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  1. Thanks for the info but I cant find it - can you give me a ref number?
  2. Oh Joy! after having my XFS written off and not long after having a new Intercooler fitted (see previous posts!), I bought another XFS 2011 with 50,000 on the clock. Just got to 58,000 and this one has gone as well - exactly the same - split around the top of the plastic cover. I am going to attempt a repair using fibreglass on the split joint and a wire wrapping! if I can get at it easy! I am disgusted - It's clearly a design fault and a letter to Jag goes out tomorrow!
  3. Yes got it sorted by a local jaguar enthusiasts garage :) - he did it under a warranty from Lex Black horse motors where I bought the car from - £175, but he's still waiting for his money from the insurance after 7 weeks!!
  4. I have researched it and there is a Jaguar Bulletin been issued. It is a problem with condensation under the floor and on top of the fuel tank which causes the contacts on the top of the transmitter to short out. It is a simple fix - need to remove the 4 connectors and clean, refitting with new shrink fit waterproof connectors. the problem is you need to remove the back seat first!!!.
  5. I am suffering from an intermittent low fuel gauge warning - tends to stay on for a couple of days, then works ok, but now seems to be on permanently - have been told it is subject of a jaguar bulletin - anyone got details??
  6. Mine cost £570 at a Jaguar garage (not dealership) I complained to jaguar and they gave me a £250 parts voucher as compensation - so it eased the pain!. They still wont admit there is (was) a fault but the new ones have a redesigned joint. Unfortunately my XFS was written off 5 weeks ago by a lady in a merc. coming in the opposite direction, that decided my lane was better then hers. (Always hated Mercs anyway). Take delivery of my Caviar V6 S Portfolio next week.
  7. Just had a problem with the intercooler splitting - sudden pop/bang and the "£restricted performance" came on dashboard. Turns out to be a split intercooler - the welded seam had come apart. The new (improved Part was £210 and it is now being fitted but that is a bug job, needing the front bumper and parts to be removed. I await the bill!! Anyone had this problem? I'm getting various comments from other sites that this is quite a well known problem and a new part has been designed for the replacement. I think I might be taking this up with Jaguar as the car is only just 3 years old and done 42,000 miles.
  8. I bought a "new" FOB off e bay for £35. Bought a new Key from e bay - cut to suit from a photo for £14.95. the had my local jag centre (not a delaer) reprogrammed it when doing a 42,000 service - never charged me apart from the two new fob batteries
  9. I had this problem with an XF - this is a keyless start/stop and if you go to a jag dealership, they will tell you they cant recode it and you will need a new fob and key - total comes to around £370. I bought a new metal key part from e bay for £14.90 (£85 from jag) inc cutting to shape. I bought a new fob from e bay for £35. I then went to my local jag specialist in Droitwich who reprogrammed it during a routine 40,000 mile service. Put new batteries in both fobs for £8 and never charged me for the reprogramming. The total service charge inc a couple of non-service items came to £375! Its a bit far from Oxford but I can giver you the garage name if you wish. I believe the S type is nowhere as bad as this and there are several people on E bay who can do it - I did my old XJ8 using instruction supplied with a replacement clicker - easy job using the igniton switch and headlamp flasher. Total was £15
  10. That sounds as if the company you bought the replacement from can re-programme any remote? can you give me their name/contact and I will speak to them. Thanks for your help. you can e mail me direct if you wish -
  11. Anyone help? Bought my 2nd hand XF S last week and found there is only one remote key. Somenone has offered me a spare complete one. 2 questions if anyone knows the answers a) I can get a new metal insert made for the old one as a standby - where is the code number? b) what do I have to do with another remote to get it to work - get it recoded? what about the metal insert part - get it cut to the old one or can I use it anyway???
  12. I only bought my XF S last week (2nd hand 2010 40k miles) so still feeling my way round it! great car, stunning performance, but I'm only getting ~ 30 to gal "round town" did a fast run to the airport yesterday morning at 4.30 and over the 75 miles total using cruise control at 77, I averaged 29.7. Seems a bit low but I'm still using the loud peddle just for the adrenalin rush when I pull away.