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  1. Just an update after 4 months of owning it! Generally very happy, it is a great car. Smaller engine than my 2.7D S-Type, yet still has the kick needed for overtaking 🙂 One thing I've noticed is slight steering wheel vibrations at higher speeds, and it's pulling left (possibly the break discs?). Also, no engine temperature gauge? Is there any information on engine temp?
  2. Hi Steve, My guess would be the front brake discs need replacement as they are out of shape. I had a similar issue, thought of wheel alignment first but eventually replaced brake discs (& pads) and all is good since. Can you feel any vibrations on the steering wheel while breaking from higher speeds?
  3. It's been a while, but I thought I'll show off with the new addition to the family 🙂 Fun fact - their 'birthdays' are one day apart!
  4. Hi all, Not a major issue but a bit of a nuisance on longer journeys. Every once in a while and out of nowhere, the cruise - while engaged - decides to stop working as if the Cancel button was pressed. The message 'Cruise Not Available' comes on and it is not possible to set it again. The problem goes away after engine restart. Anyone with similar experience? Any ideas?
  5. Your best chance is a scrap yard and then paint shop. Jaguar can sell them to you as part of a whole washer set, which in Ireland is about €120...
  6. Hey John Thanks. Some valid points indeed. The DPF should not be a problem as I'm regularly doing longer trips so I'll be able to take care of it. I've read a lot on here about the battery issues in relation to my S-Type (must be all Jags!) but I've decided to invest in a good new battery from Yuasa and not a single problem since. I'll probably get the Ctek battery maintainer anyway for when this battery gets closer to retirement. I guess I'll have to calculate for the cost of a new battery potentially for the new car, for a 6 year old it might be time to change. Also,
  7. Hi All, I'm currently a proud owner of a 2007 S-Type 2.7 Diesel. Myself and the boss will be buying a new car, mainly for her but it would be interchangeable I'm sure. We are closely looking at a few 2014 XF 2.2 models and apart from the DPF being its main highlight, we know very little of what factors we need to consider. I would greatly appreciate all feedback you may have and any advice as to what we should look out for. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Drago, I think whatever makes you happy with your Jag. I would do it in small steps so that you can notice if you do a bit too much. Have fun though!
  9. Hi Andy, may I ask how much it cost you to fit? I'm considering one myself. Thanks!
  10. You're definitely right Peter. I want to go for the best one I can get. I'm told Yuasa is the best battery which I was quoted €150 for. Another place told me their best battery was from Bosch at €110. What does everybody think?
  11. I've started having this problem regularly in recent weeks, due to the low temperatures overnight. In the morning, the handbrake fault shows and doesn't go away after turning off and starting again. I've had to disconnect the battery (about 5 different times in one case) to make it go away. Upon checking my battery with my mechanic, he suggested getting a new battery altogether. Could it be that the battery just needs re-charging? I do quite a lot of mileage so the alternator should do that job.
  12. 14Platoon, would you have a link by any chance?
  13. Thanks for your replies guys. Personally, I feel it's not like the car is constantly breaking down, just that a lot of the overdue works are becoming necessary and urgent now. The money I've already spent on it doesn't bother me as much, knowing I've paid for the best parts and gotten pretty good deals (thanks to buycarparts.co.uk!). I see it as an investment in 'renewing' the car and while some like to spend money on new phones, jewellery or fancy clothes, I kinda feel happy buying the good parts for my car. Sort of like a hobby I guess, doing the work on this car. Also, it would feel like a
  14. Hi All, I've only just signed up as a member but I've been peeking here for a while now. I owe this forum a lot. So in August of 2016, I got a car from my father when he was moving up the ladder. When he used to be the driver, I never really liked this car, it was only when I first got to drive it that I really fell in love with it. It's now my own, this S-Type 2.7 Diesel, and it's by far the best car I've ever driven. It will soon reach its 300,000km mark, almost half of that done by me since I've had it. It required some costly work in the last few years, and it will require a
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