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  1. Why don't you phone them? In my experience ALL garages are very poor in responding to emails.
  2. You can get the Goodyear tyres from F1Autocentres. They are cheaper to buy on their website and then have them fitted at one of their centres (it's all included in the price).
  3. I personally use Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric 3 tyres. I find they wear very well and are not too expensive (locally, £107.00 each, which is pretty reasonable). I know some other owners like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 but I have no experience with them.
  4. Hi Jon, I've just had all four wheels aligned and that seems to have fixed the problem. Although I need to buy two new rear tyres as they were so misaligned they had excessive tread wear!
  5. Thanks Joe. I'll get that checked out.
  6. Hi All, Today I've just noticed that my car front wheels do not straighten up smoothly after a turn or a corner. I've checked the tyres and the pressures are fine on each. The tread is excellent on both wheels. Never had any problems in the last six months, just started today. Any ideas?
  7. I've only ever locked my keys in the car once. Luckily there was a pub nearby and a kind Irish gentleman said he would open the car for £10. Sounded a bargain. When we got to the car he said turn around. I turned around for approximately 5 seconds and then he said done. The door was open. I still don't know how he did it but it's a useful tip for anyone in the same position.
  8. All four of my headlights have got water stains about halfway up the inside of the lens. It looks like the car has been through some deep water at some point before I bought it. Although the stains are not that bad, it is noticeable and I'd like to clean them up, if possible. Is there an easy way to clean the inside of the lens, or am I best leaving well alone? Cheers, Nick
  9. Thanks Chaps. Don't suppose anyone has got a Disc they want to sell? 😀
  10. I don't often use my SatNav but today I noticed it was way out of date. Is there anyway to update the maps? I don't really want to leave a CD in the changer.
  11. Could be wrong but do S-types have factory fitted front sensors? Maybe they are after market additions.
  12. Do you know if the Michelin's are asymmetric?
  13. Hi All, I've had an advisory on my MOT about needing new rear tyres (245/40R18) in the near future. Can I ask what make of tyre people prefer and how much you'd be prepared to pay for them?
  14. Having used the same garage for my MOT for 4 years I duly booked mine in today. The girl there has always been friendly but to day was different. My car failed on several points and she read them out so fast, I barely had a chance to write down the work and the price. She kept saying, "and because your car is a 4 wheel drive..." to which I replied, "no it isn't, it's a rear wheel drive". She then started arguing about how I was wrong and she was right! I tried to ascertain what difference it made and why she would even mention it. No explanation was forthcoming and the tone was can you get off the phone now! They want me to spend over £700 in repairs and still treat me like an ignoramous. Needless to say, I've gone right off them now and will take my business elsewhere next time. Anyone else been treated the same off-hand way?
  15. Hi Ron, Never thought of that. I'll have a look and see if it might work. Thanks. I did find out that the full mirror surround requires that the door card be removed and the whole wing mirror unit be taken off. Nick