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  1. Update ... all the threads relating to this are old ones relating to a few years back, can't find anything recent stating whether they eventually released a more stable update ...
  2. Thanks Taurian, yes I have heard about the updates being a bit time consuming and 'iffy'. I'll do a search when I have a little more time and see what I can turn up.
  3. Hi all A new member here. I purchased my 61 plate XF Luxury in August 2019 and have been delighted with it. My question is hopefully fairly simple ... I have searched everywhere in the boot for a CD unit containing the SatNav CD and can't find one anywhere, there is only one removable felt panel on the right hand side which houses a fuse box. I am wondering if it is therefore a USB method of updating on this model? There are a couple of USB sockets on the central console between the two front seats, located in the lift up arm rest compartment, one of them is coloured blue and is labelled iPod and the other is white. I have a memory stick with music tracks plugged into one of them (I can't remember which off the top of my head) and that all works fine. Would it be one of these sockets I need to insert the SatNav update USB into and will the entertainment system automatically recognise it and begin the update process? Also, where would be the cheapest place to download the latest maps from for me to transfer to a formatted USB stick? Thanks in advance.