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  1. Not sure I fully understand what you are asking but I changed what is shown as 1 on your schematic on both sides of my car when I changed from body coloured to chrome and the piece is all in one and just clips on and off, I put some masking tape on the wing around the trim coming off and used a plastic trim tool to gently prise off before clipping the new one in place I assume you have not bought the parts yet ,if you do you will see the clips on the new part which lets you know where to prise off the old one, as said sorry if I have misunderstood your request
  2. I love them all but personally prefer the facelift, so I bought a 2011 convertible with the 5.0 litre NA engine, which is on par with the earlier XKR performance wise
  3. Mine is a 2011 XK Convertible NA,I bought one off E Bay as new and unused, it was from an XF and size 135 80 R18, it fits on the car and in the boot alongside the tool kit once the lower insert is taken out. If I get a puncture though the 20" wheel that comes off wont go in my boot but if you have a coupe you wont have the same problem. I bought a wheel bag to leave in the boot in case I ever need to pop one on the back seat.
  4. Many thanks for the kind messages it is much appreciated and makes me feel welcome, does the JOC organise any meets at all ?
  5. Thanks David, I agree about the colour combination, especially when the sun is shining to pick up the metallic flake in the paint
  6. Hello I am Rob based in Staffordshire. I bought the car I have always wanted 12 months ago, a 2011 XK Portfolio Convertible 5.0 NA, Indigo Blue with Ivory Interior and I am not disappointed, its a dream to drive and a dream to look at from every angle. I am based in Staffordshire and when I bought the car I looked on line to find a Jaguar club/group to join and found that there are far too many, I joined a couple but its nice to also be part of one that has " owners club " in its title. Its only my second Jaguar, first was a MK 2 many moons ago which was sold on and I wish I still ha
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