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  1. Can anybody advise on the brake pad wear sensor please? My warning light came on a few weeks ago and I sought professional advice from a local garage. We inspected the pads together and he assured me there is plenty of "meat" left on the pads (thousands of miles, in his opinion). The only thing he could suggest is that in his experience, the edge of the disc has been known to cut through the sensor cable, triggering the fault. He said there was only one sensor cable for the front and one cable for the rear so all I need to do is change the cable(s). So I have a couple of questions if anybody can help: Is he right about the sensor cables (one each front and rear)? Does this sound feasible? Has anybody experienced this in the past, and did the suggestion clear the warning? All I am doing at the moment is clearing the warning when it comes on (every time I restart the car), but I want to make sure there's not something more sinister and I am putting myself at risk each time I get into the car; I don't normally mess around when it has anything to do with brakes, hence my immediate visit to the local garage, but I am now beginning to wonder if there might be a more dangerous problem and I need to something sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance for your help. Mac
  2. DO55MAC

    XF-S Brake Pads

    Thanks very much for your responses. I went to the mtec website and priced the whole lot up a lot cheaper than quoted by Jag for just one set. I visited a local garage and they checked my pads, and said the rear ones were worst but still have at least 25% left, so reckon it is the brake wear harness has probably worn through on the edge of the disc. He'll fit the new sensor for a few quid - result. So, next question, is how do I remove the constant warning until I get the harness - any ideas greatly appreciated. Cheers again. Mac
  3. DO55MAC

    XF-S Brake Pads

    I had the dreaded yellow triangle of expense flash up on my dash of my 3.0 XF-S diesel yesterday saying my brake pads need replacing. Has anybody got any ideas of how much I should be expecting to pay for pads (front and rear) or pads and discs (again, front and rear). Also, any idea how many miles I can ignore it for? I need to get it checked to see if it's just one set or 2, and whether it's just pads or pads and discs, so am just asking so as not to fall off my chair (Jaguar want £385 for one set of pads and discs (that does include VAT!!). Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Mac
  4. DO55MAC

    Phone conectivity

    I know my XF is 2011 (facelift) but I have connected my Samsung S7 Edge. Is yours the new style XF or an older old style?
  5. DO55MAC

    Remap + Carbon Clean - 6 months on....

    I bought a 2007 X-type with 50 000 miles on the clock about 3 years ago. The first thing I had done was a Terraclean (decoke in my thought process!). The result was startling. Overnight I got a 10 mpg improvement, although this settled down to 5 after about a month, but the difference in drive was incredible. The pull away and acceleration was really smooth and instant, no lag or stutter. I'd recommend it to anybody with a few miles on the clock - worth every penny.
  6. DO55MAC

    4.2 or 5.0 engine

    Hi. I am trying to convince myself that an XK is the next step from my XF 3.0 S D, but am torn about what model/year to look at. I really like (no, REALLY like) the XK-R (it's those vents in the bonnet!!) but am trying to justify the extra expense of the 5.0 engine over the 4.2. I was wondering if the same 8-speed gearbox as my XF is used on the 2011 XK, and if so, what year did they introduce it to the XK. It's such a beautiful gearbox that I'd like to stick with it if possible. Thanks for any advice. Mac
  7. DO55MAC

    Diagnostic plug location

    Can anybody tell me where to find the diagnostic plug location in my XF? I'm thinking of buying myself one of the plug-in diagnostic readers to allow me to check any warning lights that might crop up or cancel down any unnecessary warnings. To that end - has anybody had any experience of these DIY kits, and are they worth the money? Cheers, Mac
  8. DO55MAC

    Any XF recalls?

