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  1. Hi John, the diagram was unfortunately not the right one for my car..but thanks for trying to help..the issue was water ingress having degraded some of the wires in the loom. Two new wires later my headlamps and my front passenger window are fully working again. Cheers Shane
  2. The car's still at the garage..I'll keep you posted...thank you.
  3. John thank you so much..it's a potential lifesaver.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm really struggling here. The main beam on my XJ6 (TDVI Sovereign 2.7 diesel) doesn't want to work. When the stalk is operated, the blue light on the dash lights on but the main beam refuses to work. The fuse and bulbs are fine. My local auto electrician who I have used before can't work out how the headlamps are powered. He's awaiting some data from Germany...? Somewhere in between the switch (stalk) and the lamps is a relay or similar but at the moment it's a mystery..Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Cheers Peter, I'll look out for that..thanks.
  6. Thanks Peter, seems like a few more runs are required and I'll definitely try an additive..Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I was about to embark on a long motorway drive when the DPF full message came on and I was obviously concerned whether it was safe or not to continue on a long journey. It was fortunate that had to pass my usual garage that has looked after my cars for many years. I called in and he advised me to 'give it a blast down the motorway.' I did a 150 mile round journey which was mostly motorway and it cleared the message. Hasn't happened since thankfully. I think it may have been that due to lockdown I wasn't doing the miles I normally do although you guys may advise me differently.
  8. Hi Everyone, new guy here looking for some help.I have a 2006 XJ6. All electrics are working perfectly however as soon as I switch the heated rear window on the FM radio reception turns to white noise. No sooner I switch it off the reception is perfect again. I know that years ago I used to have to replace the in line choke (I think it was called) but I know it won't be that simple in a a more modern car, especially a Jag..Any advice please..Thanks a lot Shane
  9. Hi Rob, I had this issue intermittently with my XJ6. When it went in for a gearbox service I had the power steering fluid replaced and the problem has not returned..it's been 6 months now and still no trouble.
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