front, neither side has any brake disc shields fitted whereas the rears do. The car is a 2010 XK 5.0 Portfolio, is this normal for the front discs? Many thanks, Chris
  3. Hi. As I need the space, I am willing to take sensible offers for the wheels. Each set owes me about £450 but all offers considered! 07743855364.
  4. Hi. As I no longer have an S Type I am selling my collection of parts, all of which I sourced and was going to fit on my car. See my previous post for a full list, some of which have been sold. However , amongst others, I do have the following: A COMPLETE SET of parts to retrofit the Alpine premium sound to the 2002 onwards cars. FOUR DOOR SPEAKERS, POWEER AMPLIFIER, TWO SUBWOOFERS, D2B CABLE ALPINE SPEAKER BADGES (new), PARCEL SHELF GRILLE COVER ( with grey and cream fabric plus the original grey shelf if you want it). All of these can be seen on a “ well known auction site” b
  5. I had a similar problem with my car, sometimes it was fine, others it had a mind of its own. It is a common problem with gauges that work with little servo motors to move the needles. They can be repaired professionally or if you are feeling brave you can replace the motors themselves. There are plenty of “ how to’s” on the internet and you can buy a set of four motors for around £10....... Regards Chris.
  6. Hi all. As I have now sold my S Type and replaced it with an XK, I have decided to sell the various parts that I have accumulated. These are listed in the classified section and are on a “well known auction site” if you want see them. Amongst the items are a set of professionally re furbished Mercury alloys and a full kit of parts for the Alpine Premium Sound system. Have a look if interested and contact me either through this forum or by text/phone. The number is in the advertisement. All sensible offers considered. Regards Chris.
  7. Having recently sold my 2007 S Type and replaced it with an XK, I have a large collection of parts for sale, some new. I have listed them all on a certain “well known auction site” ( sterlingkv6 If you want to see the items) but some of the items I have are: MERCURY WHEELS X 4, PROFESSIONALLY REFURBISHED. ALPINE PREMIUM SOUND UPGRADE. A complete kit of parts including the subwoofer grille for the parcel shelf. HEADLAMP WASHERS. A complete kit of parts to retrofit these. FOG LAMP KIT. Complete new kit for the late S Type bumpers including a used switch pack. SET O
  8. Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate that value is a subjective thing but this car was mint! As I needed to sell it due to the purchase of an XK, a trader now has the car for sale at £6495. Needless to say he didn’t give me anywhere near that sum but he did recognise a good car when he saw one. It seems that because I was selling privately any prospective buyers automatically assumed it was too dear and never made an offer or started any price negotiations..... You often get what you pay for and I doubt you would find a nicer car. Regards Chris.
  9. Hi. I have just become the owner of a very similar car. I would say buy it! If the car has a verifiable history and is as nice as it looks then I am sure you won’t regret the purchase. I hope I don’t either. Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance and any used car is a gamble. Good luck, Chris.
  10. Hi. As I have found a suitable XK portfolio to be my next Jaguar, I have reduced the asking price of my car to £4995. I really can justify keeping two Jaguars so this is a beautiful car for someone! The car has now reverted back to its original registration KT07XCZ. Call me on 07743855364 for more details.
  11. Having had a drive in an X150 XK portfolio and fallen in love with it, I have decided the time has come to sell my SType. This is my second S Type and I took a while to find a nice one in Frost Blue metallic / champagne, my favourite colours for the car. I am only the second owner, the first sadly passed away and his widow could not drive. The car has been garaged most of its life and is in beautiful condition. A genuine 46200 miles from new, serviced every year, the first three by Guy Salmon, the rest by an independent garage, run by a friend of the cars owner. Matching Pirelli As
  12. Thank you for the reply. I agree about what you say and condition is of importance to me. The 4.2 I drove did indeed seem very quick and as you say does make a lovely noise...... Also, I do prefer the cleaner front bumper on the earlier cars. If you don’t mind, what sort of fuel consumption do you get from your car? I’m more curious than anything, you can expect too much from any V8 engine. Regards Chris.
  13. Hello. As an S type owner I am contemplating replacing it with an X150. Having looked at and driven a couple I have fallen in love with the shape and style. Although it would be my “everyday” car it would not get a great deal of use, less than 5000 pa probably and would not be used for work as most of the time I drive a van. My budget would be around 12-12.5 K and for this I can can buy a seemingly nice lower mileage 4.2 or a higher mileage 5.0. I am only considering the n/a versions in coupe form. I have only driven the 4.2 and found the engine very sweet ( to me at least) so
  14. I think you will find a lot of S Types “burble” from the dash even after the engine is switched off. I am led to believe that it is the heater flap servo motors trying to find a resting place. May be worth investigating? Regards Chris.
  15. Hi all. I have a 2007 S Type 3.0 with cashmere trim, code SEL. The steering wheel and console surround have what I believe are “mocha” trimmed accents, code AMB. I am trying to source a piece of mocha leather so that I can get a wooden steering wheel ( and possibly the centre console) re trimmed. If anyone can help or maybe knows the whereabouts of a mint condition wood rimmed steering wheel I would be grateful. Regards Chris.
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