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  1. Thank you for the comments and advice
  2. Any advice on the best approach to achieve reasonable service costs for XE 2017 180 Portfolio 2.0 d. It would be good to get views and experience regarding this issue
  3. Clearly as case of buyer beware ....glad you got it fixed
  4. My Sat Nav maps are on a SD card so not sure about the USB drive issue
  5. Is it possible to replace the older InControl touch system with the In Control Touch Pro system in the Jaguar XE ?
  6. Hi I am considering using the WiFi hotspot function and understand about the need for a data SD card. What I cannot find out is where the SD slot actually is enabling me to put the card in. It cant be the one used for Sat Nav . Any help or advice would be welcome. I have the 8 inch Infotainment system ( not Pro). There is nothing i can see in the manual.
  7. Hi Kieron There is something magical about Jaguars
  8. Hi Stephen my XE is a 2017 Portfolio 2.0 D. Years ago I used to have an S Type which was superb and now I’m enjoying the Jag experience again with the superb XE.
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