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  1. Good Afternoon All Well, I’ve upgraded... I was more than happy with my 2003 2.5 S Type but after the service report about 5 months ago I realised she needed to go...and quickly. The replacement has put me on cloud 9. 2005 3.0 S Type, 53000 on the clock...I can’t wait for some meetings to start! Hope everyone is safe and well. Attached some pics. Dave K
  2. Thanks PJ. I certainly want it right before I hand over the hard earned cash! Hopefully I’ll be posting some pics this week of my replacement S. Dave K
  3. Hi Mark Thanks very much for the info. I’ll be having the conversation tomorrow, really appreciate your help with this, want to get the right S Type this time! Dave K
  4. Hi again All! I introduced myself about a month ago as a new member, hope everyone is well. I had my 2003 S Type 2.5 serviced (and a quite comprehensive report back) and needless To say I looked at a replacement 2005 S Type 3.0 today. Test drive was lovely but the steering wheel is ‘offset’ to the right slightly when in a straight line. Any ideas from you experts? It’s getting MOT’d Monday then serviced and detailed and hopefully I’ll be the proud owner/driver by the end of this week. Bit worried about this ‘offset’ though and what could be causing it. Looking forward to attending some meetings when they start. My 2003 is my second Jaguar (18 months owned now) and I can’t even think of purchasing anything else, no other make puts ‘that’ smile on my face but I’m concerned about this issue. Any advice/guidance would be very welcome. Thanks in advance Dave K
  5. I knew I’d work out how to do it eventually. That’s my cat. Service on Monday, I’ll let you know what occurs... Dave K
  6. Thanks for the welcome Peter. Tried to post a pic but no joy, will try again later. Service in next couple of weeks and want to go for the transmission service too from what I read on here (89000), slight jolt on occasion from 5th - 6th. Intermittent Sports button too. Haven’t checked the sills yet, a tad fearful! Dave K
  7. Thanks for the welcome Alan. Dave K
  8. Evening All. Just wanted to say a quick hello after joining the site. S Type 2003 2.5 V6 Owner. Absolutely love the car (owned for 1.5 years). Have viewed the JOC site many times for advice since owning so thought I’d join!