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  1. Hi Dave You would be better to check for any codes, as it's probably nothing to do with gearbox. Any code that shows up delete it and then see if it comes back on,as it'll save you money in the long run. Regards Tom.
  2. I replied to your first post on covers, stating that i wouldn't fit one because if the car is parked outside the wind will blow it about and it will leave the paintwork as if Sandpaper had been used on it . If the car is kept in a garage the cover could cause certain parts to rust if the car is not dried off, better to just have Dust sheets on the car. As for Oil changes i wouldn't use the 2 yearly service interval, most members change every 12 months but some do a 6 month oil and filter change because off the Diesel Particle Filter it depends what engine you have, with the X260 XF t
  3. Hi Steve I've been looking at Auto Unique Developments Kit as an upgrade, my XF has the ( in control) with the buttons down each side off the screen. And the kit that you've fitted seems to be a good upgrade, because of the better updated Sat Nav you can get with the kit as jaguar have let owner's down by either stopped updating or over charging for a Sat Nav update when you can get some for free. Regards Tom.
  4. Your welcome, you should make a list of what you would like on the XF because it will probably have on it what the first owner ordered ( ie memory seats,folding rear seats,space saver spare wheel,heated rear seats, heated steering wheel ) Regards Tom.
  5. The timing chain's don't need to be changed ( you could ask for an updated chain kit to be fitted but i believe jaguar are not that helpful ) and some car's may never have a problem,if you can get a car with a good service history and as low a mileage as you can. I don't do a lot of short journeys and that could be one of the causes of the stretched chain's and also the Start/ Stop could be a cause as well when the car is used for short journeys. I have not looked at a Prestige model but i'm led to believe that there's less insulation and maybe less door seals but i'm not a 100% on that.
  6. I prefer the Portfolio as it has a softer suspension and i prefer the firmness of the seats in the Portfolio and i have the light oyster which I like, but the bolsters can suffer scuffs on the piping and some owner's prefer the Black leather. It also depends on what the first owner ordered when new, I have the folding rear seats which i think that they're standard on the Portfolio.
  7. The timing chain issues are mostly with the XE models and have mileage of 80,000 and over. The £1,500 pounds is not jag dealer's price. What you should look for is a good service history and as low a mileage you can get and don't buy an EX Hire car because you don't know how they've been treated, and if you buy one make sure it's had a service with the correct engine oil and then service the car every year and not 2 year's as recommended by Jaguar. The problem some owner's have had is because they kept driving the car when a rattling noise was noticed along with warning light's,
  8. I've had my X260 XF for 18 month's after having 3 X Type's,and I think it's a great car it has the 2:0 litre 180 hp 4 cylinder diesel engine and i think that it's a great engine and powerful enough for me. But some of the early diesels ( not heard of any petrol engine's having this) are having problems with stretched timing chain's and the cost to replace is £1,500 pounds if caught in time. ( Seemingly there are other makes with the same problem )they say that it's not a good idea to have the engine idling and yet there's a remote app that let's you start the engine so that it warms up the car
  9. Possible causes could be a burnt out bulb, loose or rusted ground ( earthing ) cable, or a loose fitting bulb there could be more causes. The best way would be to use a Multimeter to check it out. Regards Tom.
  10. Hi,

    if anyone is thinking of protecting their Jaguar from the dreeded rust? I myself have converted to a product called Dynex 50. I have used this on my 4x4 and the wife's jaguar. A good clean off like with anything else, when dry apply Dynex 50 with spray or brush.

    It's So much better than the other well known rust product. Much easier to apply & a far superior finish too. It's not cheap but not expensive too.

    Give it a look or even try, you won't be disappointed. Just Google Dynex 50.

    Ps, I'm not connected to this product in anyway, just a happy user. 

  11. When i bought my XF ,the Ford Garage replaced the Front Discs and Pads and they fitted a New Higher Rated Battery to get the Stop/Start to work, so i was very happy with them. I would keep pushing them about the Brake Discs.
  12. Pictures 1,2,3,5, are normal i would say, i've applied Black Hamerite paint where i can. Your brake disc doesn't look that good and i would check the thickness off the Disc if you can, because the photo seems to show quite a lip along the outer edge that's only my opinion.
  13. I would be chasing them about the brake discs as it could be a Mot failure. I believe that the Subframes are made of Steel and will show signs off rust, and there are other area's that have steel and you could check it out with a magnet in a poly bag so as not scratch the paintwork. Regards Tom.
  14. Welcome to the Club David. You'll certainly find that the XF has more space behind the Front seats and in the Boot, I've had 3 X Type's which didn't give me any problems. But i'm really smitten with the XF Portfolio, and i think that you've made the right choice and hope you enjoy your XF. Regards Tom.
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