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  1. Whatever used car you buy, you will always have things that need replacing. However, I agree with what Jon said. It goes like a rocket and is so comfortable and smooth with really decent mpg. regards Ste
  2. I managed to find one quite easily on EBay about 6 months ago!
  3. Hi Alan Never mind, thanks for letting me know. Ste
  4. I had loads of little weird problems for a few months this year, turned out the negative battery terminal was not fully tightened. Caused problems doors, messages on dash and lots of other weird stuff. Just a thought anyway! Regards Ste
  5. Got a 2009 3.0 diesel and I do around 16 miles on motorway a day and 6 around town and averaging 34mpg. I can get 45+ on long drives. Not bad considering my wife has a 1.0 Ecosport and she only gets 38mpg.
  6. Hi Terry Mine does the same. Today I tried just using the first button, next to the front window and rear window heater and turned off the window heaters when not needed. It was fine and I only had to keep the fan on 1.
  7. Thanks John, Think I’ll wait till it’s in the garage again and ask for it to be looked at. Ste
  8. Thanks Guys, Funnily enough, I know the rear drivers side was working until my son in law started messing about with the button on the door. If I can figure out what the previous message is saying I’ll try to see if I can get it all connected again.
  9. Hi Just recently my two rear doors will not lock or unlock with the remote, I have to push the button on the inside to lock or unlock. No problems with front doors and everything else works fine, no battery issues either. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Ste
  10. I’ve only recently used Auto Glym leather cleaner, followed by the leather balm and it brought them up a treat and smells great. Would definitely recommend. Regards Ste
  11. Welcome to the Jag club, I’m also on my first Jag and have never been a happier driver.
  12. I also have the B&W system, standard in the Premium Luxury model and I have to say that it sounds fantastic. I would definitely recommend the upgrade, you won’t be disappointed. Ste
  13. Sorted! 😎😎😎😎 Finally had a chance to clean polish the seats today and I noticed that the sound was coming from the built in dash cam. I took the memory card out and reset the system and it did the trick. So happy as it had been chiming continuously lately and had really been driving me mad. Ste
  14. Thanks for the replies folks. It’s been fine today, it’s just that I’ve never seen it happen before. It was actually my wife who noticed it as I drove off.
  15. I’d just like to add that I went on a long journey yesterday and the puddle appeared when I started the car about two hours ago. thanks folks
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