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  1. Could somebody please help me? I have some rattling coming from the plastic around handle door and another one coming from my seat at the end of the seat belt (in special when is not occupied). Please see attached (highlighted with red). I have tried to put some pressure on these parts.. but nothing changed. Many thanks, Lucian
  2. Hi All, I just bought a XF- R-Sport 2017 model, 2l diesel,163bhp.,74k miles from an independent dealer with 1 year warranty (I will try to find the mechanic defects, hopefully there is none) . Please help me to understand more details about Jaguar. I cannot see service schedule on car computer (just online - normal oil service ). Any advices? I think that next service is at 84k miles ( around 500 pounds -normal oil service) and 105K miles (1.3k pounds - that includes transmission oil). When should I check the timing chain? Please help me to understand more details about Jaguar. Many thanks, Lucian