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  1. Welcome to the Club. Hope that you enjoy your XF.
  2. Good morning Matt. You could also try this Forum in the X 260 section not the X250. jaguarforum.com Regards Tom.
  3. Jaguar's need a good Battery and a Ctek maintainer charger is worth investing in, connecting the Red + Cable from the Ctek to the Positive + on the Battery and the Black -- Cable from the Charger onto the Chassis. Some owner's keep the Ctek connected to the Battery until they need to use the car.
  4. If the Halfords fluid has the Number recommended by Jaguar on it it should be alright and providing it's not over 2 year's old because they say that it only has a shelf life of 2 year's. They recommend to replace the Ad Blue fluid if it's 2year's or older, problems can happen if there's Crystalisation in the injector and/or the Tank. Some say that cleaning the injector and draining the Tank (which holds 17 litres in the XF ) can be a DIY job. If you look at Red68's thread in the XE forum it may give you some more information. Regards Tom
  5. The Jag Dealer that sold the XF did the first 24 month's service for the first owner, and now it's a 12 month's service on my XF,i would never leave it for 24 month's. I buy what's needed for the service and my local garage does the Service, I don't like the Cloak and Dagger style ( ie everything is very secretive ) that my local Jag Dealer uses.
  6. Are you sure that your XE holds 20 litres as mine holds 17 litres.
  7. Providing the AdBlue has the Number on it recommended by Jaguar you should be alright, depending on your mileage that would give you an idea how many litres to add . They say that the usage can vary between 500 to 800 miles per litre,i think with my XF i'm travelling about 600 miles per litre and that AdBlue may only have a 2 year life span and if you don't do a lot off miles then only add 5 litres.And it is recommended not to Overfill when Topping up. The fluid can crystalise and if that happens it will cause problems ( ie injector may need cleaned or tank may need to be drained ) and according to some owner's it can be a DIY job. My XF had the AdBlue filled by the garage when I bought it and come October that will be 2 years ago, i've checked on the car computer and it's telling me the i have 3355 miles left and seemingly it will give a warning when to add the Fluid ,i believe that some owner's wait till the mileage comes down to about 500 miles before adding any Fluid. To check the Service and AdBlue, Switch on the Ignition by Pressing the Stop/Start Button but Don't put your Foot on the Brake Pedal ( ie Don't Start the Engine ) and Scroll the car Computer till you come to Information and then you can check your AdBlue mileage. I've heard that some owner's buy it from Screwfix ( Redex ) and some from Halfords, and it's been said that not to buy from a garage forecourt where it is being Stored in Brilliant Sunshine. Regards Tom.
  8. On the X250 some owner's have fitted stronger struts and on the X260 there are 2 Springs 1on each side and are behind the side walls with 2 settings on each side and can be adjusted into the second position by using a length off strong cord ( use a screw a driver to pull the cord ) so that the spring can be hooked into position.
  9. On jaguar cars that have the ACC it can be seen behind the the Growler Badge on the Grill and if the car has it you won't miss it as it can be seen through the mesh. Regards Tom.
  10. Yes it is annoying, and hopefully something will be done.
  11. Hi Dave You would be better to check for any codes, as it's probably nothing to do with gearbox. Any code that shows up delete it and then see if it comes back on,as it'll save you money in the long run. Regards Tom.
  12. I replied to your first post on covers, stating that i wouldn't fit one because if the car is parked outside the wind will blow it about and it will leave the paintwork as if Sandpaper had been used on it . If the car is kept in a garage the cover could cause certain parts to rust if the car is not dried off, better to just have Dust sheets on the car. As for Oil changes i wouldn't use the 2 yearly service interval, most members change every 12 months but some do a 6 month oil and filter change because off the Diesel Particle Filter it depends what engine you have, with the X260 XF the Diesel Particle Filter is close coupled and has very few problems. But cars that have the DPFilter fitted to the exhaust past the gearbox, will probably have more oil changes.
  13. Hi Steve I've been looking at Auto Unique Developments Kit as an upgrade, my XF has the ( in control) with the buttons down each side off the screen. And the kit that you've fitted seems to be a good upgrade, because of the better updated Sat Nav you can get with the kit as jaguar have let owner's down by either stopped updating or over charging for a Sat Nav update when you can get some for free. Regards Tom.
  14. Your welcome, you should make a list of what you would like on the XF because it will probably have on it what the first owner ordered ( ie memory seats,folding rear seats,space saver spare wheel,heated rear seats, heated steering wheel ) Regards Tom.
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