    I have recently bought my 2011 XF and I was wondering if there was any way I could find out if there had been any dealer recalls on the model and whether they had been carried out, or if there were any non-recall repairs the dealer should carry out for free (I have read about the fuel tank "slosh" and was wondering if that counts)? Obviously I want to make sure my car is as safe and up to date as possible, but wouldn't know if any repairs have been carried out. As usual, any help gratefully received. Cheers, Mac
  9. DO55MAC

    Fuel Filler Flap

    Basically my fuel filler flap doesn't lock. Even when the keys are at least 100 metres away the flap can be opened, either by pushing the flap in and releasing, or by getting my nail behind the flap and pulling. Does anybody have any idea how the solenoid sequence works, can it be reset or if the solenoid might be stuck? Is there an internal release mechanism that I'm not aware of? I would have thought that when locking the car, the plunger would pop out and lock the cap, but alas, no, not mine! I'm a bit miffed because the plunger on my old X Type also failed, so that's 2 from 2!!! I'd appreciate any help, thanks. Mac
  10. Has anybody declared to their insurance company that they have had their ECU chipped and if so, can they advise on what the effect on their insurance premium was? I was thinking of getting my 3.0D S chipped for better fuel economy as I understand the BHP is still increased in order to get the car into higher gears earlier, so you get the best of both worlds (I don't want this thread to run into a "Why would you buy a Jaguar for MPG and not MPH" - because I can easily lose my licence with 275 BHP, even if it is chipped down for MPG, that's why). However, I'm a bit "risk averse" when it comes to my insurance so would probably declare the mod if I proceeded but as I know how the companies will squirm like a squirmy thing to get out of paying up, and wouldn't want to void my insurance for a few mpg!! I wouldn't want to raise suspicion by going direct to the insurers to ask, hence this topic. Cheers in advance, Mac
  11. Can anybody advise on whether the XF low windscreen wash dashboard warning message is standard or an option? Travelling home last night I noticed that the windscreen wash had stopped working on every request (press the end of the wiper stalk), but did operate every now and then. I assumed it had run low, and only operates every fourth request (I think I read this in the manual), so I tried it again and again, but there seemed to be no rationale as to when it would squirt, and no warning sign to tell me the reservoir was low. Does anybody know if this sounds normal, or should I expect to see a warning on the dashboard when the reservoir is low and whether there might be a problem emerging? I've only had the car less than one month so it's still under warranty, but am due to take a long journey next weekend and the last thing I need this time of year is no windscreen wash (I'm not sure if I'm even road-worthy without it!!!!). Thanks for any help/advice. Cheers.
  12. DO55MAC

    Fuel consumption and re-fuelling

    I've only had my 3.0 S diesel for a week now and only use it to drive 20 miles each way to work. I am slightly disappointed with the 35 mpg for a decent run, not heavy footed (well, not very often!!). I was thinking about a combination of having the engine chipped and switching to a decent fuel (V Power). I did some numbers, and assuming the decent fuel is 10p/litre more than the supermarket sludge, I reckon if I get an extra 5 miles per gallon it will save me over £100 per year (not much, but it all goes to offset the next service cost!). So, can anybody confirm the extra mpg when using V Power over supermarket type fuel, and would this increase further with getting the engine chipped? I had my last car Terracleaned, and it gave me 10mpg more overnight, but this settled down to about 5 mpg after a few weeks - amazing. Still loving the XF, and to quote a previous post, it's more about the smiles per gallon rather than the miles per gallon . Cheers, Mac
  13. DO55MAC

    2011 (facelift) sidelights

    Thanks Old_Growler, appreciate the help. I was hoping that was the answer, because I bet a replacement set of bulbs wouldn't have come cheap. Cheers again, Mac
  14. DO55MAC

    2011 (facelift) sidelights

    I have uploaded photos of the lights to illustrate my question (pun intended ) - hopefully this will help you to help me!! I haven't checked closely, but are the 7 LEDs around the inner light purely for the indicator, or is this the sidelight that isn't working? I'll check tonight when I get home but thought somebody might be able to help. Cheers, Mac Image 1: Day-running - LEDs quite bright Image 2: Dipped beam - LEDs dimmed, dipped beam bulb ON Image 3: Sidelights - LEDs dimmed, no other bulbs illuminated (the image in the main bulb is just a reflection of the flash!). Image 4: Main beam - LEDs dimmed, main beam bulb ON
  15. DO55MAC

    2011 (facelift) sidelights

    Can I ask if anybody can explain if the sidelights on my 2011 facelift XF have failed. When my lights are OFF the LEDs are on constantly (good). When I select my sidelights only, the LEDs dim but no other light illuminates. When I select main headlights, they work as intended. I will post a few pictures in a while but was wondering if there are sidelights or if both bulbs have gone (could it be a fuse?). Cheers, Mac