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  1. I would go for a 2:2 with a manual 6 speed gearbox, as the auto gearbox has the DPF. The 2:0 litre only has a 5 speed gearbox. You will need to check the sills behind the plastic cover sills that are below the doors as they can be a mot failure. I think a lot of the problems with the DPF was due to the wrong engine oil having been used ( the oil should be a Low Ash C1 WSS M2C 934B for an X Type with a DPF) and the DPF is fitted to faraway from the Engine. As the XE and X260 XF have the DPF fitted right next to the Engine, and have very few problems . Regards Tom.
  2. Welcome to the Club Do a search on eBay there's plenty to choose from. Regards Tom.
  3. Welcome to the Club. Your engine will be a 2:2 litre as the 2:0litre didn't come out till 2015. About your low battery warning, there are a lot of comments about this and with all off the technology in modern cars we need a battery in good condition. Some members including myself have bought a Ctek charger/conditioner and fitted permanent cables to the Battery and they have a Plug which you connect the charger too. Regards Tom.
  4. Welcome to the Club Robert. You should give us more details on your XF, ( ie colour interior and exterior, engine size ) Regards Tom.
  5. Welcome to the Jaguar owner's club. The garage will probably charge your Battery over night to check if that's what's wrong with the Battery, that's what the Ford Garage did with mine because the Stop/Start didn't work.Charging over night didn't work so they fitted a New Battery which is Higher Rated and everything is working as it should. Regards Tom.
  6. Welcome to the Club Steve You can top up the DEF yourself, and it can be bought from most outlets but you have to make sure it has the part number that jaguar recommend. The Handbook tells the average mileage per litre of DEF and a warning light should appear when fluid needs to be added, and there's also a warning that you should not Over fill the DEFluid Tank as a warning message would come up on the Dash and that means the system needs to be Drained and Refilled with New DEFluid and it could cost about £160 pounds to rectify the problem. Don't ignore a warning about Low level off DEFluid as the Engine won't start if you run out off DEFluid. I'm sure that my XF has a 17 litre Tank so if it needed 16 litres I would only add 14 or 15 litres. Regards Tom.
  7. I could do that Jim, but then i would need to leave a message in the Handbook saying why the S/S isn't working, just in case i pop my
  8. My S/S didn't work when i bought my XF and the garage charged the Battery over night and the S/S still didn't work and they fitted a New Battery with a Higher Rating 95AH - 850A compared to the Jaguar battery rating off 80AH - 800A. And it works perfectly when I forget to switch it off.
  9. Good morning welcome to the Club. If you enter your Vin Number into the Topix site and you'll get a summary of what's on your vehicle. Regards Tom.
  10. Thanks George for the jag website. I'm on my fourth jaguar, 3 X Type's and now have a XF 2:0 litre Portfolio. I've used the same local garage for over 24 years, and i buy the engine oil and oil filter, diesel ,air and Cabin filters and the garage does the service while i wait. The car has just had it's second 2 yearly service, and the first service was carried out by the jaguar dealer that sold the car and the air filter had been in the car from the day it was Built as it had the date stamped on the filter and that's 4 years and they had actually changed the cabin filter as they had written the date on it, and they don't seem to apply some ceramic grease to the slider pins on the brake calipers. I'll probably do the intermediate service myself as I have a 12 Volt pump and the oil filter is in a good position with it fitted at top off the engine. Thanks again for the information that you've supplied.