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  1. Thanks for your response Peter, and glad to hear your intercooler is still going strong. So the Jag dealer cost for the new intercooler is now £350+VAT for retail, all local Dealers to us are the same price. Guy Salmon Ascot offering the best trade discount. Any other OEM replacements for approx same cost are out of stock, with only a Nissens intercooler being available for £500, so I am obviously going with the Jag part. Unfortunately I am not tackling it myself as I don't have ramps/axle stands and I thought I might potentially have other issues so arranged with a Mechanic to do the work as I know and trust him, although I am fairly handy but I am also aware a little knowledge can be dangerous. Good tip re the fixings, I will mention it. Hopefully this will be the last bill this year, as I had a major service and timing belt changed in February, plus a couple of tyres. I have noticed my drivers window is now quite slow, was that the symptoms before you replaced yours? I will also replace the springs on the boot as I believe that is the cause for it not to open fully when pressing the keyfob button, but need to scour the forums if its just the springs or also the hydraulic rams.
  2. Just wanted to say hi to you insightful ones, and Wow was I wrong with my thinking before buying my XF S. What a car, the interior just feels so much more premium than Audi and BMW, and the lazy 3.0D V6 S engine is a joy to "woft" around, and then you open the taps! I have had the car for 3.5 years now, still love it, had a few problems, but its worth it. It eats tyres and brakes and as it has the staggered 20" 285 rear and 255 front I cannot move the tyres around and it seems to have a homing system for potholes Its a great tow car, pulling a 1550kg caravan with ease. Would only change it for a newer XFS, be interesting to know if the x260 XFS is as good. Outstanding issue - Heated/cooled seats not working, rear o/s door lock sticking. And blown intercooler.
  3. Hi All, I am new to the club, I have had the XF for a few years now and still love it, although it seems to eat tyres and brakes for breakfast. Seems like my XF S has developed the same issue over this past weekend @110000miles, first "Restricted Performance" and then on a subsequent journey the pop sound, with the outlet side of the intercooler seam blown apart. Hoping this is the only issue, faults logged P006a & P1247. Any recommendations of a redesigned replacement intercooler?