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  1. Thank you Joe, for your video and it seems to have been a great day out and with plenty of jaguars on show. Regards Tom.
  2. There have been a lot of discussions on different forums about what grade off fuel to use, some owners add different additives to normal diesel.But i always try to fill up with Shell V Power Diesel and never had any problems so far. The electronics in the car adjust to the way the car is driven and diesels are meant to be driven,i have always been told not to always drive with the revs below 2000 revs and coming off a roundabout i put the foot down and it goes like a scalded cat,
  3. A great write up Paul, i am sure it will help a lot off members. Regards Tom.
  4. Thank you David for your comments. Yes it's good to get it through the Mot for another year. The garage that services it has just started offering the Mot service so i thought it would be better to have them carry out the Mot because they know the car and partly because off the new Mot rules.
  5. Had the MOT this morning and passed and was told that the DPFilter is working as it should and no problem with it. When i got back home i fitted a new red growler badge on the facelift grill and have red centre caps for the wheels still to be fitted.
  6. I take it you have the 6 speed auto gearbox which is a Aisin Warner make and yes you can't change the filter unless it is in for repair. Jaguar say that the auto gearbox in all off it's car's are sealed for life which is a load off rubbish. I've had mine changed in 2014 and will be changing the auto fluid again in July and had it changed at Mackie Auto Transmissions in Glasgow. They connect a Hot Flushing Machine to change the fluid and the cost back in 2014 was just over £153 pounds. I don't know if you've had the codes read, but that's what you should do to pinpoint where the trouble is coming from. My son is on his second Mercedes auto company car and he had to drive my x type to the airport a year or so ago and was really impressed by the smooth up and down gear changes in the x type. And if you put your foot down it goes like a scolded cat . Regards Tom.
  7. Hi Wasi Welcome to the Ownersclub. We haven't heard from you regarding an x type, i'm in East Lothian if you want to meet up at Straiton. I can show you my x type and tell you what to look out for. Regards Tom.
  8. Hello Ross. welcome to the Club, we need more information on your XE and photos are needed. Lol. Regards Tom.
  9. I thought rotating tyres was a thing of the past due to tyres having to be fitted a certain way, that's why there's a directional arrow on them and if TPMS is fitted the wheel has to stay on the same axle it was fitted too.
  10. Hi Graeme.

    If you try this Forum you may get more help as there have been a quite a few members fitting Dash Cams.

    Regards Tom.

    1. GraemeH330biker


      Ok, cheers Tom, will do. G

    2. GraemeH330biker


      Ok, cheers Tom, will do. G

  11. Hi Anthony. Welcome to the club. Good on you getting stuck in and cleaning the EGR and the manifold, you should also have a look at the Jubilee Clips on the EGR and Intercooler hoses because they Corrode and the hoses can get blown off. Replace them with Stainless steel clips. The hoses can also split especially the one from the EGR down to the intercooler some members replace them with Silicone hoses. Regards Tom.
  12. Hi.

    You could try selling it on as their have been members looking for the ACM on this forum, i have it in my x type sovereign.

    Regards Tom.

  13. Hi Murray. Could you give us more information on your x type in case you need any help. Ie. What model S, SE, Sovereign and what engine 2:0 , 2:2 , 3:0 and Manuel or auto. Regards Tom.
  14. Trooper2142

    DPF full

    Hi Rik. I think when you have a red light, you have to get a forced regeneration at a garage. Doesn't your handbook explain what to do, what i'm led to believe is if you have a yellow light you can go for a 20/30 minute drive after the engine is up to normal temperature (ie a Hot engine ) to get a complete regeneration. When a Regeneration is starting with my car I find that the the engine revs are idling higher than normal ( up by about 150 revs ) or the exhaust is making a louder noise than usual ( as if there's a hole in the exhaust ) if this is happening don't switch off the engine and go for a drive. Diesels are meant to be Driven as some members say give it a Italian tune or sometimes drive it as if you had stolen it. In nearly 6 years i've never had a warning light come on, i've certainly had a few Regenerations and they can occur when your not suspecting it ( I was recently driving to the Cairnryan ferry and after travelling some 120 miles I pulled into a service station and yep a Regeneration was taking place so just carried on driving and the engine idling revs were back to normal after about another 10 miles ). If a Regeneration is interrupted ( ie the engine being switched off diesel can enter the sump pushing up the oil level witch can cause problems ) which is why most member's put less oil into the engine than is mentioned in the Handbook. I only use 5:5 litres instead off 6 litres and use a Low Ash C1 Oil WSS M2C 934B this is the oil jaguar are now using and we advise to use only genuine jaguar oil and fuel filters. There's also a debate about what diesel too use some members say to use Shell V Power Diesel Or another premium diesel. I hope this has helped in some way, when buying a car it is usually recommended by members to get all fluids and filters changed and then you know how things are within the engine . Regards Tom.
  15. I should have mentioned that there is a government web site that you can check the cars MOT history when you enter the Reg Number. Regards Tom.