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  1. The new battery appears to have been the problem now the warning sign on the dash is showing not charging how ever using a multi meter tested the battery before starting 12 .6 volts started the car 13.9 volts turned head lights wipers radio 13.6 volts which indicates the alternator is working any ideas gentlemen. Thanks Stan Hutchinson Doncaster
  2. I have now ordered a new battery any body know how to change with out up setting the programming.Thanks Stan

  3. That was very help full and I will try the charger kit thanks again Stan
  4. I have two new keys with new batteries how ever it looks like the original fitted battery I found a post on one of the other Jag forum the battery is Virta AGM the week of manufacture and its year on the negative terminal mine is week 6 year 2013 the garage had not picked this like all other non essential services is shut. Thanks for your comments it has up to now been a very expensive problem £1694.00.
  5. My local jaguar garage has tested the battery and say it is good.
  6. I have 2013 XF Premium the problem started in February locking me out would not open unless I used the key inside the fob as the car was with warranty assist I took it to a garage they recommended there were unable to give a diagnosis I took the car to my local Jaguar garage who carried out a check found nothing but did a computer re-set this only lasted one day took it back after four days and two technicians looking at it they recommended the only 100% cure was two new keys and an instrument pack this they did lasted two days same problem back to Jaguar there four four days phone call they where shutting the garage because of the epidemic.has any body got any suggestions. Stan Hutchinson.