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  1. Les boy, good luck..enjoy your new car.. Chidders
  2. Most members who know about this recommend check maintainenc chargers which cam be plugged in and left to keep the battery at optimal level ready for use. Chidders
  3. Charge the battery. It might be a new one but necessarily fully charged. Chidders
  4. We some to the club. Another nice s type I hope. Plenty of help in the s type club. Chidders
  5. Steve, You need to get the codes read to see if any are on the memory. chidders
  6. Hi craig welcome to the club.You,ll find lots of info on here should you need it. Chidders
  7. Sounds like the fuel filter may want changing or you have an air leak. would try filter change first and change the seal as well as the first point of call. Chidders
  8. Derbyshire just down the M1 down the A38 from junction 28. Chidders
  9. Had a similar problem with my 2006 S type last year. Had 2 faults leakage from rear water connection on back of engine. Replaced unit at nearly 350 and then heater control unit under front offside head light at 400 now nice and warm after a couple of miles down the road. Just need to say done as 2 separate jobs. Chidders
  10. Have you checked the fuse for the blown headlights? Quite often the surge takes out the fuse. Chidders
  11. Definitely sounds like a defective earth on the light unit try a shor length of wire from a known good earth. (Battery clamp to light unit) to seed that cures it. Chidders
  12. Sam, Well done, now get some use out of it. dave
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