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  1. Trooper2142


    I've bought a Ctek MXS7 amp charger which has a AGM battery mode, and along with a Comfort Indicator Panel which has 3 lights ( Red,Yellow and Green ) and have fitted the Indicator Panel in the Plastic Moulding next to the shopping hook in the Boot. And routed the Indicator Cable along behind the Boot lining towards the rear seats and under the moulding surrounding the spare wheel and taped the Cable to the wheel well and connected the Red Cable to the Positive + terminal on the Battery and the Black Cable connected to a Metal Ground Point near to the Battery and Not onto the Battery. And you just plug in the Charger Cable to the Socket on the Comfort Indicator Panel .
  2. Welcome to the Club. yes your no different from other owner's, i've been thinking about fitting something to the metal but haven't got round to it yet. Regards Tom
  3. The newest Sat/Nav Disc are for 2011/12 for the X Type and a few members just use Sat/Nav on there Phones or Tom/Tom , Garmin.
  4. I meant to say that's where it's located on my XF. Regards Tom.
  5. If you look in the Boot, on the left-hand side off the Roof you'll see the SD Card Slot along side a USB connection which is used for Servicing and has a 🔧 image on it. Regards Tom.
  6. Good morning Alan. Welcome to the Club. My XF has a Space Saver Wheel and there's a Polystyrene mouldings around the wheel, and i think this moulding holds the boot flooring higher and gives a level floor area. A friend has an XE and bought a Space Saver Wheel on Ebay, but his Boot floor won't fit level so he may need this Polystyrene moulding to lift the floor level. Regards Tom.
  7. Good morning Peter. Welcome to the Club. Good to see your enjoying your XE, you don't say what mileage you'll be doing as Diesel cars don't like a lot off short journeys and what Colour do you have. Regards Tom.