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  1. Im in a "similar" positiont to you...... (well same age same budget.. and want either an XE or an Xf!). I used to have a lovely 2.2. Auto Diesel X type...stupildly I sold it though! This time around, I want a petrol, as I wont be doing many miles at all, as Im recently retired. I did even have a look around for an 09 or 09 plate petrol X Type...could only find one though! That wasnt a diesel though, that was an 08 diesel estate. Saying that...maybe they stopped production on 2008? As regards to an XJ......Id love one! Only trouble is...Im no mechanic...and I feel (probably wrongly!) that it wouldnt be something for I say...Im probalby way off! I mean if I was to find a "sorted" XJ....with the mileage I would would probably be ideal! (I soon as covid i gone! to spend the winters I would only be home for maybe 7 months of the year anyway!). Decisions , decisions...Sorry Im no use to your questions........Still at least you arent the only one in this decision making process! I did have a quick look online at Jaguar cars on their all fairness....they werent as expensive ( compared to other sellers I mean!) as I thought they would could well be an option, as you would surely get a good a car from them?.
  2. Good morning all. Newbie here, Im in South Wales....dont have a Jag at the momemt...looking to buy one though...Dont know what! Either an XE or an XF..want a petrol one though...just retired, wont be doing many a petrol it is. I did used to have an auto X Type, that was a diesel, auto 2.2...loved it, but sold it! Will have a good look around the forums for advice and tips!