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  1. Possible causes could be a burnt out bulb, loose or rusted ground ( earthing ) cable, or a loose fitting bulb there could be more causes. The best way would be to use a Multimeter to check it out. Regards Tom.
  2. Hi,

    if anyone is thinking of protecting their Jaguar from the dreeded rust? I myself have converted to a product called Dynex 50. I have used this on my 4x4 and the wife's jaguar. A good clean off like with anything else, when dry apply Dynex 50 with spray or brush.

    It's So much better than the other well known rust product. Much easier to apply & a far superior finish too. It's not cheap but not expensive too.

    Give it a look or even try, you won't be disappointed. Just Google Dynex 50.

    Ps, I'm not connected to this product in anyway, just a happy user. 

  3. When i bought my XF ,the Ford Garage replaced the Front Discs and Pads and they fitted a New Higher Rated Battery to get the Stop/Start to work, so i was very happy with them. I would keep pushing them about the Brake Discs.
  4. Pictures 1,2,3,5, are normal i would say, i've applied Black Hamerite paint where i can. Your brake disc doesn't look that good and i would check the thickness off the Disc if you can, because the photo seems to show quite a lip along the outer edge that's only my opinion.
  5. I would be chasing them about the brake discs as it could be a Mot failure. I believe that the Subframes are made of Steel and will show signs off rust, and there are other area's that have steel and you could check it out with a magnet in a poly bag so as not scratch the paintwork. Regards Tom.
  6. Welcome to the Club David. You'll certainly find that the XF has more space behind the Front seats and in the Boot, I've had 3 X Type's which didn't give me any problems. But i'm really smitten with the XF Portfolio, and i think that you've made the right choice and hope you enjoy your XF. Regards Tom.
  7. The charger positive cable (Red ) onto the positive ( + ) on the Battery and the negative cable ( Black ) from the Charger onto the side off the wheel well, that's how i've got the Ctek comfort panel cable's connected which is fitted to the side wall off the boot.
  8. Good morning. There is a site called Topix and if you enter your Vin Number you can get the details off your car, i think that there has been some changes on the Topix site but i'm not sure what they are. Regards Tom.
  9. Good morning Marcus and welcome to the Club You should get it checked out if you have a warranty, you'll be told that there are a few different things that may cause the Start/Stop not to work. Like the weather maybe too hot or too cold or the engine needs to get up to temperature, but the most common fault is the Battery which has to be 85% charged or above i think.When i bought my XF the Start/Stop didn't work and the garage had the car over night to charge the Battery and they finnished up fitting a New Battery with a Higher Rating. And that cured the problem and the Start/Stop wo
  10. I've got 2 off these Barbados Alloys, one has a tyre fitted and they don't have any kerb marks. Regards Tom.
  11. I don't have a problem yet but with you bringing it to our attention, i'll keep checking the oil level and intend to Change the engine oil and filter every year instead off 2year's. Regards Tom.
  12. Thanks for your reply Ian. i have heard that some off the early ingenium engines did have some problems, but why would they fit the timing chains at the Rear off the engine. Regards Tom.
  13. Hello Ian What engine do you have as i believe some engine's have to be removed from the Car to get to the timing chain, and i believe some bmw model's also have to have the engine removed to get to the timing chain. Good to hear that you have your problem solved. Regards Tom.
  14. Charged the Battery with the Ctek mxs7 yesterday and it took 3 hours from the red light till the green light was showing on the charger. I know that some members leave the Ctek connected when there car is not being used, but i can't do that because the XF sits on the road.
  15. Well done your making good progress,just take your time and check when your dismantling the old door and it'll be a reverse procedure when fitting the replaced door. Regards Tom.
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