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  1. Gunk will only 'repair certain punctures plus the tyre is ruined. A spare whatever type will always quickly get you on your way. Full size spare is best but second best a space-saver.
  2. and make sure you connect a slave battery to the positive terminal clamp and the earth to a convenient earth point. You can find plenty of posts about central locking not working after disconnecting a battery. Jaguar issued a TSB. Jaguar solution is to replace the Central and Rear Junction Boxes - not cheap, though it seems that they can be reprogrammed via Autologic. I replaced my batteries a couple of months ago, the stop start was not working, and reset the BMS but no stop start. Then suddenly, the stop start started working last week. A little worrying the first time, thought somethin
  3. A problem can occur with the junction boxes when the battery is disconnected. The central locking no longer works and the Jaguar solution is new junction boxes - Jaguar know about this and there is a TSB about this. This occurred on my car when I took it to a Jaguar dealer as part of a recall. The dealer contacted Jaguar who paid the bill for new junction boxes....others have found that a garage with Autologic equipment can reprogram in a few minutes. Have a problem due to a design issue not at a dealers and sometimes I have read at a dealers Jaguar do not want to know so you pay.
  4. Smiley - come on Paul, you would not put a rectangular one on a 75 so why on an XF 🙂
  5. Wow, nearly £3000!!!! Just wondering how much an Autologic setup would cost and if not disallowed sell it afterwards. REASONS NOT TO BUY A JAGUAR 1. Need to replace junction boxes if you disconnect the battery 2.
  6. Do not discount the Optimate 6 chrager Did I read somewhere that you should connect the positive lead to the terminal but the negative needs to be connected to metalwork and not the negative terminal as it can affect the BMS module.
  7. Sometimes watch the Police reality series and also see items in the papers about people with multiple driving convictions. Now, presumably, some will never bother getting insurance. Always wondered how those who do decide to get insurance fare: If they have 3 drink drive convictions Have a large number of speeding convictions along with bans under the topping up process Dangerous driving convictions etc You hopefully get my drift, how does the premiums go up and is there ever a case where any insurer will not insure someone.
  8. Had RP coming up when I first started and normally having stopped somewhere and restarted RP would go away. I did read somewhere that a partially blocked fuel filter can cause an RP problem. The car has just been serviced - yesterday - including a new fuel filter - would seem it had been on the car for 50k+ miles. Today started the car and no RP....hopefully a happy bunny now.
  9. Just had my cambelt changed at 113k. The old belt looks fine, no cracks and looked fine. Should I have left it some more miles before changing? No because if it did go then the engine is costly to repair. The owner of the garage commented that they normally look fine though sometimes they are just a little frayed at the edges.
  10. 'Also they are part of sytner group and have main Jaguar dealerships ' When I was looking for my car I viewed one at a Kia dealership. Within the group was a Jaguar dealership. It had really bad stone chips to the front bumper and bonnet that they said would be just touched in. There were a few other things wrong with it. It got me wondering if a car is not up to scratch the Jaguar dealership do not want to sell it so offload it to another dealership within the group. Is this the case with the Sytner group. Now I am not against buying a car needing work and in fact did but at a pric
  11. Try the local motor factors or look on eBay etc.
  12. As with any car things can go wrong. Servicing by a Jag dealer or Indie is expensive as well as parts but perhaps you have to pay for luxury. Any car nowadays has a plethora of 'computers' so things can go wrong but quickly analysed to find the problem. Love my one and so much quieter than the Vauxhall Insignia that preceded it.
  13. PaulT

    My Jag spec?

    You will not find the details on Topix without a subscription as in the past. Probably find it with a subscription to Topix.
  14. I am new to Jaguars only owned an XF for a few months. However, reading the various fora I am starting the think 'maybe the wrong decision'. Currently, the resurrected thread on vibrations at 1500 rpm. There are also the Junction Box failings (expensive fix if Jaguar will not pay and often occur if the battery is disconnected) and various other things that fail that perhaps should not and are expensive to cure. It would seem that Jaguar dealers try to play down any problems but are keen to take the owners money.
  15. Had to do this on a Vauxhall Insignia with an electronic handbrake and officially it was a case of using either official software or an iCarsoft to release the handbrake, change pads and then reset the handbrake. However, members of a forum for the model said, just release the handbrake as normal, fit the new pads, pump the brakes to get the caliper pistons correctly positioned and then apply the handbrake. Did this and no problem. Just wondering if this also applies to the XF?
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