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  1. I’ve just had lots of problems with this harness, luckily my camera kept working. Get it checked as it is apparently a weak point.
  2. UPDATE Had my gearbox checked out last week and garage could find nothing wrong with it even after running a diagnostic and road test. They suggested I may have an electrical fault that has been causing problems. When I had the problem on the motorway a couple of weeks ago, the car boot was jam packed and I had to force it shut. Turns out that in the boot lid I had some frayed wires that have been causing a few problems and may have been causing error codes as well as causing rear number plates to flicker. I have just had wiring in the boot fixed, so hopefully this solves the problem.
  3. UPDATE Just had rear number plate lights fixed. Turns out that there were frayed wires around the boot lid that have been shorting out causing lots of problems, including error codes.
  4. Thanks Aubrey! That will be why there’s no mention of a fuse in the manual. I’ve found the loom and will run some tests on it tomorrow. Regards Steven
  5. Hi all Does anyone know the location of the above fuse as I can’t find it I’m my manual? thanks
  6. Hi All Two days ago while driving on the motorway the car just slipped out of gear and a gearbox fault code appeared. I pulled over onto the hard shoulder, turned the car off and restarted and it was fine. There have been no other issues or weird noises, anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  7. Whatever used car you buy, you will always have things that need replacing. However, I agree with what Jon said. It goes like a rocket and is so comfortable and smooth with really decent mpg. regards Ste
  8. I managed to find one quite easily on EBay about 6 months ago!
  9. Hi Alan Never mind, thanks for letting me know. Ste
  10. I had loads of little weird problems for a few months this year, turned out the negative battery terminal was not fully tightened. Caused problems doors, messages on dash and lots of other weird stuff. Just a thought anyway! Regards Ste
  11. Got a 2009 3.0 diesel and I do around 16 miles on motorway a day and 6 around town and averaging 34mpg. I can get 45+ on long drives. Not bad considering my wife has a 1.0 Ecosport and she only gets 38mpg.
  12. Hi Terry Mine does the same. Today I tried just using the first button, next to the front window and rear window heater and turned off the window heaters when not needed. It was fine and I only had to keep the fan on 1.
  13. Thanks John, Think I’ll wait till it’s in the garage again and ask for it to be looked at. Ste
  14. Thanks Guys, Funnily enough, I know the rear drivers side was working until my son in law started messing about with the button on the door. If I can figure out what the previous message is saying I’ll try to see if I can get it all connected again.
  15. Hi Just recently my two rear doors will not lock or unlock with the remote, I have to push the button on the inside to lock or unlock. No problems with front doors and everything else works fine, no battery issues either. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Ste
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