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  1. Extreme Auto Accessories, Eniskillen. are on the web that can supply various touchup paint.
  2. Welcome to the Club Stevie. Yes there's something addictive about owning and driving a Jaguar. I can't help you with the camera, but i had the garage i bought mine from fit a New Battery because the Stop/Start wasn't working and it's now working all the time. Regards Tom.
  3. It could have fallen off, sorry I don't know the name off the part or part number.
  4. When i bought my XF from a Ford Garage i had a message similar and they had booked the car into the local jaguar dealer who actually sold and gave it it's first service. So it went in and there was also a Recall H149 to be done , then i get a phone call telling me that to sort the AdBlue message that they would have to Drain the Tank and then refill the Tank with New AdBlue this had to be done to remove the message from the Dash and they wanted me to Pay £160 pounds for this to be done, so told them to contact the Ford Garage and they paid the cost. And it turned out that the Ford Garage had bought 4 Containers of AdBlue from the jaguar dealer which would have been 16 or 20 litres and they had topped up the 17 litre AdBlue Tank, and it looks like that they had over filled the Tank because the Handbook Warns about over filling. And everything is fine and working great, you can go into settings for the AdBlue telling how much has been used. Regards Tom.
  5. What we haven't mentioned and this was brought to my attention by Jimbov8, is that the Red Cable is fitted to the Red /+ post on the Battery and the Black Cable is fitted to the Chassis or metal stud in the Wheel Well and Not onto the Black/-- post on the Battery as per Ctek Instructions. Regards Tom.
  6. I bought a Ctek mxs7 with a Comfort Indicator Panel i fitted it onto the driver's side off the boot and is permanently connected to the Battery and the charger cable is just plugged into the panel. I find the Ctek very good and the one i have has different modes, and for the AGM battery I just switch to that mode. Regards Tom.
  7. Nice looking XF, Michael. There's certainly something different when driving a Jaguar, hope you have many years enjoying your car. Remember diesels don't like short journeys if you do take it for a good run every 2 or 3 weeks so that you don't get problems with the Diesel Particle Filter. And thanks for the photo's. Regards Tom.