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  1. Very nice and enjoy, you don't say what engine petrol or diesel.
  2. When i bought my XF in September from a Ford garage they said that they had booked the car in for a Software update to the local jaguar dealer's and also said that they had bought 16 litres of AdBlue from the jaguar dealer that sold the car in the first place, and filled up the DEF Reservoir in the boot. Well after driving 37 miles to get home i get a message about the AdBlue not being properly dispersed and the message said Non Critical. So the car went in for the H149 Recall to the Jaguar Dealer and then i get a phone call telling me that to delete the Non Critical message from the Dash they would need to Drain the AdBlue and then refill with New Ad Blue and asking me to Pay £160 pounds for this to be done, so i told them to phone the Ford garage and they agreed to pay the £160 pounds.The Handbook does mention that overfilling can Cause Problems, my mechanic that has serviced my car's over the year's said that he Just Tops up the Ad Blue Reservoir and doesn't no how it can be Overfilled .
  3. Sorry for giving you the wrong information, i must have been thinking about the facelift model. Regards Tom.
  4. I have 2 Barbados Alloy 1 7" Wheels for Sale to fit an X type . The were bought to be used with Winter Tyres on the front wheel drive x type, but in the end one was used as a spare and the other lay in the shed. They're in very good condition and have no kerb marks.
  5. I'm led to believe that each sensor has a battery fitted to them inside the tyre and may need changing after 4 year's, and i've also heard that they need to be working when the car goes in for it's Mot. I've got them on my XF and one was acting up, but it seems to have settled down now.
  6. Good morning. just wondering if you've had a test drive yet, i bought a XF Portfolio in September it has 18" Alloys and i think they're big enough and the car drives very well. I prefer the Rib pattern of the Seats on the Portfolio and i think they'll keep there shape better. Regards Tom.
  7. As Joe has said that's it in a Nut Shell, i've been preaching what he has said when i had my 2:2 Auto Sovereign X Type, drive it as if you had stolen it or give it an Italian tune once the engine is up to temperature i give it some Revs like when coming off a Roundabout. I'm now driving a 2017 model XF Portfolio 2:0 litre 180 hp Diesel, i was really looking at the 3:0 litre XFS Model but i didn't really need a 295 hp engine and with the potential cost of servicing ( ie 2 turbos, 2 egr valves, and the cost of changing belts ) i've gone for the 2:0 litre engine and loving it. And if you buy one which you will after a test drive, look for a good Independent jaguar specialist for your servicing. Regards Tom.
  8. I'm well pleased with the 8 inch touchscreen and the Meridian sound system just like your own, I won't be hankering for the 10 inch touchscreen as I think it will be more complicated. Enjoy your XF Pete, i've still to take mine on a long drive so hopefully it will happen in the next week or two.
  9. Hello Pete. And thanks for the welcome, i'm not a whiz kid as far as technology is concerned, some say that the 8 inch touchscreen is out off date as well as the Sat Nav and the 10 inch touchscreen is the one to have so they say. I have the 8 inch touchscreen and i'm still learning, i usually use Waze Sat Nav on my Mobile or Google maps. Regards Tom.
  10. Well i've bought a 2017 model year XF Portfolio on Monday 23 rd of September, i'm really enjoying the new experience and technology of the new to me XF the Colour is Ammonite Grey with Light Oyster/Mocha interior. Regards Tom.
  11. I have sold my jaguar x type sovereign,and I would like to thank everybody in the x type section who contributed to any queries and questions i have asked in the past. And i would like to move over to the XF Section. Regards Tom
  12. Yes it's meant to be you'll have a camera up at the rear mirror facing forward and this is what triggers the cruise control. Regards Tom.
  13. Yes it looks like that there's more to the Recall than just changing the Engine Oil. I'm having a test drive in an XF on Monday, and i should have looked at the Topix vehicle summary list that i got today before i sent the post above. As the Topix vehicle summary list has on it , an Outstanding Campaign H149 and it says Engine System Upgrade. Regards Tom.
  14. I was in Edinburgh East jaguar dealer's enquiring about a warranty as I am looking at XF 2:0 litre models. And enquired about the H149 recall and was told that it is only the engine oil that is going to be changed and nothing else, it seems there's a problem purchasing the Oil and they're trying to get the Oil from Castrol and the Oil that they use at the moment is Mobil Super F- C1 5/30. And they have 4 cars waiting for the Recall to be done, but they can't till the Oil arrives. I certainly wouldn't have it done if it affects the performance of the engine, but if H149 Recall isn't done would that affect any warranty. Regards Tom.
  15. I use Premium Diesel most of the time and in 6 years have never had a limp/mode problem, as some members say either give it an Italian tune or drive it as if you had stolen it. The engine oil you should use is a Low Ash C1 Oil and the number is WSS M2C 934B Jaguar/Ford and this number is not mentioned in the Handbook. Also use good quality filters , for diesel use a Delphi or Bosch. If you have a Regeneration of the Diesel Particle Filter, you should notice the revs will be higher by about 150 when the engine is idling and you should not switch off the engine and keep on driving until the Revs are back to normal idling Revs, in 6 years I've only had to carry on driving about 3 or 4 times and you also might notice a burning smell because the exhaust will be extremely hot and it is recommended not to park on flammable material (ie long grass or straw which could go on fire because of the extremely hot exhaust) and the exhaust could be noisier that usual as if there's a hole in it. The annoying thing is that you never know when a Regeneration will take place, you could have travelled some 200 or 300 miles one day and on the next day when you are only travelling 20 miles you'll get a Regeneration of the Diesel Particle Filter.The 6 speed auto gearbox is a Aisin Warner, and to change the fluid it is recommended to connect a hot flushing machine to get the fluid changed. I had mine done in July 2014 at Mackies Auto Transmissions in Glasgow and cost £154 pounds and I'm thinking of having it changed again in July. Regards Tom.