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  1. Thank you Peter. Gratefully appreciated advice. My thanks to all of you. My car is an XE Sport with the 2 litre x 180hp deisel engine. I have been using Shell V Power fuel for the last 3 weeks. Definately a small but noticeable difference in power and response. Cannot be sure about more miles per gallon. Have not put any additives in yet but will get some on my next trip to Halfords. Once again, thank you all.
  2. Hello Eian. Did you ever resolve this. I have a similar issue on my 2016 XE sport albeit more random as in ok for weeks and then all of a sudden a large outpourring of water from underneath. It is still under warranty and first time they said they thought it was the headlamp washer seat but second time they said they couldnt find any problems ? It is ok now but I guess will happen again soon.
  3. First of all. Happy New Year to all Jaguar owners and maybe even to some of those German car owners. I am now into my 9th month with my 2016 previously Jaguar owned 2.0 Litre diesel XE sport that I purchased with just 3900 miles on the clock. I use it daily for going to work but still absolutely look forward to driving it every day and always take a moment when I have started her up to just sit quietly, look around the inside and enjoy where I am before setting off. The colour is stunning. It is painted "quartzite" and depending on the height and bright of the sun, can look anything from silver to copper to sparkling gold. It has a black glass sunroof, tinted rear windows and 5 spoke diamond finish wheels. It is the only car I have ever owned where random people have approached me in car parks and commented on how lovely it looks. However, many years ago I did have a Yugo 55 which did solicit comments of derision and people spontaneously bursting out laughing as they walked by so I feel I have experienced both ends of the general publics car appreciation spectrum. I have had a couple of issues that my dealer has sorted swiftly. The washer bottle sensor failed saying it was empty when full and on two occasions after being parked for several hours it suddenly started weeping copius amounts of water from underneath somewhere around the nearside headlamp. The dealer first told me that they thought the headlight washer may not have sat properly back in its seal. Second time they said they couldnt find anything and asked if I thought it was the air con' ? I don't have a clue but as I write it is all working beautifully. Otherwise, just a couple of complaints or maybe one observation and one plea for guidance. I have a Springer Spaniel and every opportunity she has to jump into a stinky pond or muddy ditch she, without any hesitation takes. My Spaniel loves to be covered in crap. Likewise my XE, no matter how much I try and avoid puddles and keep out of the verges, manages to cover herself in spray and mud. I fear that I will wash the paint off as I seem to be cleaning her daily. Sometimes twice. The other and actually important issue is that I mainly drive in "eco" mode as I only travel 8 miles to and from work each day but often when I am trying to pull away she takes a moment to respond. It is not just pulling away from standstill either as when I slow right down for example to turn right into a road and then put my foot down to get going again, she expresses herself in a way that would do Edvard Munch proud. If I push the peddle down hard, she sits screaming for a second or so before much seems to happen and then wails along for a sufficiently embarrassing amount of time sort of stuck in low gear before at last chaging up at which point she takes off like a stone from a catapault. Not what I would call responsive or for me as a driver, intuitive. Even in Dynamic mode she does not exactly snap into motion seemingly needing a moment to decide what gear she should be in. This is the first automatic car I have ever driven and when Jaguar gave me an automatic F Pace courtesy car, also diesel, it seemed much more responsive. I wondered if this is normal or is there something wrong with either my car or my ability to drive it. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have any experiernce of using Redex or any other fuel additives. Are they worth using ?
  5. Hello chaps. After a lifetime spanning a MK2 Escort, Mk2 and 3 Cortina's, a Fiat, a very embarrassing fumble with a Yugo 55, Peugots and Skoda's, my kids have grown up, the mortgage is paid and I have finally got my first Jaguar. 40 years of whistfully looking and fantasising has at last come to an end and 6 months ago I bought myself an XE r sport and it is beautiful. Loads of extras and in what Jaguar call Quartsite colour which in reality switches from bronze to silver depending how high the sun is in the sky. Hoping that I will find like minded and experienced people on here who can help me to get the most enjoyment from my car.