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  1. Why do people buy from a garage, discover that the car is faulty and then pay out to have it fixed? It is down to the garage, and if they will not do what is required of them take them to the Small Claims Court.
  2. You've posted that on a Jag forum wonder what the reply will be? 😄
  3. Always difficult to make judgements from photos, the camera can make things look better than they are. Be careful of the receptionist - what does the dealer do if for some reason the tyres are illegal, they have cracking etc, no doubt you got a 12 month MOT. Reading your various threads it seems that from the start you have been unhappy with the car. Perhaps, you either need to accept what it is or sell it.
  4. A partially blocked fuel filter will cause the car to go in to RP intermittently.....I've got the tee shirt :)
  5. My understanding is that the Jaguar TSB specifies changing the CJB AND RJB so perhaps this also needs coding, just a thought.
  6. PaulT


    The profile of a tyre is a function of the width of the tread: The aspect ratio, or profile, refers to the height of the sidewall as a % of the section width. In our example, 55 means the height is equal to 55% of the width So the wider the tyre the higher the sidewall will be resulting in a larger diameter and hence affecting the speedo reading.
  7. PaulT

    3l vs 2.2l

    In write ups I have read the reviewers complained of the harsh engine sound from the 2.2
  8. Probably cheaper than having to drive to a garage that has Autologic and then the cost of correcting the central locking if you do not have a slave battery.
  9. Yes, the text overflows onto the car and I have to highlight the text to read it.
  10. Have you tried changing the batteries in the fobs?
  11. Bad luck. Jaguar should have placed a large notice on the battery stating 'DO NOT DISCONNECT WITHOUT A SLAVE BATTERY'. Jaguar know about this and issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin). Jaguars answer is to replace the Central Junction Box (CJB) and Rear Junction Box (RJB) though re=coding using Autologic normally works. Presumably, either the CJB or the RJB has re-coded but the other one has not. Might be a case of having to buy whichever one has not re-coded. Hopefully, other will be along with their views.
  12. I put two new batteries on and reset the BMS and stop/start did not work. A couple of months later pulled up at a set of lights and the engine stopped. Panic but it was just the car deciding when to start going in to stop/start mode. Done it ever since. If a/c is active then does not seem to go in to stop/start mode which islogical.
  13. On an X250 cruise is set via a wheel on the right of the steering wheel. If it has ACC then there are two wheels. As far as I am aware the radar module ishidden.
  14. I suppose the first question that comes to me is 'why do you want a Sportbrake'? If it is to move large amount of items about then a saloon will not do, likewise if you have a dog. Have read negative comments about the X260. Hopefully, you will get comments from those who have had both.
  15. Steve, if you have discovered that then you can go back to Jaguar, demonstrate the fault and then say 'fix it'.
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