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  1. Hi Trevor, Thanks for this, can you send me a link to who sells it please. Steve
  2. Hi, I'm just starting on a full short block replacement on my 2010 XKR. I have the new block and as I'm reading up on what needs to happen for a successful engine rebuild. I'm seeing I need a lot of quite expensive tools, so far most are around getting the Crankshaft dampener off. These are the part numbers 303-1437 Crankshaft Damper remover/installer 303-1438 Crankshaft Damper bolt removal/installer 303-1439 Crankshaft Damper removal plate 303-1440 Crankshaft Damper remover/installer stud 303-1441 Crankshaft Damper remover/installer body 303-1448 locking tool 303-1304 locking tool Does anybody have a set of tools they might be willing to loan or rent for a few days, seems crazy to have to buy all these for a couple of hours work. Or if you know of any company that does a loaner/rental service? Thanking you in advance. Steve
  3. Hi, quick update, decided to go the short block route, haven't had a great deal of luck finding information or part numbers on over sized bearings, so bought a short block P/N AJ812891. Brand new engine, not rebuilt and no core. Being as I live in Seattle I actually took advantage of the exchange rate and bought it from Jaguar in Vancouver. Still not got the old engine out yet, taking my time and not rushing, trying to enjoy the rebuild.New engine sitting in the garage patiently waiting on the transplant. Intend to add a pre-oiler at the same time so as to maximize the life of the new engine.
  4. Hi, I'm about to start a rebuild on a 2010 XKR engine, I've been looking around for parts and noticed Jaguar offer a short block for the 5.0. What I find confusing and I'm sorry for my ignorance here, I thought the compression ratio was due to different shaped piston heads but the short block is supposedly used in the XKR and the XK. Is the compression difference due the heads and has nothing to do with the bottom end of the engine (Crank, block, pistons and connecting rods are all part of the same short block). Steve
  5. Nice house Peter, I love those sand stone buildings, my sister lives in a terrace house in Ramsbottom, also made of sandstone. Anyway back to the car, attached is a clip of the engine running for the last time before working on her. Tonight I dropped the sump and found pieces of metal, suspect the remnants of a spun bearing. Confirms the full engine out rebuild. Next is to remove the exhaust, bonnet, front bumper and the wheels (bought a second jack so I could jack the front up evenly and safely on the ramp. Plan is to drop the engine and gearbox from underneath. Seems like its just you and me Peter, I'll keep you posted. Steve
  6. Update No 1 on 2010 XKR, got the car to run, was a blown 400 amp fuse for the starter motor, that is the good news, bad news is the engine sounds terrible (which is what I expected). So I'm going to drop the engine and gear box - I'm lucky enough to have a 4 post ramp so I'll lift the car off the engine and gear supporting the front sub-frame and gearbox. Anybody done this before who can offer up any advise/suggestions. Might have my kids do a "you tube" video of this depending on how much time that would add. I now need to find a really good machine shop in Pacific North West - any suggestions? If people are interested, i'll keep adding updates, if I don't then I'll drop it here.
  7. Hi, New to group, emailing from the States, Newcastle, WA to be exact. Brit been in US for about 25 years. Had many Jags over the years, many XJ-S's, XJ-SC, XJR, XK8 and now finally a 2010 XKR. Car is in near perfect cosmetic condition, about 45,000 on her, only hitch is she is a none runner. Previous owner was driving her, went to get an oil change, was told oil was very low, drove the car away after getting fresh oil and filter to get new tires and wouldn't start again when they went to pick it up. They tried numerous shops to try and figure out what is wrong, one shop said engine won't turn over even with a breaker bar on the crank. Consensus was needed new engine $$$$. So they decided to sell her because they had no idea what it might cost to repair. So now I have a non running XKR that I'm waiting to be delivered. I've been trying to find out where I might be able to get an engine rebuild kit, forged pistons etc, so I can start researching prices, the US isn't proving to be flush with Jaguar engine parts. Can anybody recommend some places in the UK that might have these parts, and if anybody has done an XKR engine rebuild themselves? Thanking you in advance. Steve