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  1. Ive had the XE for about 18 months - 180 AWD Diesel R-Sport - I started off in Dynamic and found it pretty lively although pulling away from roundabouts could be a bit hit & miss sometimes. Then i started experimenting with Normal and Eco. Fuel economy definitely improved on the daily 16 mile commute of mostly A & B fast-ish roads, pre-emting the traffic also helped and made for a different kind of fun to the almost on/off of Dynamic. I mostly run in Eco now but a recent spirited drive in Dynamic reminded me just how eager it can be when you start to hustle. Then theres Sport with the full manual - that takes some work! Cheers, Nat B-)
  2. Morning All, New to the forum but had the XE for about 18 months. Looking forward to many years of fun. Cheers Nat B-)