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  1. Could i ask for some pictures please and what sort of money you woiuld be looking for these please.
  2. Hi Jonathon, What sort of money would you be talking around for this ? and service history all good ? Andrew
  3. My Two Pence Worth. In a recent post i made about my recently purchased X-Type. I noticed the headlights were terbbile at night and i was having to drive with my Full Beam on as much as possible. I purchsed new headlight bulbs " Osram Nightbreakers" as was reccomended by a fellow fourm member. And excuse the pun but the difference was night and day. I now have a bright road ahead of mt at night. P.S - My headlight lenses were a little dirty as well, i used and toothpaste method to clean the outside lense of the headlight and it helped greatly as well. Hope you get sorted.
  4. Hi all, I hope your all well. Recently bought an 09 2.2d X-Type. I don't know if it is just me or hopefully someone else has experienced the same issue. The headlights are terrible, as in extremely poor. On most roads at night now i have to drive with my full beam on as much as possible. I was told this is a common thing with the standard strength bulbs in the Headlgihts. Is this right. And if so. What is th best Headlight Bulb upgrade to go for i read they use an H1 bulb. Has anyone upgraded theirs and if so with what bulbs and also is there much improvement when changed. Thanks in advance Andrew
  5. Hi All, Andrew here from a little coastal town called Donaghadee in Northern Ireland. 30 Year Old & Have just bought my 1st Jaguar. Always liked them growing up as a family member bought a brand new X-Type 2.2d Sport Saloon and i fell in love with it back then and have took the plunge and bought a 2009 X-Type 2.2d S Estate 155bhp Manual. I got a fantastic deal on the car that i couldnt refuse. 1 Mature Jag Enthusiast Owner From New. Full Years MOT. Full Jag Service History. 4 New Tyres. Just Fully Serviced. Both Aux Belts & Tensioners Changed. Full Valet & Detail inside and out. all for less than £2k. So i couldnt let it go. Only slight downside to it there is 136k on the clock. But it looks like a car with 50k or less on the clock. You think its a good deal ? Drove car. All is tight. Suspenion good. Drives Straight. Quiet. And started from dead cold on first turn of the key. No Smoke. And Rock Solid underneath. Including Sill's !!! Only thing i would like some advice on is the Timing Chain. I read they are good for 200k if Services well. Which this one has been and I always give motors full Service (Oil's & Filters) every 10k. So do you think i should be fine for a while yet ? I have added couple of pics here to show you what I have purchased. So here I am, 30 Years "Young" Driving an old mans Jag 🙂 . So Hello to everyone again and I look forward to becoming a Club Member soon and chatting with you all on the Forums. Regards, Andrew