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  1. Trooper2142

    AN XF Sportbrake Newbie.

    I should have mentioned that there is a government web site that you can check the cars MOT history when you enter the Reg Number. Regards Tom.
  2. Trooper2142

    AN XF Sportbrake Newbie.

    The best way to find out if the car is an S model is to get the Vin Number usually on the nearside at the bottom of the windscreen, and then contact Jaguar to find out which model it is. The car in the video doesn't seem to be an S model because there is not a S badge on the lower spoke of the steering wheel. Some Dealer's can miss sell cars and even with the x type, Jaguar had miss sold them and owner's had to get the VC 5 forum changed. As mentioned above get the Vin Number. Regards Tom.
  3. Trooper2142

    AN XF Sportbrake Newbie.

    Hi Paul. The normal 3-0 litre engine is about 240 bhp, but the XF model with the S badge have an upgraded engine with 275 bhp. Regards Tom.
  4. Hi Les. You should check for any codes because showing a gearbox fault could have nothing to do with the gearbox.
  5. Trooper2142

    X Type 2.2 Turbo Actuator

    I've heard that this Company has good reports for the repair off Turbo Actuators. Taylor Motor Services. Tony 01708206343. Lenthorpe House 221 Wenninton Road Rainham Essex RM13 9DZ. Regards Tom.
  6. Trooper2142

    Which oil to use?

    I'm just going with what Castrol told me, Castrol Magnatec 5/30 is a A5 WSS M2C 913C/913D and not a Low Ash C1 Oil which we are supposed to use in a car with a Diesel Particulate Filter. At the time when jaguar dealers could only sell the Castrol Oil in 1 litre containers, they did suggest that i could use a C2 Low Ash Oil that i could purchase from oil suppliers. Regards Tom.
  7. Trooper2142

    Which oil to use?

    Magnates 5/30 stop/start WSS M2C 913C/913D is not a Low Ash C1 Oil the number you need is WSS M2C 934B. I had to phone Castrol who were very helpful as i got know help from jaguar, and they said that i needed a Low Ash C1 Oil WSS M2C 934B and I could only buy it from jaguar dealers in 1litre containers so i looked elsewhere. I think that's why jaguar have gone onto Shell helix ultra WssM2C 934B C1 Oil. Castrol Magnatec 5/30 stop/start will be a good oil for the engine but won't help with the car having a Diesel Particulate Filter. Give Castrol a Phone as they are very helpful.
  8. Trooper2142

    Which oil to use?

    Hi Mal. Jaguar now use Shell helix ultra Low Ash C1 Oil WSS M2C 934B as Jaguar cars now have a Diesel Particulate Filter like all other car manufacturer's. You need a Low Ash C1 Oil so it helps to keep the DPFilter from getting blocked. With the x type's we only add 5:5litres instead off 6 litres in case a Regeneration Fails and dumps diesel into the sump if this happens you will need to change the engine oil and filter. I've had my x type for 5 years now and have not had any problems with the DPFilter. I always use Premium Diesel and try to keep Short journeys to a minimum. Regards Tom.
  9. Trooper2142

    Collected it yesterday and a few Q`s

    How did you get on with the car , the injectors need to be coded so did the Dealer re-code the secondhand injector. It could be that you need a full set of injectors, or it could be a sticky turbo or the actuator at the Turbo. You'll see an arm at the Turbo you can remove the circlip and the arm should move quite freely, be careful not to drop the circlip. Some members put in Forties injector cleaner in the fuel tank and use Premium Diesel is it a manual or auto if it's an Auto with a DPFILTER you should use a Low Ash C1 engine oil ( WSS M2C 934B ) is the number that is not mentioned in the Handbook. When you gave it some weekly you could have blown a hose off the EGR to Intercooler or the Turbo to Intercooler, you should check the jubilee clips on these hoses as the clips tend to rust and then the hose gets blown off.
  10. Trooper2142

    New guy

    Hi Iain. Welcome to the Forum, any pictures of your jaguar. Regards Tom.
  11. Trooper2142

    X Type diesel vibration

    It could be a few different things, some owners have fitted a clutch pulley on the Alternator which cuts down noise and is supposed to not put as much strain on the Belt. Another is the Crankcase pulley a lot of owners have fitted this kit, the upgraded pulley is twice as deep and looks as if 2 belts should be fitted to it, and the kit will also come with a belt idler. There has been some debate whether the upgraded pulley kit was ever fitted to the facelift model's from the factory , my own x type has a upgraded pulley kit fitted and i think it must have been fitted at the factory as i purchased my x type in March 2013 with just 12,300 miles which was registered on 29th of May 2009. Hope this may be off help to you. Regards Tom.
  12. Trooper2142

    issue with boot opening

    Hi Tam. Welcome to the Forum. I've heard off some owners having a problem with opening the Boot lid because of the switch not working properly, and some have fitted myself included a way off opening the Boot if something goes wrong with the switch. And this may help you. Open the Boot lid and remove the plastic cover that's protecting the Boot lid lock, have a look at the lock and you should see a slotted hole on a flat metal plate, i tied a window blind cord to this plate (you'll need quite a long length off cord) and refitted the plastic cover. As i have folding rear seats i put the cord through between the back rests and tucked the cord between back of the seat and the cushion and by pulling on the Cord the Boot lid can be opened. One owner that didn't have folding rear seats brought the cord from the Boot into the interior of the car by dropping the arm rest and making a hole in the back off the seat and bringing the cord through the hole and when the the arm rest is folded up the cord is hidden. The bracket i've attached the cord to is used in America so that if a child gets trapped in the Boot ( Trunk ) they can open the Lid quite easily , that's what i'm led to believe. Hope this helps with your Problem. Regards Tom.
  13. Trooper2142

    Green Flag Recovery Price Rises

    But i 've just joined them after your recommendation, unless i paid by direct debit and by doing so saved £5 pounds.
  14. Trooper2142

    Green Flag Recovery Price Rises

    I paid £43:31 and covers myself and my wife in what ever car we're driving in the UK.