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  1. My recently bought 3.0 S Portfolio Sportbrake was showing an average MPG of 29 for the previous owner. Reset and my driving is showing 42 MPG. What you get will very much depend on driving style plus how accurate the system is generating the MPG. The only real way is to fill the tank, reset the average MPG, monitor the miles and how much it then takes to fill the tank, calculate the actual MPG and then compare it to what the car shows. The Rover 75 allowed aconversion factor to be input so as to show a more accurate figure in the display.
  2. From a specification booklet these are what a standard Premium Luxury has over a standard Luxury: Jaguar Smart Key System with Keyless Entry - option on Luxury Heated Windscreen with Timer - option on Luxury Soft Grain Leather – not available Carpet Mat Set - option on Luxury Driver's & Passenger's Heated Seats - option on Luxury 60/40 Split Folding Rear Seats - option on Luxury Bright Finish Stainless Steel Pedals – not available Meridian Audio System 380w - option on Luxury From this it would seem that the easist way to tell if a car is a Luxury or a Premium Luxury are if the pedals are bright stainless steel finish
  3. I am having difficulty understanding the basis on which some of the internet ad sites base their 'good price', 'fair price' and 'over-priced'. Look at two similar cars at roughly the same price and one gets a good price label and the other a bad price label. Then do a valuation on them and they give different figures!
  4. Quote 'I'm surprised you couldn't get a discount of some sort as I presume you are a cash buyer' Think you will find that when you take finance from a dealer they get a commission from the finance house thereby a cash buyer is not the best news to them. Currently looking for a specific exterior / interior combination of car and found one that overall virtually met the criteria. In discussions re price the best I could get was £200 off the price (cash and no px). As new car sales are down it must therefore mean that there are fewer s/h cars coming on to the market. Mind you, having said that some cars seem to be taking a long time to sell. Enjoy you ride back to Scotland
  5. Sorry to ask another question, but wondering what sort of MPG owners are getting from 2.2s and 3.0s? I drive about 15k miles per year so trying to compare running costs as official figures are slightly misleading. Thanks
  6. Have now driven 2 XF Sportbrakes. One was an 'S' on 20" wheels. With the 'S' does that also include sports suspension, i.e. stiffer than normal? The other was not an 'S' but also on 20" wheels. Anyone have experience of how less hard the ride is on 18" wheels compared to 20" wheels? Awaiting a brochure which will hopefully answer the first question but in the meantime..... One of the reason at looking at the XF is that hopefully it will be more comfortable on long journeys than my current car.
  7. PaulT

    TPMS disable

    No, the batteries are non-replacable. When they fail then it is a new sensor.
  8. The easiest way to find out the differences between Luxury and Premium Luxury is to go on, say, eBay, and search for a sales brochure that covers your model and year. It will normally cost you under £20 including delivery and this will normally show the standard equipment of each model and the optional extras.
  9. Many thanks for the replies. Also thanks for the reply about the Rover 825. I had an early and late 800 and found those comfortable...though never drove either of those for 10+ hours on consecutive days. Yes, intend on going and testing a couple of cars but in self-isolation at the moment due to having returned from abroad.
  10. I had been driving a Rover 75 estate and was considering a low mileage X-Type estate. However, I ended up buying a 20 month old Vauxhall Insignia Elite estate 3 years ago on the basis that it was a lot younger car and the Elite because it had leather memory seats and some other items. All very good until long journeys. We make 2 or 3 return journeys each year which are just under 900 miles each way. During the return journey this week my OH commented 'next time you buy a Vauxhall specify one with Rover seats'. Yes, the Rover seats were extremely comfortable. So my thoughts have returned to an X-Type - I like traditional styles such as the wood dashboard etc. So my question good people - how comfortable are the seats, especially if you have owned a Rover 75. The various reviews state that the X-Type is a comfortable car and I am now pondering selling the Insignia and finding a good X-Type estate.
  11. Thanks chaps Looking for a facelift estate with low miles and also a light interior.....why are cars of possible interest always a long way away?
  12. I currently run a Rover 75 Tourer. Previous car was a 75 with a light interior. Current car has a black and dirty looking grey interior which I have never really liked. Plan was to but a 75 with the light interior, swap over interiors and then sell the 'new' car. Then I saw the dash on the X-Type which really appeals. The options were then keep the 75 with a swapped interior, buy a goold low mileage X-Type with the youngest coming up to 8 years old or buy, for the same money, a car that is fairly new that does 35,000 miles per gallon :) Shal start with the X-Type option and see what is out there. Paul