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  1. to EJG, Hi, If yours is an import from Japan the following will be relevant and of some help in understanding , if not you can ignore it. 🙂 My S-type is imported from Japan and I can tell you you that the wiring in the boot is not standard, it has wiring for CD changer and Sat Nav(which are functioning) but not normal Voice unit or Phone/blue tooth wiring in the harness. I am trying to devise my own bit of wiring to enable such devices to be fitted. Regards
  2. Hi Julie Thanks for your info, does sound rather strange that your car was taken back so suddenly after the key issue. Regarding the Speedo, I have mine converted to Mph and retained original mileage etc. Cost me though as I attempted to do the change myself and things went wrong so I had to pay a specialist firm to fix the cluster in end. Regards Dave
  3. Hi To answer your question about comparing the car to UK cars so far I notice it has 1. Sat Nav which is running an old english disc but has limited use as the input buttons are greyed out. 2. Radio works but is on a different band of frequencies so limited stations available, with mini disc ( I have since replaced the radio for english version with cD) 3.No Bluetooth , No voice , No phone . Wiring harness appears different to uk and does not have plugs in boot waiting for kit to be fitted 4. It does have a working CD changer 5. It has the Vics system for congestion charging in Japan (redundant here) 6. It has TV modules for antennae etc but are redundant here. 7. Dunlop tyres with good tread but apparently are not good in the wet weather. 8. full leather interior, same as UK I guess. 9. Air con, heating and heated seats as uk 10. Those horrible wheel nuts are fitted, some with slightly loose steel caps. Under the bonnet I dont know yet what may be different to Uk apart from some lables in Japanese 🤣 Bodywork and underneath in great condition for its age. Looks like a pearlescent racing green finish. Looks its best in sunlight.
  4. Hi, I am looking for advice : I changed the radio for a British one to gain the full FM band and it works fine. However the radio has a CD slot and the previous one had Mini Disc. The CD slot does not function correctly, is it likely that one of the hidden menus has to be used to tell the system that a CD is now present ?
  5. Hi, Joined just recently and already finding existing members most helpful and the information available is a terrific help. I have recently taken on a Jaguar S type 2004 SE 2.5 Petrol imported from Japan. Gradually working on some small mods to bring it to UK "standards" .
  6. Ok thanks for your input. I have avoided that one. Many thanks for your help. I shall just wait for the parts and see what I can achieve with them......🙂
  7. Hi thanks for your advice I will look at the one you have linked, I did see it earlier. The link below shows the one that mentions a code. Maybe he made a mistake from making the advert from earlier sales ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133646060994?hash=item1f1ded0dc2:g:eREAAOSwV9JeYB8z
  8. Hi Paul Looking at the units on sale I see one seller says his is being sold with a connection code ? No one else mentions one. Can you confirm whether or not a connection code is required with the module 7W93-10D893-AB plse ?
  9. Hi Paul, Thanks for your rapid reply and for the info. I have ordered a voice unit, as you say it will be useful and fun to try. Regards
  10. Hi Can anyone tell me the part number of the unit in the above photo please ? regards
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