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  1. Hi all,I wonder if anyone can tell me correct way to vent battery.I replaced old battery with a Bosch S5,I kept one plug in and vented other end through the rubber tube.Is that right way to do it?
  2. Hi,I had cause to replace battery and was concerned about radio code which I did not have.After going online I found this solution.When code is asked for press:fast forward-amem and pty all together and it reactivates radio,sweet.Hope this helps anybody in this situ,all seems ok except info window on speedo?
  3. same problem with spare key.Changed battery,then tried reprogramme,from first position (1) to second (11) four times getting beep.I then remove key and press any button for second beep which should programme key,dont get that second beep.Driving me crazy.Is there a different way to do this reprogramme
  4. Thanks for your response l will try your suggestion
  5. hi,can anyone tell me how to obtain radio code for xtype v6 petrol.Thanks.
  6. thanks peter,got millars today and added.Will see how it goes.
  7. thanks again Peter,where can I source Millars ECO. Will follow advice.
  8. thanks peter for response,yes I forgot to mention model type.Its a 2.1 v6 SE petrol model.Hope this info helps to throw some light on causes for stutter.Thanks.
  9. my jag has started stuttering at low speed but disappears when revs increase.can anyone diagnose please